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  • I still swear there might be a glitch in the 500,00 blocks achievement. I've been playing this game since jan or feb of 09 and still haven't achieved this one. And after looking at many of the other players in my game center I see they don't have it either. Can anyone confirm or deny this possible glitch? Do you have it?
  • Although, not completely impossible, I would suggest that AB Free Level IV-2 is probably glitched, as there is no 2 star awarded and it takes a hundred-fold more attempts to attain 3 stars than any other level I can think of in any version!
  • Another occasional glitch on AB Free. If you open Level III-2 you will see the whole structure give a little bounce. Sometimes this can end up with everything collapsing in a heap without a single bird being thrown ... hence my 124K on this level (although got 118K without this glitch) Maybe this level is Rovio's apology for IV-2 :-)
  • Angry Birds - level 6-4 mighty eagle will not give 100%, if the Boomerang bird has already been released.
    It also will not give 200 feathers achievement even though I have 209 feathers.
    Angry Birds Free HD - level IV-2 will not give more than 1 star, even though I have a score of 88,000.
  • Hi I'm new here, good luck with the forum. I spend a lot of time on Angry Birds and have 100% completion. I'm about 170th on Game Center AB leaderboard and may have top legit score for ABH. The only glitch I'm aware of is the Mighty Eagle on 6-4. Smash Maniac takes forever but I know at least a dozen of my GC friends have it as well. I'm Rorzo on GC and crystal, happy to add other addicts!
  • Hunh so smash maniac is possible! Thanks rorzo! Still can't believe I don't have it but, maybe someday. ;)
  • Glitches are annoyingly and should be solved by Rovio asap. There are too many people with high scores who absolutely did not deserve them (see the top of Chrystal or the Apple achievements lists). If Rovio succeeds in filtering the "cheaters" from the charts, AB will stay popular. Otherwise more and more people will jump to other, more reliable games.

    Whether structures that are collapsing spontaneously should be considered as a glitch, I am still doubting about. Anyways they are annoying me too. If I would have been as lucky as many others a top 10 position in ABF(ree) would be possible (see III-2). Now I have been waiting since far too many hours for the "easy" 129.000 points.

    In any case ABF IV-2 I do not consider as a glitch. It's just a bit difficult to do the 3 perfect shots. Just like IV-2 Mighty Eagly. This level is just brilliant..
  • I think I read somewhere that Block Smasher (500 000 blocks) does not work since release 1.5 (although you could get it in previous releases). Has anyone got it since v1.5? Will Rovio allow some sort of "progress" chart in the app so you know how many you've smashed so far?

    Other than the 6-4 Mighty Eagle glitch, the only think I can think of is in Crystal scoreboards. Not the fake hacked scores (SO annoying) but the "current standing" percentage. Before v1.5, you saw a numerical ranking, which was very useful - and interesting - and Game Center still does that. But now, it says (for example) "Top 99%" for global ranking in "Episode 1", which simply isn't true, as it would mean I was in the bottom 1% of the scores (whereas GC tells me I am - on the same Episode, rated number 3,010 of 6,621,942 users (roughly what Crystal said before v1.5).

    So, please Rovio, as well as sorting out the hacked scores (easily detected, as you click on a user with a high score and notice he only has 4% achievements), can you go back to the previous system of numerical rankings in Crystal, not incorrect percentages? Thanks.
  • 99% on 6-4

    ****Just had only one chance to do Mighty Eagle 6-4 with an unreleased Boomerang Bird

    For score, see http://img140.imageshack.us/i/img0001dicr.jpg/

    I am still wondering whether this level is a glitch or not..****

  • Rovio has confirmed that an update for Angry Birds will be out this week fixing the bug for level 6-4.
  • I'm not sure if this week's update will include an iPhone update? I thought it was for non-iOS devices, such as Android. I guess we'll see. I hope it does. As a side note, the Valentine's achievements are in Game Center now as well, so that should be out any day as well.
  • Awesome Bird Leader! Thanks, I see the new achievments
  • @FujiToast I'm at like 2600th place overall, and I still don't have SmashManiac! I have every other achievement, feather, and three stars in every episode and level. I probably have something like 100 hours on the game so far too.

    Also, I had a problem with the 30 hours achievement as well. It seemed to take WAAAAY more than 30 hours to register. I think it only happened after one of the Rovio updates in December in fact.

    Of course, I don't have the 6-4 feather (but I do have 4-2). Still waiting for the "cage bug" to be fixed on that one.
  • @hoyhoy yeah my 30 hours definitely didn't register until the 1.5 update. Lets hope they fix what MUST be a bug on Smash Maniac with the next update.
  • @FujiToast I'm into the 2500s now, and still no Smash Maniac. It'd be implausible if only the top 2000 or so players out of 10M on GC would have earned it. Also, I'm wondering if the blocks smashed with the Mighty Eagle are counted for Smash Maniac. I would think so. And, if so, earning 209 feathers should have pushed the block total to 500,000.
  • As I mentioned before, Rovio released an update to angry birds today that fixed the glitch for level 6-4. 100% total destruction is now possible without having the boomerang bird in the level.
  • Awesome. Just to confirm, did you actually get 100% TD? I just want to make sure before I scratch it off the bug list. Thanks.
  • Yes I got 100% after two tries. Before I was stuck at 80%.
  • I am still unable to get the Block Smasher (500 000 blocks) in v. 1.5.1. I've played through the entire game multiple times, and am still unable to get it. Been playing for over a year now.
  • Yes, 6-4 is definitely sorted now so have Mighty Eagle feather 210 now, plus the first 2 for World 13, which I am trying not to race through to complete!!

