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  • Q1. I’ve AB installed in two devices, PC and Android. Now, can I put my best score out of these two platforms in AB leaderboard? Or I have to enter the scores from only one which I mentioned in my profile i.e. PC.

    Q2. There is few FB and twitter levels are not available in PC, can I fill up the leaderboard with my android scores for those levels?
  • 1) Users are allowed to "mix and match" scores between platforms, but we caution against it. The best part abut entering scores from a single devices is that you can check your work: Your episode total on ABN should match the score that appears on your device. Mixing negates this check, but again, it's not forbidden.

    2) That's fine as well. Again, mixing isn't ideal, but especially on these levels, it's fine.
  • Hi Guys!
    I played Poached Eggs and Mighty Hoax on Facebook but I can't enter the scores under the AB leaderbord... Any solution?
    Thanks in advance
  • fb user are not allowed enter score in ab
  • @svalex As PJng said, Facebook scores are only permitted on the Facebook leaderboard. They are not to be entered on Poached Eggs or Mighty Hoax.
  • Speaking of which.... i SWEAR when i first joined about 3 months ago maybe, that Facebook had the poached eggs and mighty hoax episodes....but now it doesn't.... was the reason because of confusion, or are they coming back, or ????.... i have done some of my best flinging on those episodes :)..... i guess this is directed at Slim, although anyone in the know , please feel free to respond
  • @crash They never existed. You are mistaken.
  • I am not permitted to enter Seasons scores since I'm using Chrome. What's up with that?
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