Game Centre on iOS not updating...
  • Hi there, I need your help!!! I love angry birds!!! I recently upgraded my iPhone and when I did I lost all my progress but I am ok with that because game centre kept my scores so playing the levels again and hopefully beating my previous scores is just a fun added bonus... BUT... When I know I'm beating old scores with 3 stars etc and when I'm playing levels I know that I have never played on my old phone my score is not updating increasing!? When I tap on my total score in any of my angry birds games (except Star Wars) it says that I earned the scores back in October or November but it says that I just played it... When I open an angry birds game I can see the initial game centre welcome banner too... Help!!!! Angry birds Star Wars does seem to update and say earned today and I did buy that via my new mobile... Something is going on and it sucks... Looking forward to hearing from you... Chris
  • GameCenter is a very finicky program. You will likely need to consult Apple about any problems you are having.
  • Cheers... Can anyone tell me I they have had a similar issue and managed to get it resolved or at least find out what the issue was?

    I have already contacted Rovio and Apple and I am waiting for replies...
  • Hello y'all... Any ideas???
  • Not to be snarky, but my only idea is to not use GameCenter. Notoriously unreliable and buggy and I just avoid it.
  • @Barndogg -- It may be too late, but did you read the tutorials / forums on transferring your scores. You may still be able to do this.
    GameCenter only keeps your total score for each episode (maybe you realize this). Try entering your scores in the ABN leaderboards; you don't need to worry about people hacking them.
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