All AB keep restarting on Sony Xperia (android)
  • Sorry if this has already been covered, I couldn't find anything in the forum!

    AB Seasons (v3.1.1) is working great but all others (Star Wars, Space, Rio, Original) I'm having the same problem with.

    Shortly after starting the app it restarts, and keeps restarting itself. I can't get into any levels. Is this a known issue? I've played Space and Star Wars in the past with no issues!

    I've uninstalled them all and reinstalled (a few times over the last few weeks) but still have the problem. My phone is relatively recent so I wouldn't have thought it was incompatible with new versions of AB...

    Cheers for any ideas
  • Ok, what xperia? (Please also tell me the android version)
  • Xperia S

    It says android 4.0.4...
  • There's also something flashing up on the screen briefly before it restarts, can't see it properly but it has in the bottom left corner so probably an advert!!
  • Where do you download those? If you download it from Play Store, you should contact Rovio
  • It is from Play. I've noticed a few other people have left feedback about an advert causing restart. It must be the latest update which would explain why I've never had trouble with AB before!
  • Are you connected to internet?
  • Yes...I'll try it again with wi-fi off now
  • I turned wi-fi and data off - it's working!! Turned everything back on and it's restarting again.

    Thanks a million PJng!

    I assume the advert is internet powered or something :/
  • If can, also turn off postman piggies on pause screen, sometime will caused problem in new version.
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