What's the most time you've spent on a level?
  • So, how much time? Five hours straight for a daily challenge? Ten hours, perhaps spread out over a year while working on a better strategy/ hoping for a one in a million shot to work?

    Also, what was that level and how did you do... or is it still a work in progress?

    For me, it was probably AB Space, Egg 9... easily 20+ hours. After several marathon sessions I set a highscore that I thought would never be topped. Success at last! And of course two days later someone smashed my beautiful highscore. So I played the level for another week! In the end I regained the title but I'm not sure if my IQ ever recovered from the ordeal ;-)

    Technically my phone has probably spent more time running glitch levels (Space DZ-4, S-15) but I don't count those hours as playing time.
  • 5 hours on Poached Eggs World 3- Level 1.
  • I'd played more than 4+ hours on AB Space, S-14 Egg level, to get an above average score.

    Also, Red Planet 5-20, 3+ hours, to get a 3-star score.

    It's kinda funny that it took only 5-10 minutes for me, to get Top Score in Pig Dipper 6-16 :D
  • Without working on other levels, around 10 hours. In total, I hate to think about it, but there are quite a few levels I have spent well over 20 hours, some over 30. Typically, I spend about an hour at a time on a level before trying my luck elsewhere.
  • I would say 15 hours trying to get Mighty Eagle on BTS 1-16
  • Definitely Seasons Greedings 1-17. OMG I hated that level. I had three stars on all levels of all games of AB except that one for months and months and would come back to it every month or so for 2-3 hours at a time. I would guess at least 30+ hours. Couldn't even tell you how I finally got it; I was trying every different strategy there was and some of my own.
    (1-16 took a lot of hours too)
  • @78RPM Did you also try for the feather on SG 1-17 before it was fixed? It took me forever to get 3*, and I spent even longer trying to get the feather. Never got it before it was fixed.
    I don't keep track of the time I spend on a single level or at on flinging at a single sitting.
    I think there are still a few levels in ABS that I'm below average on, and I can't begin to guess how much time I've spent on them.
    What about the spinning flower level in ABS? Never saw the really good one, but got a single flower to spin after countless tries.
    Will have to think harder on this one.
  • @mvnla2 - No, I don't do that many feathers and never before I 3 star to my satisfaction (which changes from time to time). And I will NEVER open 1-17 again for any reason! :-)
    I don't keep track either because I think that just might be one more road to madness, if you know what I mean. That one particular level though became something completely different. I'm going to try really hard to not let one get to me like that again. Really took the fun out of it...
  • You guys will be jealous but I got 1-17 in a stunning 4 tries.
  • @Theanonymoussomeone Congrats, sort of. This is a forum for the most time you've spent on a level, not the least. So please post the most time you've spent and we'll (or at least I'll) forgive you for bragging.
  • I'm just happy that I got it in that many. It wasn't me, it was luck.
    Anyway, my most time is probably..... % hours total.
  • ABS bonus levels, all of them. To keep your number one spot takes (me, at least) hundreds of hours of flinging. I suppose out of all of them Haunted Hogs bonus level 1. I have a respectable score, just 3000 behind top scorer @thee.michelle but to beat his score seems to me the ultimate challenge. I have no idea why!
  • @78RPM just looked at Seasons Greedings 1-17. Awful memories. It's definitely a "never again"
  • @Hunnybunny - sorry to bring up bad memories!
  • Why did it put a percent sign? Guess I held shift.
    My most time is about 5 hours.
  • @theanonymoussomeone That's exactly what I guessed had happened !!11!
    Regarding your earlier post about solving 1-17 in four tries while changing a tire and developing a vaccine for malaria, you’re forgiven ;-)

    @Hunnybunny I just had a look at your scores for the ABS bonus levels. Nice achievement! (I know what it takes to get anywhere near the top spot for an episode.)
  • Oooooh. I will Never forget. It was Seasons Greedings 1-16. i try to get the feather. I worked two weeks about 5 to 6 hours per day on this Level. Finally i got my Lucky Shot before the New Update was available! :-)
  • Hmm ... I'm seem to have been confused. The feather badge was for SG 1-16. Therefore I owe @theanonymoussomeone an apology. Not sure which level @78RPM meant. Before I realized my mistake, I had concluded that TAS meant he solved 1-17, not 3* or above average (just to add insult to injury). ; )
  • Just checked -- There were 40 people who got the feather badge. Didn't realize there were so many. Most of them I don't know.
  • My only job in Seasons is to get 100% Koi in YOTD 1-1 and 1-4
  • @fbb - I'm not sure if this is the right place to brag about how few tries you got 3* in some level that's been hard for several people? o.O

    I can't name any particular level, but there's few level that I've been working for several days before 3 starring it. Some of the worst I played almost 6 hours/day and it took 3-4 days to get the stars so i guess it's 15-20 hours on one level O.O
  • @mvnla2 - I was just talking about the basic SG 1-17. Not eagles or feathers or anything. I don't generally do those.
  • Wow, that's a scary question to even consider. When you add it all up I typically spend well over 2-3 hours a day playing (sometimes more, sometimes less) spread out over the course of the day and it's amazing how quickly the time goes by when your playing. Standing in line at the store, played; lunch break, played (and sometimes remembered to eat); etc...
    The level that I've spent the most time on recently is Trick or Treat 3-3. I have played that for days on end trying to top my score and just haven't been able to come close.
  • I'll nominate TD on Rio Cherry Trophy as one of the all-time time consumers. At least for those of us who got it without a walkthrough. I don't even want to try to estimate how much time I spent on this. Lots and lots of "just one more fling."
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