How did you find out about the Nest/Bloated Pig?
  • My story goes like this: I, like many others, was led here by the amazing videos. When I looked on the site I decided I liked it, so I became a member.

    Now it's time to hear your story!

    You can also tell about your first time at the BP if you visit there. I won't tell mine, it's too embarassing....*blush*
  • I was just searching AB in Google and then I ended up in the Nest :D
  • I was searching 'Angry Birds Seasons' on Google to download on my PC. I saw in 'search results' & then I became a member here. :D
  • And I searched : "Which bird is the best" and it takes me to that thread in here and I saw others interesting threads in this site so I decided to join in. :D
  • I was searching for Walktrough videos and I found ABnest
  • When I realized there is other GEs On ABo (other than the hints), I finally search on Google about it. I finally found this site and joined about a year later
  • When I first start playing AB games and it was after releasing AB Space I needed help to get 3 stars on lots of levels. Angry Birds Nest's videos were at the top of You Tube list so I watched them. Videos were linked to site so here I am. AB Space was launched on March 22nd 2012 and I joined this site on March 26th.
  • When I started playing AB, probably Jan '11, I needed help even passing some levels, so I googled AB walkthroughs, and found several sites, but this was by far the best. I lurked for a while, then joined to enter scores so I could figure out which levels to work on.
  • Woah @cosmo2503 I thought you'd been here a lot longer than that!
  • I couldn't find all the pieces of the moon cake in Seasons. A quick google and there I was: addicted to AB and ABN!
  • I started playing the original AB in January this year and finished almost all levels with 3 stars. But I wanted 3* in every level, so I searched for 'angry birds walkthroughs' on Google and this was the first result I got. After a few months of just watching the walkthrough videos here if I needed, I found the forum and the leaderboards and finally decided to become a member :)

    As for the BP, at first I noticed it had about 80k comments, so I decided to have a look. Took me some time to understand what's going on there, and even more time to find the courage to join the fun. That's because I used to be a member of another game forum before and there was a thread similar to the BP, but it was a very closed society if you know what I mean.
  • @andreas189 has recommended it to me. Its really great to stay in here. You can find everything here about Angry Birds. Love it !!!
  • I was searching for Angry Birds walkthroughs and I found the nest. :)
  • I first stumbled on the Nest last September while doing a Google search that included the words "GameCenter" and "hacked" ;)

    Found the Nest's leaderboards, and immediately signed up!
  • I searched in google " angry birds ham em high level 1" and ABN was first result... then i joined here. Ham em high was the latest update then
  • I found the nest through google searching ..... Oh gosh ..... Who-knows-what level 3*. I was a non-member user for a very long time, just using the videos occasionally to give me ideas on how to 3* the levels I got stuck on. I started playing AB in the fall of 2010, and quickly worked to 3* all levels.

    I finally became a member and started contributing in Feb this year after a particular competitive session on a level with my son. Top this! I said.... And he did. So I took it & said fine... Top THIS! Eventually he did. Sometime the next day I said TOP THIS! He tried for a while & said, ok you win. Then I thought of the 'nest to see how we did & finally noticed averages, top scores.... And got sucked in from there.
  • Haha! I like the TAKE THIS part.
  • Like the forum idea @tas!! :) Very unique!

