What Angry Bird Games do you have?
  • What Angry birds Games do you have list them below!?
  • Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Original Free, Angry Birds Rio Free (other device) and Angry Birds Original (other device)
  • I have all the Angry Birds games but only regularly play Bad Piggies.

    Doh lol.
  • All Angry Birds games for iPad and all paid (add free) for android phone. Also Bad Piggies, Icebreaker and Tiny Tief for both iPad and android.
    I have Amazing Aley too. I completely forgot it, haven't played since I finished it for first time 1 or 2 weeks after release.
  • I have all the paid versions of AB on iPad; haven't bothered with and of the free ones; don't play facebook. Also have Bad Piggies, Amazing Alex, and Icebreaker. Don't have Tiny Thief on principle because I don't think kids should be roleplaying as thieves. Play all the AB games. Rio is my least favorite. Try to keep above average, and still have some older levels to get to average. Play Bad Piggies and IceBreaker when there is an update. No longer play Amazing Alex.
  • The AB PC Games I have Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons All Paid 4.95USD for each AB PC Game
  • I have all the six Angry Birds games + Bad Piggies.

  • have all the six Angry Birds games + Bad Piggies too :P
  • All the six Angry Birds games + Bad Piggies
  • I have the six AB + go. Not going to get SW2 or Stella, reviews say theyre expensive to play, plus I just don't agree with the idea of having to buy birds to just get through the game, or paying money to "clear smoke" vs waiting 5 hours. As Rovio tries to expand and gets further from the original AB concept while also finding more ways to squeeze money out of players, they're going to alienate their main customer base.
  • To those who mentioned bad piggies, thanks. I forgot I had it. Think I'll take a break from throwing birds at laser droids and go play mad scientist.
  • ABO, angry birds rio ,star wars ,star wars II and bad piggies.
  • Angry Birds,
    Angry Birds Seasons,
    Angry Birds Rio,
    Angry Birds Space,
    Angry Birds Star Wars,
    Angry Birds Star Wars II,
    Angry Birds GO!,
    Angry Birds Epic,
    Angry Birds Stella,
    Bad Piggies &
    Amazing Alex. Also used to have The Croods
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