    Same story for me with Smash Maniac, played for an eternity but just not happening with that one?
  • Hi all, I've got a problem with the v1.5.1 update, I've 3 starred all previous levels but all the new 15 levels are locked and can't seem to access them, can anyone help. Ppplleeeaaasssseeee :)
  • I haven't been able to get feathers for 6-15 or 8-15... I get stuck at 80%... Any suggestions?
  • After beating the football golden egg level, my iPhone4 will show oversized "Completed" screens when I beat levels. Restarting Angry Birds will make the screens normal.

    EDIT: that bug was noticed in February 2011. It is now mid May 2011 and I noticed some update in between has fixed the bug.
  • Just regular levels like 1-1 have the oversized screen. Another way to get the Completed screens back to normal is to beat a different golden egg level like egg-11.
  • Weird! Thanks for the heads up.
  • So, for Hogs and Kisses, after three starring all the levels and playing the Candy Heart level and beating that, it doesn't seem to give me a star or acknowledge that I beat the level. For Christmas and Halloween they each lit up with gold star in some way. Anyone else notice?
    Not really that important but I'm missing that last bit of satisfaction
  • Ben - I'm having the same problem. Killed all three pigs and broke the chocolate heart, and can't seem to get the star to light up. Might be a bug.

    Otherwise I have 3 stars on all Seasons levels (and all golden eggs), so I'd really like to polish this one off...
  • I have the same issue even tried for hours to break every balloon (didn't) think once again the Android people are second class. I blame Steve Jobs. Not because he has any connection to the game but its my default opinion that it is his fault
  • Same here for Hogs and Kisses Candy Heart level... beat it but no star...
  • I too have experienced this problem... Is there more than one golden egg?
  • Wow! I got Smash Maniac today at long last so now have all 49 achievements :-)
  • Congrats! So I guess it's not bugged.
  • Has anyone been able to confirm whether or not the Santa Hat Pig bug is fixed in Angry Birds Seasons?
  • There have been numerous comments left on the site the last few days stating that they can no longer do it. I haven't tried for myself, but at this point I would guess that it's been fixed. I hope not though.
  • Seriously?! I hope not as well! I'll have to check it out for myself and report back.
  • Hi everybody

    I'm stucked on ham 'em high level 5-12. I've got three stars, and all the feathers but not the golden egg (12-12) of the level and i can't get to the next one (5-13), it is not unlocked. Anyone can help ?
    (On iPhone)
  • Why is it been fixed? That`s not right, a lot of people have high scores that i never can get
  • I have feather collector but I don't have feather picker. How is that possible? Is there any way you can kick start whatever is is that updates the achievements?
  • Sometimes this has worked for me. Quit GameCenter from the task switcher, Quit Angry Birds from the task switcher. Restart iPhone. Start Angry Birds. Try that and let us know.
  • Hello. If the answer is for me, i'm on 3G, i don't have the task switcher. Restart and reboot don't do anything. Still locked.
    Thank you
  • I, like Beedies, am on the iPhone. iPhone 4 if it makes a difference. If the Task Switcher is what you access when you press the button twice from the iPhone menu, then I did what you said and it still doesn't work. I've actually got over 200 hundred feathers and still nothing has changed. Thanks anyway. "Sigh".
  • Sorry, actually that answer was directed towards @myncs

    As far as the problem @Beedies is having, I'm not POSITIVE I understand it. You mention Ham em high which is world 12 and 13 but then you mention level 5-12 and 5-13 which would be in episode 2 Mighty Hoax. If you can clarify a little more we might be able to give you a hand.
  • Bonsoir, You're right i talk about the 12 et 13 worlds (Ham 'em high). I have completed everything and the 13 is still locked, what ever i do.
  • @Beedies, are you on an iOS device because I don't know that World 13 is available to other platforms yet. Someone else please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Wait maybe it is? Did you android guys get both world 12 AND 13 with your latest updates?
  • @Beedies same thing happened to me when I updated on my iPod, had to go back and beat 12-15 for 13 to unlock
  • Thanks Ben, I hadn't heard of this. Hope it works!
  • I too have yet to unlock the 500,000 Smash Maiac achievement, I have all other achievements besides that one. It's incredibly frustrating to no end. I don't even know if I should keep playing or if I do, is it a waste of time if it is indeed a glitch? Im with FujiToast on this one, I think it's a glitch. =\
  • Its never a waste of time playing Angry Birds. Im always trying to beat people's scores. Some of them are TOUGH!
  • Interesting. Level IV-2 of the free version for iOs can now be three-starred with a score of just about 80.000 instead of 95.000. And it's now possible to get two stars.

    This is the incredibly hard level that people have played hundreds of times to get three stars on. Apparently it was all a glitch.
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