    Well my story is much like most everyone else, I only had started playing AB last May when I got my first iPhone and my sister uploaded AB on it first thing and Bam I was hooked and was looking for something to tell me where all the golden eggs were in various games, found another website first, stumbled on this one and Really liked the way everyone helped each other so I lurked on the walkthroughs, saw a few peeps interacting, @e-star, @Kathy, funny man @surfcow, @lesleyg and a few others and got really intrigued so I bit the bullet and June 23 of last year I signed up, made a few helpful comments where I could then found BP by invite from @lesleyg and finally round July after lurking a bit in BP got the nerve up to pop in there, learned about the leaderboards (my undoing!) and I've been an ABN fixture from then on!! None of the sites compare to ABN and the people here so I never again went looking for a new place because the Nest has everything and more you'll ever need. Still can't believe how much I've learned and how many amazing friends I've made from all over the world, feel like pinching myself every day just to make sure it's all real!! I'll be a Nester to the end! :)
  • I was looking for help on some level, and found the site when I googled. I downloaded the app, and used the videos for a long time before I got the nerve to join. I'm still hesitant to comment much, but enjoy reading and trying the alternate strategies.
  • Welcome to the Nest @Annem302, if you want to be sociable on the site the best way is go to the Bloated Pig and talk with everyone over there, and you will become an active member soon. Before I go to Bloated Pig, no one knows me but after that everyone are my friend and we're really have a lot of fun time in here ;)
  • Yeah @firebombbird I was kind of the same way before the BP. That's actually a good idea, How did you join the BP?
  • Well, I saw BP on the forum first page and it's kinda interesting in there so I joined in :)
  • Well I meant more like what was your approach the first time? I don't think I was there right when you first came, and by now it'll be a nightmare going through all those pages to find it.
  • I came here after being so poor at Angry Birds that I needed help, and this was definitely the best out of the few sites I checked:) I wasn't able to access the forums due to a JavaScript error , so I was talking to Sunshine alot, and she reccomended me to come to the BP, Kimmie did the same thing and I explained my problem and dissapointment, then they asked BL to help me, and he worked out the problem, so then I cried with joy, went straight to the BP, and haven't left since:D
  • Hm..... Pretty common it looks like, But in mine I was just being stupid.c(:
  • Okays then..... well, I was posting a greeting/hello I'm anonymous someone/ kinda like that. But that wouldn't post! And then I posted something about the super arm, how I enjoyed my reading because someone said they hated reading, and I saw a post about @Kathy's super arm and said "Ah! The arm stole my books!" Not knowing it was @Kathy's.
  • I remember that I was popped in, said hello and ordered Bacon Ice Cream (what a coincidence because @Annifrid was also ordered Bacon Ice Cream when she came in), then I told everyone that I found a funny momment when playing ABS and @Kimmiecv asked me if I had a screen shot so I asked everyone how to take a screen shot, and you said hello to me after that
  • Sorry, kind of had to rush on that earlier comment. You see, I thought it posted the part about hi and stuff, but it didn't. And I saw that someone posted that they didn't like their summer reading, and (kind of rudely on accident) said "Well at least I'M enjoying my reading." Because I like to read. And it was right after a page change, long before @kathy's super arm was banned. So of course I saw something about the arm and thought it was a roleplay of some invasion. So I frivolously posted, "Ahhh! The super arm stole my books!" I did not go back for a while after that but eventually found out that it wasn't an invasion.
  • Bacon ice cream? Sounds like the peanut butter bacon milkshake at Sonic! That's a restaurant in the US, don't know if they have it in Vietnam.
  • @BPC There's a chance that you could have found ABN on my birthday! :DDDD
  • I discovered ab when there was only original and one other version out, seasons i think. My play method is to burn through all the levels for enjoyment, then i go back to bring up all the one stars to two, then i go through again to bring up all the twos to three. Usually i will have half a dozen levels i cant figure out how to get three stars. So i searched google and found the nest where i am able to find out what score i need. It was the best site so i never looked anywhere else. Then there will still be a couple of levels i cant figure out so i watch the video :-) so i have been lurking for a long time and have finally decided to join the internet social scene :-)
  • Hmmmm. I usually go back and bring them all to 3 stars the first time around.
  • Yes, i am amazed at the different ways people play. Like myself, after i get three stars i have no interest in competing for higher scores. I tried it for a few episodes of rio but it didnt have the excitement for me of new levels.
  • My mom has played a lot recently. In fact, before last month, she rarely played. But now on my dad's old phone, she won't move on until she 3 stars the level.
  • Maybe the @admins could tell how they created the Nest and where the idea came from.
  • @theanonymoussomeone - read the 'Meet the Team', I think it's there ;)
  • No, I've read it before, it just gives descriptions.
  • @theanonymoussomeone -- Reread Birdleader's bio under meet the team.
  • I just got back from vacation.... sort of!
  • So long ago..I can't remember, but it had to do with a dark angry birds animation along with mooncake festival comics. Or walk throughs or mighty eagle. Whatever.
  • Bloated Pig? I stopped by and saw a post with with almost 1000 pages, I stopped by and said "hello world"
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