Is it possible to download an old (with glitches) version of Seasons?
  • I daren't do anything on my iPad, for fear of losing my scores. But am willing to try on the laptop, i.e. PC version, so can get back the Santa Hat glitch
    Have seen some stuff when I googled it, but it all seemed illegal, or wanted to make changes to my computer that I wasn't sure about (new browsers etc)
  • There was no PC app back when the Santa Hat Glitch existed.
  • Darn, no level playing field for me then. Grrrrr
    Thanks for the reply though
  • In general, it is possible if you can get your hands on the data files. I know of a few people who have done it. But there can be major consequences. For example, you can majorly corrupt your highscores file when trying to update to a newer (or latest) version, especially when jumping big technology gaps. These include, but are not limited to, the introduction of Power Ups (not relevant to PC but to other devices) and changing of scoring styles (which happened in the Piglantis update, if I recall correctly).

    There are smarter people than me who have discussed this recently. While I don't understand all of what's being said, they seem to ;)
  • So I certainly won't. OK at flinging, but not at computer literacy. Thanks, anyway, I'll give it a read
  • On Android, it's legal to download the previous version from the internet (cause ABS is free, it's also can be updated via Play Store). You can play it via Bluestacks (android emulator)
  • @Birds Where do you get previous versions from?
  • Me too, asking the same question, although I would lose the purity of all my 3* scores.
  • Usually 4shared, but if I can't find it I google it ;)
  • YES!!!, see my discussion under separate heading
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