Need help, lost my saves :(
  • Hi Guys, I recently had a hardware failure on my Android phone and had to have it replaced under warranty and as a result I've lost all my saves (that's basically all stars and feathers on every available Rovio and Rovio Stars games). I only realised in the past week that for the original AB title on Android I could have backed up my saves using a Rovio account, however it's too late for that now and I'm gutted. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to setup a temporary Rovio account for me that would include all of their stars and feathers that I could use to restore my progress? I know it sounds a little bit dodgy but the thought of having to replay the entire Rovio series for the 3rd time (I've already replayed them all when I purchased a new phone) is a very daunting feeling, even though they are very fun it's more of a time issue really.

    So a temp Rovio login that would allow me to re-import 100% progress would be amazing, I could then log back in with my personal Rovio account and save that progress to my own account. Even if it's only for the original AB's it would at least mean the process of re-completing all games will be a little bit easier.

    Just to clarify, I'm not looking for anyone's personal Rovio account but I just want a new Rovio account that contains their progress, I will then use that login to transfer the progress to my personal Rovio account (perhaps we can share the temp account around these boards for any users in similar circumstances?). Alternatively, if the temp account idea doesn't sit well with users, which I'd understand, does anyone know of a place I could download some save files (for Android) and import them using one of the 3rd party Android apps?

    Thanks to anyone for taking the time to read this post.

    Massive Rovio and AngryBirdsNest fan BTW, this is my go to place for any troublesome 3 star levels and feathers so a big thanks to all posters and contributors. :)

  • Sorry that you lost all your progress. I can't help you with the save files, but there a tutorial on how to backup progress on Android devices. You should probably save all your backup files on a PC.
    I sort of doubt anyone will be willing to set up a Rovio account for you to use; probably not a wise thing to do, even if you were a known member. You just joined ABN and don't have any leaderboards, so we have no way of judging your trustworthiness.
    And unfortunately, downloading save files with 3* and feathers seems like cheating. After all, I doubt that anyone would bother to set up files that were the minimum 3* scores; they are likely to be very high, and possibly hacked or obtained with PUs.
    There are several people on ABN who have lost all their progress, and it is a chore. Suggest you religiously use the walkthroughs to speed up your progress. After all, you don't need the "fun" of figuring it out for yourself for the 3rd time, right?
  • You are not alone @owen108, I also lost all of my AB progress last week, so now I have to play them again but this time I save the ABO progress into my Rovio account (stiil don't now when it's available for other AB games). After all, it's kinda fun to play again all levels, of course, there are some fustrating levels but keep trying and you will finish them soon ;)
  • I also lost my progress once but that was good. Because when I replayed the levels I got higher score on more levels because I remembered the tricks :)
  • Cheers guys, thanks for the replies. It does look as though I'll be enjoying another play through of all games, oh well, it could be worse right? :)

    @mvnla2 : I'll be sure to read through the tutorials and backup my progress for the Rovio games that are yet to implement the User Account system.
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