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  • I have problems in Angry Birds Trilogy for PS3

    Angry Birds Season: Easter Eggs on PS3
    1) Level 7-8 (1-8): Reveal the Golden Egg by hitting the TNT under the slingshot. You can do this by bouncing a red bird off the checkered wall directly under the first concrete block. Now bust that Golden Egg
    BUG: I explode the TNT and the egg does not appear

    2) Level 7-15 (1:15): This one requires three steps and is probably the most difficult to obtain. First, you have to break the patch of grass behind the slingshot. After you do a round block of wood will appear on the ground in front of the slingshot. Bust that piece wood and the Golden Egg will drop down and start swinging around. Now you have two chances to hit the Golden Egg.
    BUG: I hit the grass on the left, hit the wooden ball, drop the eggs but there is the golden egg. Before I saw the golden egg at the top but now it’s gone

    3) 7-4 (1:4): The Golden Egg is in the grass patch closest the slingshot at the foot of the hill
    BUG: the golden egg behind the bush does not exist

    Angry Birds Season: Mooncake Festival

    Golden Mooncake #3 Level 9-9 (1:9)
    Hit the patch of grass under the slingshot platform. The mooncake will appear just left of the pigs structure.
    BUG: hit the grass but the mooncake does not appear

    Golden Mooncake #4 Level 9-15 (1:15)
    Hit the patch of grass immediately in front of the slingshot. The mooncake will appear in the left side of the trench to the left of the structure. Use any bird to reach it.
    BUG: hit the grass but the mooncake does not appear

    I miss only these levels to get all the eggs, I checked all your guides and I am sure that the levels are those
  • The first bug: yep, it doesn't appear, it invisible. just hit where the "500" popping, and you got it
  • Anyway, do you know how to get the last Easter eggs GE? (It should be on level 7-16/1-16, but I can't find it)
  • 500 popping? OMG
    in the level 7-16 (1-16) to get the golden egg you must to shoot the white bird to the left and hit the four-leaf clover
  • Yeah, I know about that. But I can't find the level
  • no patch... OMG
    I miss only 2 trophies for the platinum trophy but with this bug I can not complete it, help me please
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