No more daily rewards on some ab games?
  • Has anybody noticed that they are not giving out daily rewards for ANGRY BIRDS one and ANGRY BIRDS rio on android mobile? is ab Facebook coming 2 android?
  • The Daily Reward system has been dropped for the time being to be re-evaluated.

    Angry Birds Friends is already available for Android.
  • I've noticed with AB Space that the reward system is baked into the game version. Perhaps you can use that to your advantage. E.g. with AB Space...

    Version 1.0: no rewards.
    Version 1.3: a fresh Space Eagle every day.
    Version 1.5: daily reward determined by carousel.

    I keep backups of all the old versions and for a while I reverted to 1.3 to rack up some exrtra Space Eagles. I have no use for the Power-Ups but with the Eagles I can unlock a few bonus levels.
  • Thanx 4 letting me know about the fresh space eagles.
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