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  • Is that "finger" not driving anyone else nuts?

    I already have 3 stars on every level played so far, and still, that thing keeps reappearing and blocking my shots.

    I just stopped playing because I ended up trying to bang that horrible finger thing away.

    Need the option to turn it off.
  • What finger? I've played this game for a few minutes and no finger

    Edit: Oh, that finger. That finge rarelyr appears for me
  • The finger can't block anything. It only appears after you DONT use a character's ability.
  • I prefer to give the finger to the finger. ;-p
  • Does anyone know if if there is going to be a HD version of Star wars II coming out in the near future?
  • @hillsey The current version is HD if you play on a tablet.
  • thanx AMslimfordy I'm using a kindle fire HD sorry for not being more specific.
  • Anyone have any suggestion on what the best board to swap captain panaka in to unlock his rewards board would be? Also the younglings. And I'm sure ill ask about more after I get those unlocked and 3 stared :) I play on my windows phone so dont have the privilege of telepod so les times I gotta substitute the better!!! I'm about out of achievements to make coins and have spent most of what I have got lol

  • @TheBirdStunna Captain Panaka (as well as all laser blasting birds) works well in podracer Anakin reward level for me. Just fling him through the top of the bubbles, and then aim for the black TNT.
  • Thanks annifrid was helpful hint about the shooters. AMslimfordy yea I've read the character descriptions but that doesn't help me with specific's. Anyone have any suggestions for the Jedi younglings as far as a good board to score high and get there board open?
    ok sorry I didn't read everything before I opened my mouth lol!!
  • So on the intro page in the tools there is a keyboard icon when I hit that it says enter unlock code.... Anyone happen to know what this is for by chance? Wondering if maybe this is how I can get my last few characters for the rewards chapter
  • Rovio does contests occasionally online and offers codes as a prize. Codes unlock things in-game, such as power ups.
  • I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else in the Forum, but I could not find it. My problem in SWII is that when I am playing the game, switch to Angry Birds Nest or another website, and then back to my game, SWII completely loads again from the beginning. This happens so frequently and is so annoying to have to wait for the re-load. Is there a correction for this. Thanks
  • Restarting your device to clear up RAM can help. SW2 is a big app and requires a lot of resources.
  • So I think boba fett telepod is impossible to find. Thought same about chewbacca but locates him finally but ya I swear boba fett doesn't exist!!
  • Are they going to be expanding the devices the Tele Pods work with? I have an Acer tablet and it will not function with the tele-pods....a crying 7 year old this weekend was not a way to create a life-long fan.
  • @srjones1066 You would have to ask Rovio and/or Hasbro about that.

    For a full list of compatible devices, see Hasbro's website:
  • Ya I contacted rovio about my windows 8 phone... All there going to tell you is they cant release information about future updates. And as far as bobo fett goes I figured out they have not released this telepod yet!!! So all of you searching for him this is why you haven't found him yet :)
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