Angry Birds Seasons Mighty Eagle Requests
  • Well... I just finished 29 of the Summer Pignic, Idk about the Easter eggs though. But some of the halloween ones are are hard, like level 1-30 in Summer Pignic
  • So far, I need help on Summer Pignic: level 1-30
  • I'll put in a request for GGGL 1-18. Been trying for hours.
  • I know what you mean AMslimfordy. It's a hard one until you figure out how to do it. Slide the can of sardines into the vertical slot to the left of the tall tower with the X in it. It will give you anywhere from 94% - 100%, depending on fall out.
  • @Victor interesting... Are you saying it's a 0-bird solution? I'm just clarifying.

    @bigbrotherbird97 as others have said, the key is to have the Mighty Eagle "save" the eggs. (I refuse to believe he is destroying them. I think it's a rescue mission.) It's an incredibly difficult shot to perch the sardines on the lip just left of two horizontal stone blocks, but it will yield the desired result.

    @Victor = Victory!!! Great advice dude. I'll add 1 tiny tip for anyone else having trouble. Use the first Yellow Bird to take out the top wooden blocks at the top of the "tower". It seems like a waste, but it's very safe and adds an extra 1% to your destruction.
  • @AMslimfordy Great to hear it worked! :)
  • What's fun about these Mighty Eagle challenges is that some levels contain little secrets. Once you have figured them out, it becomes easy to do a level.

    A lot of people indeed are having trouble with Summer Pignic 30, while it too is relatively easy once you have found out the secret. It's essential to get the three eggs on the bottom right of the structure, next to the pig. If you destroy them all, it's relatively easy to get to 100% if enough of your structure has collapsed as well.

  • Thanks slim and Victor! Umm, could you attach a photo so I can get a beter picture on where to aim?

    I got it! It was more of a lucky shot though. I decided to skip around until I landed in trick or treat. The levels I could not do was 2-8 and 3-4. Thoses were hard

    I finally got trick or treat level 3-4. All was left was some pumpkins. But I guess you have to destroy the tires
  • Has anybody been able to do Seasons Greedings 16? Would love a walkthrough. For me it has been impossible to get past 87%.
  • SG-16 is giving me trouble as well. It's the only feather I haven't gotten, and I have only managed 92%. My guess is it's just going to require that you get EVERYTHING, and the layout of the level makes this really tough, so you'll just have to work at it.

    Frustrating though, when it's the only one I have left.
  • I have 94% on that level now (with only 7 blocks left, meaning you need all but one or two to get 100%). The only strategy that is consistently working for me is having Big Brother wait around in the rubble to be bounced around by the Mighty Eagle to destroy a lot. However consistency is relative because Big Brother usually disappears before the Mighty Eagle lands.
  • Wow,the Mighty Eagle on seasons just came out today and there is tons of request of how to do the total destruction!
  • I have completed all of Pignic, Easter, Go Green, and Hogs & Kisses. BirdLeader was asking for a preliminary list of the harder ones, so I posted them here.

    Seasons Greedings 16, 18, and 20 are the only feathers still alluding me in that Episode. The other levels came with average difficulty, I think.

    Still need to poke through Trick or Treat.
  • Hey, did anyone get 100% on these levels?
    Go Green get lucky- 1-18
    Trick or treat- 2-8

    I finally got it. See what AMslimfordy did above
  • Hey Guys, I completely missed this thread yesterday. I had started a little on the Halloween levels and was planning on coming the opposite direction from where I see you guys started. I think what I'll do is just start with the list above and start making walkthroughs for those and then work on my own levels later. I probably won't have anything posted until next week due to the ABO update and a busy weekend but I hope to have at least SOME of those up by early next week.
  • i just leave only season greeding 1-16...i dont think that possible can make 100%(now is 97%)...i already try couple of hour...
  • SG-16 is impossible. 7 hours I've spent trying everything. Got all other feathers. Can we report it as a bug.
  • I hope they're right. :)
  • Anyone got any tips for SP30, SG16 and SG21. Have all the feather except these. Just can't see how they can be done.
  • Make that SP30 and SG16. Been trying these for hours.

