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  • @ bigbrotherbird97
    I have a fairly reliable method of nailing 100% TD for MF-1-10
    Aim the white bird and drop bomb so that the bird ricochets into the top left corner of the first structure knocking it all to the right.

    Right next to the platform is a little bridge with blue supports. I have had TD by sending the sardine can to the end of this bridge (next to the first concrete square) after that white bird shot but also works by then using the two bomb birds to clear some of the concrete on the far left and then sending the sardine can around the middle third of the same bridge (EDIT: Probably more reliable) I managed to repeat TD about 5 times in 15 minutes or less with variations of this method which basically destroys very little of the level with the 3 birds. ME does it all. The one thing to avoid is the black bombers creating piles of fallen debris.

    I am rationing myself on MF by just working slowly through the 3 stars and 100% ME level by level.
    From what I read I can see I can expect some ME horrors with 1-11, 1-12, 2-4 and 2-6!!
    Amazing how the 100% TD on ME is harder that 3 starring many levels!! All good fun though :-)
  • Just got the feather in 1-11.

    Use the first blue bird with a high arc to reach the tower on the right. Try to blow apart the base on the left so most of it falls left into the pit. You will likely blow the TNT so watch the small stones to make sure they stay in the pit.

    Use the second blue bird to "push" the top half of the structure on the left into the pit, if there is a top half left.

    Use the last bird to destroy what you can of the structure on the right, then fire the sardines onto the middle more or less of what remains of the structure on the left. Eagle should swoop down, obliterate most if not all of the left structure, the small stones, and any part of the right structure that fell over to the right.

    After trying this level for what seemed like hundreds of times, this finally worked.
  • Thanks for the excellent advice for 1-10 and 2-6. I am left with 2-4 and would love advice on this one as well. Thanks!
  • @laurafj
    For 2-4 , My Strategy to get 100% is as below:
    1) Launch the white bird (about 35-40 degree) near the teapot and drop the egg.
    2) Launch the Big Brother (about 10-15 degree) to the first structure's top and drop down to the second structure.
    3) The other 2 white bird try to clear as much as possible the things left at second structure. (drop the egg and jump to third structure to decrease the height.)
    4) Launch the sardine can at the first stone after the bridge.

    P/S : Mighty Eagle need to clear the 5 small round glass inside the hole. Keep trying will give you a 100% total destruction. GoodLuck!
  • Thanks for your help iMaxx, but I still haven't gotten past 98%. I have gotten all of the glass balls, the tea set, and most of the stones and boards but 98% is my top score so far and I only got that once! I will keep trying!
  • @laurafj
    You're welcome. Try to dun let the third structure fall into right hand side. Let it fall into left hand side and it will clear by Mighty Eagle. =)
  • @Andreas189 ... lol ... cool avatar ... perfect!!
  • @habanero thx:) hope they dont make 1-16 too easy, because then 6 hours of playing would be senseless!!
  • @Andreas189
    Can post the SG 1-16 strategy you using in the easy understanding words? Much Appreciated!
  • Thanks imaxx. I was using the same strategy. Best so far is 99%. But I'm close.
  • For 2-4, 100%
    1. With the white bird, drop the egg on the top of the first tower.
    2. With the red bird aim to just skim the top of the left side of the roof on the second structure.
    3. Use the two remaining white birds to destroy any stone or wood below and to the left of the third tower. Bouncing the birds into the third tower taking out some of that.
    4. Now land the sardine can on top of the stone closest to the sling shot. (Important to get this bit exactly right)

    Hope this helps.
  • @ x6xBowserx6x
    Thanks!! ... that method works absolutely perfectly for MF 2-4 ... nailed 100% TD a couple of times, but like you said, landing the can of sardines precisely on the first stone was essential... any bounce back and it would not work at all...
  • Thanks for your help x6, still haven't nailed it yet though. Is it critical to get the glass balls and tea set?
  • Hi...I'm new to this site...but soo glad I found it. Using Andreas189's method on 1-16, I've managed to get 98%. Before that I could only get 93%. I have played this level for so many hours...I'm seeing it all night in my sleep...!!! Anyway, it's driving me crazy that this is the only feather I am missing on all my Angry Birds games...UGH...!!!
  • 2-4, got it! Thank you everyone.
  • Still can't beat Mighty Eagle on 2-6. Doing everything as described here, but...
    Big Bro does not do for me anything, just falling between structures and that's all.
    Any video would be great. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • I have been playing Pignic 1-21 for days and can't seem to get more than 98%. Can someone please please give me a hint as to what to do? :) thank you in advance!
  • @ABManiac SP-21 is quite a bit of luck, but the general strategy is probably what you were thinking. Toss the three Big Brothers into the valley, taking out as much of the higher stuff as possible. Toss them quickly -- and the Sardines -- to get some extra bouncing and damage.
  • @AMslimfordy THANK YOU! I threw the big birds quicker than I had been and got it after about three tries. Yay! SP is almost done... I just have 2 and 6 left to do :) Thank you again.

