Can't restore angry birds backups
  • Hi,

    I made backups of my Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons high-scores but I can't restore them now. I backuped up the "highscores.lua" files but after a FW update copying them back to the "files" folder of the games does not work. Games constantly reset them. I'm root on Android 4.2.2 (Xperia ZL).

    Can someone help me ? :)


  • Did you use root browser/root file explorer? If so, you should enable the read/write (R/W) so you can change things there.
  • @PJng Yes and no. I believe most of third part apps like Helium and Carbon are not needed here right ? I just use File Manager with root explorer (in R/W mode) enabled...

    I'm just copying the "highscores.lua" files to "files" folder... And that doesn't seem to work.

    I've already did the same in the past. That did work pretty well. Just now for some reason, that doesn't work anymore. Is there something new with newer version of AB apps ?
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