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  • All you Angry Birds out there: Went everywhere to get AB TOONS. Are the cartoons available for the PC or anywhere? I see "clips" on youtube and other places but no TOONS. Are there really complete AB cartoons out there? Not just "clips" or shorts? Could someone direct me to where I can find complete cartoons?
    Or, if there aren't cartoons, what does AB mean by "toons?"
    I love my BOYDZ!
  • Open up ABo/S/R/Space on any up-to-date version. Should be on the front "Play" screen.
  • Yeah, they are on ABo, ABS, ABSp, ABSW & ABR, I'm on Android, but I think they are on ABo Free + ABSp Free aswell.
  • Actually the Toons are not available on PC versions yet. I've been watching toons on my tablet and it they also show them on TV in Finland every sunday when the new one comes out, but I also found some link where you could see them in some website. I'll check if I'll find the link :)

    Edit: @bowzerbird - When you scroll down the page it gives you list of channels that are showing toons, and I think that the videos should be available on their websites, if there's a channel that shows where you live, click that icon and it should take you where you can watch toons.

    I'll keep on searching 'cause I'm pretty sure that the website, where I watched that one episode, wasn't any of those in the list.
  • Hey, thanks guys. But a whah rant: Seems like the PC IZ always the last format to get AB stuff. Oh foowee! :>((
    But, thanks
  • If watching them on your phone or tablet is too small for you, all the toons are available through Comcast's On Demand. So if you want, you can watch them on your tv
  • @sparty83 I am not sure how to watch toons on demand on TV. I have them on phone and iPad, it looks good on iPad but it would be awsome on big screen. Is Comcast worldwide available or only the USA?
  • @cosmo2503, i think comcast is a us only cable company. i havent watched them on the tv but i will try to this weekend.
  • I found some of them on YouTube...
  • If you want, I can write the links...
  • I don't know if that is allowed @mirandacosgrove . There might be copyright issues
  • @mirandacosgrove @birds @BirdLeader -- I think it's OK to add links to videos that are on YouTube, but I'm not a lawyer.
  • Sorry, i didn't meant that sharing link is ilegal (my english is bad, lol) . What i meant is that video. Like i said before i'm not sure if it's allowed by Rovio
  • @Birds -- Actually, your English is fine, and I understood what you meant. I still think if the video is on YouTube, it's OK to post a link.
  • BTW, AB toons is also available on my local TV. (Indonesian users, switch your channel to antv to watch it. If I correct, it should be on Monday to Sunday)
  • You might try to download an android emulator to your pc and download any version of angry birds :-)
  • I Googled the "android emulator for pc" and lottsa links came up. How do I know they are free of malware, spyware and the new scareware stuff? Which one should I download to be free from malware? I just watched Terence gardening and just the little bit was hysterical [YouTube of course]! LOVE DAT BOYD! BTW, have a 16" Terence and a few BIG RED'S and 2 small TerBacca's. If I already have ALL the AB versions [PC], I guess [assume?!!?] I have to download any version of AB for the android.
    "These are not the anDROIDS you are looking for" [Couldn't resist ☺ ☺ ☺ ;>D]
  • So did you fix the problem?

    Also I think Chuck uses his headband to go fast in the game, although you don't see it. Do you guys agree?
  • Does anyone know if toons will come to Angry birds friends mobile app?

    @bowzerbird you could try bluestacks android simulator, off course I don´t know how safe it is but I have it and it´s really good.
  • @Badpiggies
    Maybe I'll download it, scan it with my AV software, anti-malewarebytes and superantispyware programs. Yup loaded with bear when it comes to protection. Just protecting myself.
    And thanks for the info.
  • Got the tablet and have the AB toons.But, just today, noticed I can't seem to access all of them. There are these little "dots" under the main selections and I thought I should click them. Can't. Thought the dots indicate additional pages. Can anyone help me?
    There are 19 toons and I can't access them all. Oh Boo Hoo!
  • Swipe the screen to scroll to a new page. The dots indicate which page you are on.
  • You can find ABT on Xfinity On Demand. Summer Of Kids/Kids-Angry Birds Toons-Episodes THAT'S IT!!! For specials click Specials in place of Episodes.
  • @GreenImperial: Hey thanks. Don't have the tablet handy, but will check it out when I turn it on. Always forget about "swiping" screen. Ever wonder about the "swiping" thingy? Are we stealing anything? Funny how words can change meaning over the years. Hummmm . . . swiping. Weird.
    But thanks, kiddo,


    PS: Don't have xfinity, have wavecable. But, the tablet lets me watch my birdies play. Love their "language" I understand it and that's scary!
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