level 39 ABST help
  • hi guys, im stuck on level 39, theres one piggy at the top that i cant position the shot up high enough, ive even tried going round the planet once to try and shoot it down but nothing?! help :(
  • Hi, and welcome to the Nest! :)

    First of all, which game and level are you referring to? It would be easier for us to help out with clearer information.

    Second, it might be better for you (and other players), if this conversation could be taken to the walkthroughs in the main site. There, strategies and tips are available from other members that might guide you in a level you have trouble in.
  • @normio

    Welcome here to the Big NEST. If you have Problemes with some Levels please watch the Walkthrough Videos. There you can find all Levels to get 3 Stars !!

    Have a nice day
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