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  • @remi3241 -- So where did remi come from? I always recognize you as the inventor of the remi reverse shot.
  • Long history short... TienShenLong means the Dragon of Heaven (or lives there) in chinesse... Now, how/why/when/etc that is the one I use, too long to tell. I only say there is a reason for that.

    Smile... tomorrow could be worse!!!
  • After visiting the seniors forum, I decide to come here. My nickname has nothing to do with the hippie era. My husband named me Sunshine and it stuck. I love to cook and bake, so the name of my cottage industry is Mary Sunshine's Tummy Yummies. :)
  • @Sunshine -- It never occurred to me that you nick was related to the hippie era; guess I was too busy to notice most of it. Didn't know you have a real cooking business, but it figures.
  • @mvnla2 the hubby is a bit older then me, (clear throat) he always says, "If you remember the 60's, you weren't really there". ;)
  • @sunshine what a lovely name for baking business. Once you asked for some recipes, I used to write food&photography blog until I deleted all photos by accident, well if you are still interested I could send you my favorites in p.m. Just to mention all my recipes are in metric units.
  • @cosmo2503 that would be awesome!!!! Metric units work for me!!!! :D
  • @mvnla2 the nickname came from somebody once telling me I looked like Remy from the movie Higher Learning when I had my head shaved a long time ago. I looked nothing like him mind you but the name stuck and I always spelled it with an i.
  • Thanks @remi3241
    I should also ask @TienShenLong to tell the long version of his names meaning.
  • Mine is a combination - in the UK was a TV programme called Crystal Maze and one of the areas was where Richard O'Brien's (the presenter) 'Mumsie' lived- my children started to call me Mumsie (didn't last long!) - tried to use that as a username online and it was already In use so I added 42 - the answer to life, the universe and everything (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) - there you go!
  • @Mumsie Crystal Maze and Hitchhiker's Guide... that's cult, right there :) Mumsie was a fortune teller in Medieval Zone, if memory serves, and even if the contestants didn't visit that game in that week Richard always used to call out to her as he went through :D Good times.

    are you a medium too?
  • I`m relatively a newbie here, but I love this game. (Angrybirdsnest is pretty awesome too!) My name was created about 16 years ago when I played the online game Acrophobia at a local internet cafe. I saw that most usernames had a number after them. I didn`t want that. Anything and everything i tried was taken. I then started thinking about song titles - same results. Rush is one of my favorite bands, so I tried the Xanadu and Cygnus X-1 titles from the album A Farewell to Kings. Those were also taken (go figure). Sitting there looking at the screen for a bit, I thought about adding "de" to the end of Xanadu. YEAH!!! I had created a name for myself.
    The funny thing now is, most sites I join I have to include a dreaded number after my name.

    Yes, there is a xanadude.com website. They sell comic books. lol
  • My nick name "Aman".... means "peace" in India
  • @aman are you from India? Is Aman your personal name? I like its' meaning .
  • It started when I signed up on YouTube a few years ago. I just wanna get a unique yet simple username, and the first thing I came up is heaps of bullet shells (don't ask why, though). That's how "Bullet" come from. I've been using this name everywhere since then.

    (I didn't say that it would be interesting. :P)
  • @bullet -- Why not tell us?
  • @cosmo2503 Yes, I'm from India. And Aman is my personal nick name & it came from first four letters of my full name.
  • @hinarei - guess you could say I was a medium!

    Medium height, medium dress size, medium shoe size!!
  • Hey @cosmo2503 in case I am busy next Monday - Happy Birthday for Monday!!
  • @mvnla2 the hubby is a bit older then me, (clear throat) he always says, "If you remember the 60's, you weren't really there". ;)

    Hey, Dahlinx, I remember the 60's and was REALLY there. Heard MLKing give his "I Have a Dream" at the WA monument. Know almost exactly where I stood.
    Man, "Time it was, and what a time it was, it was A time of innocence, a time of confidences."
    The Filmore, Avalon, Winterland. Music back then was really MUSIC! Had a bike [cycle] and loved going about 60 mph up the SF hilly streets and flying over the intersections.
    Had friends who went to Woodstock & Altamont.
    Yup, Twas a time, it was. Loved that bike and lived through the 60's. I'm still here @66.
  • @bowzerbird -- Haven't seen you for a while; glad you're back on the nest.
  • Wow, didn't realize I had so much catching up to do on this really interesting discussion!

