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  • The could syncing works great on the original game. I am able to easily play between an Android phone and iPad and all scores are perfectly in sync. I'm a little hesitate to push on deeper in the other games since there is no sync available in them and when I upgrade my phone, or go to iPhone, I'm concerned about losing my progress.

    Has there been any hint from Rovio that the cloud syncing will be implemented in all the AB games? I would think so since there are so many levels and games now, and players will not want to start over as they change phones, which most will every two years or so.

    Thanks... really enjoy the site.... by far the AB go to resource.

  • There has been no official announcement from Rovio regarding which platforms and apps will inevitably be supported. This is most likely because they won't want to make claims that might fall through.

    For now, our guide may be a good resource for you:
  • Thank you for your response, and that does make perfect sense. I used to be able to back up but can't hardly now due to the update to Jellybean. If I do go to iPhone, I gather the backups are easier due to iTunes. Is this correct?

    [edit -- I did read the link and that answered my questions. Thanks much.]

    But, still, I feel with the convenience that Rovio will offer this on all platforms but I won't "expect" it until it is live.

  • Right, that's the idea. If I had to guess, I think Rovio's ultimate plan would be to have Rovio Accounts on all major apps (ABo/Seasons/Rio/Space/Star Wars/SW2) and all major platforms (iOS/Android/PC/Mac). But until they make such a statement, there's nothing we can say.

  • Can you imagine the, well let's be nice and call it "reaction", if they put one out and it went bad?

    People would be getting on planes to Finland!
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