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  • I might be strange. Because I really like game music. And I want the game music to b in good quality. So I connect my iPad to the computer, open iExplorer and go in to the game files and there I allways find the game music that I want.
    But now something strange happened. When I tried to find the new music for the "Feed the King" in Bad Piggies I could not find any of the BP music in iExplorer but I can in all my other apps.
    So my question is, why can´t I find the BP music?
  • @Aman Thanks for the answer
  • @bad-piggies I can find the music in iExplorer, I like the music to. It wasn't any trouble for me to get the music from iExplorer, It was really good quality though!
  • @headbangerr Do you mean the feed king pig music? Where did you find it?
  • @headbangerr This is Impossible. You can't find 'Bad Piggies' music using iExplorer.
    Well, I think you misunderstood, You can only find Angry Birds franchise music files, using iExplorer :)
  • @Aman But where are the music files? Because they must be somewhere, don´t they?
  • @Bad-Piggies -- In Bad Piggies, music files are encrypted in "Someother file Format".
    Not Like in Angry Birds i.e. MP3 Format
    You can't extract it, using any software.
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