Was doing World 3, now back to 1. Help please
  • I was half way through World 3 (Gamescenter confirms world 2 finished.) When I open the game I'm now on World 1 level 12. I haven't updated or removed the game (Angry Birds HD Poached eggs.) Tried reboot and closing app in bottom bar and re-opening. haven't removed app. iPad 4 IOS6. Be really grateful for any help, don't want to start over and worried it may happen again.
  • 1- Are the levels locked? Try to click on the first levels of world 3.
    2- Replay the last available level, it might unlock your progress.
  • I can only get into world 1 and each game after 12 is locked. I've replayed that game but it just unlocks 13 Weird thing is Game Center shows I finished world 2. I've scoured the internet, can't find anything, surely I am not the first person this has happened to. Emailed Roxio support but no response from them.
  • When it unlocked level 13, was your previous score there?
  • No. No stars showing and score in top right shows as 0. Gamecenter shows achievements through to world 2 completed (Me moustache) but entering A Birds thru game center makes no difference.
  • @henrypartridge there is probably nothing that could be done. Luckily it is not many levels that you have completed and lost scores. You can always play them again with or without help of great videos from ABN. Good luck, enjoy game.
  • Just seems weird to me that 500 million people have downloaded the game and I am the first person to suffer this. Is there any way to back up progress on the iPad so it doesn't happen again?
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