    @TienShenLong - I love both the sound of your name and its meaning. And given that there's a bit of mystery and secrecy involved, you'll forgive us if we also consider it somewhat Romantic -- in the sense of the Romantic poets. Thank you for sharing the insight with us, and now I can envision you as very elegant dragon. And, since a dragon is a creature that has much in common with birds, I shall also take the liberty of picturing you nonchalantly protecting other birds from naughty piggies who are trying to steal their eggs!

    @sunshine - What a charming story! And I adore the name of your business. Also want some. I don't care what you make, with a name like that, whatever it is must be delightful.

    And @cosmo2503 how nice to know that you bake as well! (I'm much more of a cook than a baker.) But making food for other people is something I love to do, although over the years I've been heavily influenced by Marcella Hazan, to the point where I've become a rather Opinionated Cook in my own kitchen. I'm very minimalist and "locavore" these days, although I am fascinated by all things related to food. I used to haunt Egullet.com quite a bit for a while -- wonderful resource, that is. Just don't have the time anymore.

    Also, thanks so much for starting this discussion, and Happy Birthday from me, too!

    @remi3241 - I like Remi with an "i". Isn't it funny the way tiny, random bits of our past cling to us, like splatters of paint that won't quite wash off, but eventually change color and take on a different appearance and meaning?

    @Mumsie - I like the story of your nickname, but to me, it doesn't matter where it came from. It's just a great nickname all by itself! And it makes me want to hug you. Just because. Sorry -- inappropriate random display of affection from complete strangers on the internet!

    @Xanadude - Good on you for being so creative; it's a great-sounding name that refers to something you care about and that has meaning for you. No surprise that everyone else wants it too, though that's a bummer for you. Oddly, I don't seem to run into that problem. :-)

    @Aman - I love both the meaning of your name, and how beautiful your full name is. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    @Bullet - I like your nickname; simple and powerful. You also have a very well designed avatar that isn't showing up here in the forum; perhaps you could join Gravatar so everyone could see it, especially since you've joined our No PUs movement? BTW, I see you list your profile lists your location as Hong Kong, my hubby is headed there for a sales meeting in a few weeks! He's been there briefly before, and has flown in and out a number of times on visits to Asia, but this will be his first chance to really spend time there. He's excited about it; or would be, if all the work involved in getting ready for his presentations and some additional training he'll be doing in a side-trip to South Korea weren't frazzling him to a crisp.

    @bowzerbird -- What a wonderful story and thank you for sharing such evocative memories!

    There, sorry for the long chirpy post; and sorry if I left anyone out. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories -- it's always so interesting to meet other birds, uh, people!
  • @sunshine - I used to do a lot of baking - when the children were smaller and I only worked part time, I used to make novelty cards & wedding & celebration cakes ( Just remembered I did a pig train once - now I'd derail it!)
  • @mumsie thank you very much. I started thread for Angry Birds Seniors, but actually I am living my life to full now that I am in my forties.
    @junkenmetel thank you. Baking and cooking is my hobby and I really enjoy very mutch discovering new recipes and tastes. I miss my food writing, but it is so hard to begin once again after losing so much.
  • My daughter introduced me to Angry Birds on her iPod Touch. I set up my first profile on Crystal (which I assume doesn't exist anymore) which allowed you to compare scores with those in your province (in Canada), country, or across the world. I set my first profile to be ABegger. AB for Alberta (the province in Canada where I live) and 'egger' for my fascination with Angry Birds. As this was before I discovered the nest, AB as a shorthand for Angry Birds had never occurred to me. Eventually my daughter complained about missing her Touch to the point where I had to buy my own and I began playing all over again. My new profile became ABeggerToo so I could easily compare my new scores to my old. Once I found the nest, I wanted to maintain this profile.
  • @cosmo2503 - After 30 years in high tech, I can unfortunately imagine only too well how devastating it must have been to lose all that work; I'm so sorry! But you never know; life leads us down all kinds of paths that we never expect to go. You're very clever and creative; I'm sure when the muse strikes you'll find your way to a new outlet for expression. (Besides all the good work you do here, of course!)

