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  • My real name is Jarrus!
  • I am a furry, and Brisingr is my fursona's name. My fursona is actually a Gryphon (and no, my avatar is not my fursona, it is just a random picture I found).

    My fursona's full name is Brisingr Aerowing, but I came up with the last name after signing up here.

    And I hate typing on an iPad. And I cannot draw worth a flip.
  • @Brisingr -- Had to look furry and fursona up; I had no idea such things existed! Where did you get the name Brisingr, as in how does that happen to be the name of your fursona? Have to check Gryphon, but at least that sounds familiar.
  • @mvnla2 I got the name Brisingr from the Eragon series. I just liked the sound of it. Aerowing came as... well... I am not sure how I came up with that one! And a Gryphon is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. There are a number of variations on the basic Gryphon. Another spelling is Griffin.
  • So is your avatar a gryphon, even if not your fursona?
    My avatar is a Jaun Fernandez Firecrown, a hummingbird that lives on Robinson Crusoe Island. I don't qualify as a furry. I chose the avatar because the bird is an endangered species.
  • @junkenmetal just went thru my bookcase to find Captain Corelli's Mandolin, found a couple by him, but not that one. Must have lent it to someone who never gave it back. I've learnt from that mistake, I've "lost" Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, Jane Eyre, to name a few out of many to forgetful friends!
    Anyway, back to the Captain. You may be right and I owe Hinarei that drink. I haven't read it for ages, I just remember what the Greeks called the character.
    I'll google it....
  • @Hinarei I owe you that drink. He was indeed called Bunny Warren. I always remember him by the name the Greeks gave him "Bunnios" It's been a long time since I read it
  • @Hunnybunny and @Hinarei -- glad you were able to settle this without resorting to fisticuffs. :-)

    @Hunnybunny, I know what you mean about books disappearing. But these days I tend to read more things electronically, so it's less of an issue. Not that I don't still buy physical books -- or want to buy them -- but we just literally don't have any more space to put them!

  • It means that i am Iron Man.
  • Volare means"to fly" in Italian and was the title of a popular song around 1958.
  • Annifrid was the name of the lead singer of a band I once used to love.
    I entered it a few years ago as my username in some game because I couldn't think of anything better at the moment, and eventually started to like it so much that I haven't used any other nickname since ;)
  • I played football in high school and my position was running back. I was over weight back then hence the initials CRB as in "Chubby Running Back".
  • This is the first forum i have ever joined. Wanted to join a long time ago but actually couldnt think of a nickname so didnt. So the other day one of my grandchildren who is six and has down syndrom started to call me kenny instead of grammy so grammy k was born.
  • @Grammy K Welcome to the Nest. Unfortunately I think the forum still doesn't recognize names with a space in them and @grammyk doesn't work in the forum. Haven't looked to see where else you've visited, but you might really want to stop by the Bloated Pig forum. Hope to see more of you.
  • Whovian = Dr.Who fan
  • Uskaya, c'était le nom de mon chien.
  • Uskaya is the name of his/her dog, @theanonymoussomeone, nom...chien...the only things I learn't in three years of French classes;D
  • @uskaya -- Interesting name for a dog. Where did that name come from? Is your dog still alive (I'm thinking you used past tense)? Your profile says you're from Switzerland; if you know English, even poorly, the administrators will appreciate it if you post in English.
    BTW. If you are wondering why your avatar does not appear in the forum, it is because you need to use Gravatar. There is a forum at the top of the forum page that tells you how to use Gravatar. It does sometimes take a while to show up, like an hour or two.
    Last but not least, Welcome to AngryBirdsNest (the Nest or ABN for short). Stop by the Bloated Pig in the forum (a virtual pub) for free drinks and food to celebrate joining the Nest.
  • I finally took the time to read all these great nick name stories, great fun and great idea for a thread. Most old-timers (and no not meaning in age) already heard it, but for those who haven't:

    My real name is Esther, which I believe to be the persian name for "a star". Also in Dutch the last bit is pronounced "ster" which is the Dutch word for "star". Usually I use E*, because the "*" sign is called a "little star" in Dutch. But most forum and websites do not allow those kinds of characters or don't allow 2 character usernames, so when I subscribed myself to ABN and got prompted that I needed more characters and could not use the * I choose E-Star. And as for a bonus, when you turn around the "E" it says 3-Star LOL
  • That's a great name @E-Star
  • Bonjour; Désolée, je ne sais pas un mot d'anglais et cela m'ennuie beaucoup.
    Mon chien uskaya n'existe plus, mais j'en ai un autre.
  • @uskaya -- Bonjour. Uskaya est un nom intéressant pour un chien. D'où vient ce nom?
    En passant, si vous vous demandez pourquoi votre avatar n'apparaît pas dans le forum, c'est parce que vous devez utiliser Gravatar. Il s'agit d'un forum au sommet de la page du forum qui vous explique comment utiliser Gravatar. Il ne faut parfois un certain temps à apparaître, comme une heure ou deux.
    Last but not least, Bienvenue à AngryBirdsNest (Nest ou ABN pour faire court). Arrêtez-vous au Bloated Pig dans le forum (un pub virtuel) pour boissons et aliments pour célébrer rejoindre ABN.
    @AMSlimfordy -- I used Google to translate most of what I said previously; hope it's OK with you.
  • My name is just a tribute to April Fool's Day, because it is my favourite holiday.
  • @Fooly8 -- Glad to see someone is still interested in this. I wonder if we should move it to the new forum?
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