Problem with entering Registration key for SPACE edition
  • Bought and registered basic Birds and Space within twelve hours of each other... I have been having more fun with this that I EVER did with Wolfenstein or Descent!

    I have both installed on my desktop (Win XP SP3) as well as my laptop (Win 7 PRO 64) and both work quite nicely...

    The problem is that on the Laptop, when I entered the registration key, all levels "unlocked" in both versions, but on the Desktop, only the Angry Birds unlocked all levels... Space is still showing locks on all but the first level.

    I'm confused... (not particularly unusual....) and I can't find anywhere where I can "check" to be sure I actually DID enter the key... the registration box no longer appears, so I assume I did so...

  • @FrayedKnots: Did you play all the levels in Space demo first? If not, you'll need to do that before the rest of the levels unlock.
  • Levels unlock as you progress. To unlock level 2, you must pass level 1, and so forth.
  • Aha! I've done levels on the laptop but not the Desktop.... off I go!
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