    Unbelievable. Just got SP30 too. Only SG16 to go.
  • Xmas level 1-16 is impossible isn't it? I played for hours and got only 94%
    I believe it is a bug!!! Everything else is more or less hard but possible!
  • I am up to 96% after many, many hours. If it is not bugged, it seems unreasonably hard...
  • @EdCov SP-30 is doable. I have every feather in Summer, Easter, Go Green, and Hogs.

    EdCov and @Andreas189 SG-16 I have not yet achieved, nor have I heard of anyone else on the site getting it. However, Rovio insists that it is possible.
  • SG-16 doesn't look bugged. It looks like if every block is destroyed, you will get 100%. However, it looks like getting that to happen is almost impossible.

    I'm very curious as to the algorithm that this game is based on. On some levels a whole bunch of stuff gets left behind, and I still gat 100%, while on others it looks like I need to actually clear 100% of the debris. Is there some sort of setting, independent to each level, that allows for something like a margin of error? If so, is it possible that it's set too high to be reasonable on this level?

    And, I am curious to know if Rovio's assurance is a guarantee that this level is theoretically possible, meaning simply that it's not bugged and if you clear everything, you will get the feather. Or, are they saying this has actually been accomplished by someone playing the game? Those are two very different things.
  • Here are the levels that I felt needed a video
    Seasons Greedings: 16, 20, 21, 25
    Trick or treat: 2-8
    Feel free to add/remove levels by writing a comment below.
  • Season's Greedings 1-16 is my only missing feather. But I give up. Maybe it's theoretically possible to have total destruction, but practically it seems to be impossible to destroy 100%. So there is no need in trying any longer. If someone finds a solution, just let me know.
  • Updated list noted, I'm on it. ;)
  • I'm not sure if a walkthrough is necessary, but I CANNOT get Trick or Treat 2-3. I don't think there's a process issue, just that I'm always at 97% or 98%.
  • I had 100% with 2 blocks left.
    Destroy as much as possible with the birds, at least the whole left tower. With the white bird, you can destroy some blocks lying around that you won't destroy with the eagle. Finally with the eagle you can destroy the rest (right tower). Normally the blocks on the top of the tower should break when they fall down.
  • Thanks Chriss. I finished all levels, less SG-16. Haven't tried in a few days with the Mine and Dine release, had some work to do there. I'll give it a try today and email/Tweet Rovio on Monday.
  • Has anyone beaten seasons greedings 1-16? I've gotten feathers on all the other boards but after hours of trying I still can't get 100% on SG 1-16. I just want to confirm if it's a bug. I can say all other boards are doable even though some are difficult. Thanks
  • anyone have a tip for hogs and kisses #9?
  • for hogs and kisses #9 i launch the first red bird high hitting the triangle block knocking over part of the tower. next i aim the white bird low, drop the egg breaking the stairs and the launched bird hits the stone lower piece of the tower just knocking it over a little. i launch 2 yellow birds high and send them down fast breaking up the wooden rubble to the right....then i send the sardines high but close trying to make them land near the leftover stone pieces from the bottom of the tower. ME comes and takes out most of the rubble thats left.
  • @Dinoman Any tips for others who may be struggling with this level?
  • I am having trouble getting 100% on Christmas level 1-16. Is there a walkthrough out there or can anyone help?
  • @tusti01
    Most people are. Only an "elite few" have currently achieved it. Rovio said they will be "fixing it," which probably implies lowering the threshold.
  • Just to keep everyone updated I've got 19 of the 22 requests recorded, sorry SG 1-16 is not on the list yet. But I'll see what I can do about it once I get the others uploaded. I'll probably finish recording tonight and get the videos made and then Birdleader or I will post on ABN tomorrow. That's the game plan!
  • Have feathered 153 out of the 154 Seasons levels now.

    Managed 99% on SG-16 with only 2 snow blocks left floating (no ice/glass, no wood left...curses) but Andreas189 has nailed 100% TD with 1 snow block and one small piece of ice/glass left .. Challenging eh? Will wait for the fix now.
  • Thank you Fiji Toast for completing the mighty eagle walkthroughs list! It must be hard to keep up with the regular Angry Birds update and all. I have a feeling the same thing will happen when Rio gets the mighty eagle
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