    UPDATE: Finished all of SP like 5 minutes after I posted this. Lol.
  • Hey Guys, I just post some new Mighty Eagle Moon Festival walkthroughs. Check all of them out here:
  • How about mighty eagle walkthroughs for all levels?
  • I have played so many hours I think I'm developing carpal tunnel in my left hand from holding my iPhone. o_O My nightmare levels are:

    SG 1-16 (93% is best score so far, been following instructions, just won't happen for me.)
    MC Fest 2-6 (99% and I've followed the instructions given. I'm going crazy.)

    Thanks for the tips, just thought I'd share to add to the list of levels causing misery.
  • Am I the only idiot having trouble with Hogs & Kisses 1-15? Could someone point me in the right direction? So frustrated....
  • @Irishgirl3030 I think the strategy is what you're thinking. Use the four regular birds, left-to-right, to take out the clouds. Then use the Mighty Eagle however necessary -- most likely to take out the small box in the bottom-right.
  • OK, that's what I've been attempting to do. I guess just failing miserably. Thanks for the quick resonse, AMslimfordy. Can't get more than 94% & just have this & SG 1-16 to have all feathers. Were you shooting eagle up towards the clouds, & have it land up there or toward the ground w/ the most success?
  • The White Birds go low, and pop the clouds from below.
  • I just got it. Thanks. Wasn't shooting the sardine in the right place.
  • I have three stars and have gotten all of the eggs for Angry Birds, but I don't know what the feathers are and how you get them?
  • i'm still at 99% with SG-16. have played for days it seems like and I finally had to put it down. Have every other feather in all the games except for this one. :(
  • Could someone help me with TD for Go Green GetLucky 1-10? This forum is awesome. Thanks for all the help.
  • I just accomplished TD of Go Green 1-10.
  • Stuck on my last Mooncake feather on 1-4. any help appreciated
  • Ham´O´Ween: 1-5, 2-5 are very hard for me! walkthrough would be nice! anybody else problem with those two ?
  • 2-5 done, only 1-5 to go! stuck at 95 %!
  • done it ! every feather obtained ! :)
    sorry for all the useless comments!
  • @Andreas189. I'm tuck on 95% 1-5..last one I need. How did you do it?
  • just like in the 3star walkthrough! new bird in the space of the tower
    let it grow big, fast shoot the two birds to destroy something near the slingshot if necesarry! then the ME as far away as possible (to the stones on the right side)
    and then pray that it destroys everything!!! took me one hour!
    sorry for my english
  • dont worry your english is fine. thank you i will keep firing away!
  • got it thnx :) the quick fire of the reds is the key.. to clean up some rocks and still get the eagle loaded before the chance is gone (because the pigs will be gone from the first shot)
  • The levels I need help on is ham o ween levels 1-13 and 2-5
  • @bigbrotherbird97 for 2-5 i used the birds to destroy as much as I could on the 'floating' ledge top right.... if you hit it correctly with the first yellow a bunch of it falls off to the right. then after cleaning as much as I can off that with the other birds, i dropped the tuna can about where the black pumpkin is in the lower center part of the screen.

    for 1-13 i used the birds one after another to clean out as much of the left side of the structure as possible...brute force by slamming orange into the left most tower, then white to clean up grey stones on the ground and hit the 2nd structure.. 2nd white same thing.. last orange just keep plowing through left to right. finally, focused the tuna can to wipe out everything remaining on the right side of screen.

    does any of that make sense? on both levels you dont have to wipe out every last rock to get 100%.
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