Angry Birds Star Wars
  • I cannot get past level 22. I have checked out help sites which are great but my shooting birds shoot from underneath. The help sites show that the shooting birds shoot from the front. How can I change this?
  • From shooting birds I assume we're talking about Obi-Wan, Han Solo and the likes. You don't have to click ON the bird. You need to tap anywhere on the screen for the lasers to shoot on the level.
  • @Amanda -- There is a tutorial that explains how to use Han Solo and other SW birds. For birds like Han that you want to hit a specific spot, tap on the spot you want to hit, do not tap on the bird. I assume you've looked at the walkthroughs here?
  • Amanda, as mvnla2 said, Han Solo will shoot wherever you click on-screen. If you click near the slingshot, he’ll shoot there. If you click in the top-right corner, he’ll shoot there.
  • red skywalker as lost his saber had it for a while on tatoonie but in death star is gone
  • please help
  • Are you sure you're tapping the screen before Luke hits something?
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