    @PJng - I like how simple your nickname is. And Ng is one of my favorite names. Your avatar is very fun, BTW. Did you create it yourself?

    @ABeggerToo - that's a great story, and I love how there is more than one layer to the meaning of your nickname.

    It's currently only around 6am here, and I've only had one cup of coffee so far, so I didn't think of either Angry Birds or Alberta as sources for the AB. Instead, I read your nickname as "A Begger Too"! Which probably also fits, as it seems that describes your situation with wanting to use your daughter's iPod Touch to play Angry Birds. :-)

    Therefore, I award you triple points for a clever nickname. (Those are just JunkenMetel points, so they're not worth anything here or anywhere else, except for the bragging rights. But still...)
  • No, I pick it on my sister folder (on computer), i'm not well in picture design.
  • @PJng - Well, you made a good choice, anyway! And I'm terrible with any sort of visual design, so we have that in common. :-)
  • I will tell you the honest truth about my nickname: I kept trying to find a username that wasn't already taken so I could make a Roblox account a few years back. I came up with this. I've used it ever since. Period. Sandwich. End of story.
  • @mumsie and @junkenmetel thanks for the comments. ;D
  • history behind @bowzerbird, @rd and @sunshine :D intriguing names, them :) thanks folks! Rain Man is ace.

    that's a great name for a business too :)
  • @hinarei thanks! ;)
    @bowzerbird You and hubby are close in age, he was in the radio and music business back in the 60's. Even though he makes that comment about remembering, he remembers all of the event you mentioned. I'm glad everyone's brain cell are intact and functioning! Lol ;D
  • @rdnzlrips82, wow, that's complicated but really makes nick name.
  • Mine is just simple- Both my Nickname and my username are both Orange bird corpse sounds,because he is my favourite bird.
  • I love Fire bomb bird so my nickname is Firebombbird :)
  • name and surename :)
  • My name is Karen but my high school friends called me Kayreen. I selected my avatar from a folder of graphics I use for an online undergraduate course I teach -- it represents the one excuse I haven't heard (yet) from students as to why they can't turn in an assignment on the due date.
  • @Kayreen -- See the forum on how to create an avatar to get your avatar to show in forum.
  • Thanks @mvnla2 for your help with this -- worked like a charm.
  • All my on line names are rabbit related. It dates back to reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Free drink and food at BP for the first one to identify the rabbit named character in the book
  • @hunnybunny Bunny Warren? think I heard that somewhere, and you don't get much more rabbity than that :D
  • @hinarei No free drinks for you. Bunny Warren was a British tennis player many years ago. First name really Austin, but called Bunny after the rabbits home of a warren.
  • I know of the tennis player, and the character in Porridge, but thought I'd read that somewhere. Failed :D
  • That I am a master at the Pokemon games
  • @hunnybunny- have you got confused? I, too, thought Bunny Warren was the character in Capt. Corelli's Mandolin. Bunny Austin on the other hand (first names Henry Wilfred) was the last British tennis player to reach the finals at Wimbledon (1938) before Andy Murray!
    Methinks you may owe @hinarei that drink!
  • @Hunnybunny -- It's been years since I've read Corelli's Mandolin, but it's one of my favorite books, and Louis de Bernieres is one of my favorite authors. Although I have never forgiven him for the events in that novel. I know he wrote it exactly as the story demanded, but I still metaphorically shake my little fist in his direction when I think about it. The book is on my shelves right now, and I could cheat and look it up now, but I won't unless the current controversy remains unresolved. :D

    I never did finish Birds without Wings; should go back and read it from the beginning.

    See, I knew I liked you right from the start @Hunnybunny -- you have excellent taste in literature! de Bernieres is such an amazing, lyrical writer.
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