Updating Odd Question (Of Course It's Mine)
  • I hope I did this correctly, and I also hope that AMslimfordy will rein me in to tell me how I should have done it if I did it wrong: I figure a lot of people have stopped reading this because it was pretty much answered, but I want to update the question so I'm starting it over:
    This is a specific example that the friend I've been referring to wants me to ask. On our AB Rio games when we first click start, it opens to the names of the sections each of which has two levels I believe. They are Smuggler's Den, Jungle Escape, etc., and these sentry's, if you will, are all standing upright leading into these sections. (Wow! That was harder than it needed to be! Bear/Bare with me please.) Assuming that all of your games look like our game there is no upright on that page for Market Mayhem. Right? Everybody see that? Okay if you don't know that there is supposed to be a Market Mayhem or that there will be a Market Mayhem when you get that far, how do you learn that there is one? Do you get a heads up that your supposed to play that one wherever it is, or will you miss it if you don't know to look for it thus keeping an entire level of scores off your score total? I will be complete honest and say that I've not gotten that far in Rio to know for myself how I will learn that there is one so I can't answer the question. But if you're following me there is or could be an entire section of games that you might not play because you don't know they are there, and if you don't play them your score will forever be a whole lot lower than those who knew it was there. See? How do or how did you find out about stuff like this? That is what she'd like to know. BTW for those interested, she's a little girl so I'm offering to try and make her questions make sense to you. (HA!) In advance, as always, thanks Folks!
  • Ummmmm.... I think it's cause Rovio tells us (The Nest) these things, if that's the answer to the question I think you're asking.
  • @Gracie -- What device(s) are you and your friend playing on? I have an iPad, and the "sentries" from left to right are Power Up Store, Smugglers Den, Jungle Escape, Beach Volley, Carnival Upheaval, then you need to scroll screen to right (i.e., look at next page to right), Airfield Chase, Smugglers' Plane, Market Mayhem, Awards Room and Golden Beachball.
    For those of us that were around when new levels were released, we get a notification, like an ad on all versions of AB, and an update from the ap store. Plus there is so much anticipation on the Nest that we all download first thing Thurs. morning (most Rovio releases are Thurs.)
    For someone who just started playing, I would suggest you look at the main ABN walkthrough page for each game. It lists all the episodes that have been released. Also, some episodes probably still haven't been released for all devices. You can check the Updates list on the gold bar, and or Sections / Releases and Updates.
    As for how Rovio intends that you figure all this out without all the help on ABN, well, I think they just expect you to explore. AB is intended to be a game that requires no explanation other than the little help boxes that pop up occasionally (like when a new bird is introduced -- or when you don't activate that bird's power several times in a row). I think they assume a general level of computer and game experience, which some of us don't have. That's one reason so many of us are addicted to ABN.
    ABN is also designed assuming you will explore it as opposed to having a clear roadmap. I have sometimes had problems finding what I was looking for, even though I was pretty sure it existed. You can make suggestions in the forum on Ideas for this Website, but bear in mind that there are only a few admins, and they are pretty busy.
  • @mvnla2: Can't get hold of her right now but last I knew she was on a laptop. I am on a laptop and from left to right I've got Smugglers Den, Jungle Escape, Beach Volley, Carnival Upheaval, Airfield Chase, Smugglers' Plane, Get Angry Birds and Get Angry Birds Seasons. What do you mean scroll screen to right? There is no way to scroll screen to right! You mean like the sentries move to the left? Ummmmmm no. Not here they don't.
    My NOOK which I used to play on exclusively is just a little different. I've got Smugglers Den, Jungle Escape, Beach Volley, Carnival Upheaval, Airfield Chase, Smugglers' Plane and Awards Room. The download on my NOOK is a little old. I think I've had that for six months to a year, but I'm religious about doing updates on it and at times do them daily. But the one here on my laptop is brand new. Just downloaded these games less than two weeks ago. Your suggestion to look at the main ABN walkthrough page is how I found out some that I don't have here. I was figuring that as I got closer to them something would pop up and tell me where to get them. But I wasn't sure so when she asked me I said let's ask them. Unless told different I'm not sure it's a big deal. When I get closer to them I think they will turn up, don't you? I mean they've got to be here, don't they?
  • @Gracie -- Is your laptop a PC as opposed to a Mac? In either case check one or both of the update pages I mentioned above. Just saw a post from JunkenMetel mentioning that Market Mayhem is not yet available for PC. Macs also are frequently left behind as well. Is there a little white arrow on the right side of your screen? If so it might show you more episodes. Golden Beachball should be to the right of the Awards Room. I think there was something special about getting it. There should be a post somewhere about it.
    If they are really not there, they may not turn up. Might help to ask in BP if there are any people who play on the kind of laptop you use. I'm sure there are some on a Nook, but don't remember who.
  • I"ve got a Hewlett Packard laptop. No little white arrow anywhere on that page where the sentries are. I'm gonna look around. Thank you mvnla2!
  • @JunkenMetel: I find all the things you tell me to be helpful, and I love looking at your name!! If it's something known, excuse my ignorance, but I'd love to know where that came from if you'd like to share??
  • Glad to help @Gracie, and I'm glad you like my name! :-)

    Sorry if I wasn't clear in my posting; that image is a screen shot I took of Angry Birds on my PC (Windows 7). It's what I see after I hit the big "play" button on the first screen that appears. I used some software that I happen to have to take the screen capture, uploaded the image to my album here on ABN, and posted the link to the image in the album in my post above.

    Anyway, as you can see, I don't have Market Mayhem either. I also happen to own an iPad, and I now know that the experience between using the PC and other platforms is very different, unfortunately.

    We've been waiting for Market Mayhem to be released on the PC for a long time; not sure why it's taking so long.

    So if your friend is running Angry Birds Rio on a PC with Windows, she won't see Market Mayhem either, and none of us is secretly crazy. :-)
  • @JunkenMetel: You're funny. You were perfectly, wonderfully, clear in your posting. In MY post, when I said: "If it's something known, excuse my ignorance, but I'd love to know where that came from if you'd like to share??" I was still referring to your name!!
  • @JunkenMetel -- I LOVE IT!! Incredible! Wonderful story. You're a story teller. How many stories written? How many stories published? I liked that name first time I saw it, and I knew there was a story there! Thanks for sharing.
  • There is also a new option here at ABN under notifications to get an e-mail when there is an update to your platform. Very handy, so thanks to the ABN team!
  • @BPC: I am soooooooooooooooooo glad you mentioned that because I was hinting around at it the other day, but nobody bit on the bait. I refer to myself as Gracie, and I don't do anything to change what ABN calls me, of course. When I first signed in here the name Gracie was already taken. So I had to sign in under Gracieandmybirthdate. Under notifications it says that if somebody updates anything related to Gracieandmybirthdate, I would get an e-mail. But nobody ever does because nobody here knows me by Gracieandmybirthdate. Just Gracie. So how do you fix that??? BPC?? Anybody?? If I stand on the rooftops and holler "HELP!!", will anyone hear me?
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