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  • Thanks cwheels! I got both feathers.
  • @cwwheels. Thanks for the help on 1-13. I was really struggling with that one.
  • Any suggestions for Easter Eggs 1-8? (Yeah, I'm a bit behind on the ME thing.) I've been trying for days with no more than 98% destruction. I've got all other feathers in Easter and want to finish this before moving on to the other Season. It's making me crazy! I can't seem to destroy the right parts of the structure with the regular birds. And I've read the tips'n'tricks article (thank you for that!), but still stumped. Halp!
  • Thanks for the help, Andreas189, on 1-5, Ham o' ween. I can only get to 99%. When the new bird gets big, I shoot the 1st redbird, and it usually runs into the enlarged new bird but does not destroy anything. Quickly I shoot the second red bird and then the ME as far as possible. 99% is the highest I can get after several hours of play. Video would be great for me.
  • Finally - Total Destruction for 1-5. Again, thanks. Andreas189.
  • Please please please - can anyone help with a suggestion for getting ME 100% on Moon Festival 1-4, been stuck at 99% for so very very long and it's my final seasons feather, driving me (and by association my husband!) batsh*t crazy...
  • Best approach I've found so far is to use white bomb bird to sail over top circle to take out piggy and structure on far right, then use black bomb bird through the small gap in top circle to take out as much as possible, followed by red bird, then aim can on ground under bottom circle (or before it, or after it, and everywhere in between feels like) - but the 100% is still eluding me! Aaarghh!
  • Would you believe it - literally next attempt after typing the above and FINALLY get total destruction - yay, sanity restored!
  • @mededitor You can get 100% without shooting any birds. Just throw the Sardines can down and let it rest against the first rock structure on the other side of the TNT.
  • Hogs n kisses 1-15. I can't get more than 95%.
  • Seconding prussell's request for H&K 1-15. Been trying for weeks. CanNOT get past 90%. What tricks are people using for this?
  • Got it! Thanks AMslimfordy! Your technique worked. Whew. Now I can sleep.
  • I am having trouble with Wreck the Halls 1-5. I'm stuck at 97%. Any tips?
  • I finally got it.
    I hit the wooden post all the way to the left. Then shot the SC into the V between the 2 structures.
  • I found Wreck the Halls 1-9 to be slightly more difficult so a walkthrough has been posted. Hope it helps!
  • Wreck the Halls 1-13 was a little tricky...had to think outside the box on this one. For starters, you can get 98% just by tossing the sardine can between the pile of rock on the ground and the wooden structure itself....however, you'll never get TD that way alone (sometimes a little luck plays a part in the jump from 98 or 99% to TD, even with the same toss and placement of the can, but not here. Too many large pieces of missing material...namely rocks)...To get Total Destruction on this level, first take your first bird and throw it into the structure above the two pigs on the bottom left of the wooden structure closest to the sling shot....making sure that the bottom doesn't collapse...then take your second bird and hit the wood keeping the rocks from falling...they should fall right on top of the pigs that you missed and sort of get bowled in or bunched up off the ground...if you notice, you should have a perfect line between the rocks on the ground, the rocks that just fell, the rocks being held up inside the cave, and the rocks on the back side of the rock mount...toss the sardine can and place it just to the right of the rocks on the ground and let the eagle do its thing.

    This might take a few tries to achieve because you don't want to have too much damage to the wooden structure on your first bird or when the rocks fall, but it works if you can get the rocks to be bunched up after they fall. Hope that this helps.
  • I can't get the wreck the halls mighty eagle on level 1-13. the results seem to be completely inconsistant. one time you get everything and it's 70% the next time you leave a bunch and it's 98% but never 100%. What is the deal!!!!!!!!! Has anyone else been having this problem? anyone get 100%?
  • got it now thanks AMslimfordy. worked 2nd try.
  • Hey everyone,

    Mighty Eagle walkthroughs are now available for Wreck the Halls 9 and 13.
  • For Wreck the Halls 1-17, the likelihood that you can get all of the stone pieces is very slim using any destructive measures. Just about no matter which way you go, you'll either leave some on the left (which resides on the embankment) or on the ground to the far right. Between the two, sacrifice one or two on the far right in order to get the ones on the far left in order to get Total Destruction. Destroy as much as possible leaving the far left side intact and place the sardine can on the very top of the stone blocks on the far left. First time using this method was successful whereas I never got the feather leaving one or two of those blocks on the left but destroying more on the right.
  • I need help on Wreck Mighty Eagle 1-22. I am stuck on 99% and cannot get beyond it. Anyone have any suggestions? I will thank you all in advance.
  • Wow! Just got the Eagle on Wrecks 1-22. Now maybe I can complete this episode.
  • Wow, the Mighty Dragon ain't very mighty. Help on 1-1 and 1-4, please.
  • Help on MD 1-4 and 1-5 needed. Thanks.
  • For 1-5, look at the 1-5 3 star walktrough, and the migthy dragon is not MIGHTY!
  • Hey everyone,

    We are working on videos now. It is possible that -- since the Mighty Dragon is rather funky and available on platforms unfamiliar to the Mighty Eagle -- we will do any remotely challenging levels. Just hang tight for now as Fuji works on the vids.
  • Looking for Dragon help on 1-1 and 1-4. Got the rest. Tips welcome while waiting for the videos. Thanks
  • you could also search in youtube! i found some vids that helped me, just need 1-4.
  • Ok, finally got 1-1. What I did was use the first red bird to take down the clothesline, the two yellow birds to take down the first and second towers, the final red bird on the pile of rockets on top of the floating rock. I put the fish at the outside base of the first tower, the side closest to the slingshot. The circling dragon then knocks down the third tower. It took me several tries at this strategy to get to 100%, but I did get it.
  • I got 1-1. Working on 1-4 again

    Got it using utube. I'm done
  • Finally got total destruction. 1-4 need to get the red fish at bottom of middle gap, thin one. Destroy right side first.
  • I need YotD 1-1, 1-5, and1-13
  • I have been able to get total destruction on every Year of the Dragon level except 1-15. I cannot get past 99%. Just wondering if anyone has any tips.
  • Just finished all levels and all 15 mighty dragon. Several levels would max out at 99% and it took for ever to get that last 1%! Keep hacking at it. I think, more than ever, the MD just takes an ounce of luck to go with the skills we've all developed.
  • Wow! All 15 levels? Thanks Fuji!
  • can't get Season greedings 1-3, anybody??? tips?
  • Could you look at Angry Birds Seasons Hogs And Kisses level1-3? I've been having a lot of trouble getting total destruction On that level. Thanks!
  • @Renting Proceed straight-ahead:
    Blue 1: Tail of the plane. Make sure the wood/stone structure stands UPRIGHT.
    Blue 2-4: Through clouds along the bottom.
    Sardine can: On top of the wood/stone structure, or loft it to land behind said structure.
  • I have a request for Trick-or-Treat level 3-4. I can't get past 95% on the iPhone and there is no walkthrough I can find currently. Thanks

    P. S. You could also just explain on this page the steps of the birds/mighty eagle for total destruction
  • Cherry Blossom 1-6 Mighty Eagle seems stupidly hard?!?!?!?!?

    Best I can do is 99% and that is few and far between :(
  • @Chucky -- hard, but not impossible. I think a key is that you need to wipe out all six stone blocks that sit on top of the towers (the ones that kinda look like barbells).
  • 2 feathers left 4 and 6
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