How to transfer progress from Apple to Apple
  • I'm not sure this is completely necessary, EStar. We have a video tutorial already.
  • I have gotten several request for this in the past and have gotten one today, so maybe the video tutorials aren't that easy to find or people like to work with a print out, not sure. But by all means if you don't want me to post this in the forum, I will remove it, just say the word :)
  • @e-star this is so amazingly cool!! I'd just gotten a request for help ( and we know that's not gunna happen with this stuff!) and the step by step will make it easier for him to understand since English isn't his first language so I'm sending him here for the help! Your a doll for taking the time to do it! Awesome, just awesome and perfect timing too!! :D
  • Whoa I think it's even geared to kimmie speak too! Man you are a wonder!! Thank you for making something so confusing a whole lot more simple!! :)
  • Thanks @E-Star
    @Amslimfordy , coming from a computer illiterate user as myself , i find these instructions are pretty cut and dry and personally easier for me to understand i think both set of instructions probably cover everything, its cool to have another way of looking at it,for me anyway.
  • I am going to switch from iPad 2 16GB to new iPad very soon and I find this tutorial very helpfull everything is so clearly written. I thought to ask Apple Store staff for help but I think I will be able to do it myself.
    Manythanks to @e-star, I will have both tutorials in mind when get new device.
  • @AMslimfordy I do agree the second does cover the same material. I only found the first one at the time I searched for the tutorial when my fellow Nester contacted me. I guess I missed the second one. So again if you don't want this discussion to be here, just say the word. Or if you want me to put the 2 links in the header and make a statement the official ABN tutorials can be found there, I would be happy to do that. really I didn't mean to do anything different other than to help out.
  • @estar and @amslimfordy

    THANKS a Lot for your help. I have my Scores on iPad. It Nerds a Little Bit Time but it Works. Great yeaaaaah !!!!
  • So it worked CC?? Yeahhhh good to know and happy flinging on the iPad!!!
  • Thanks @estar

    I have also a question. Can i Transfer HD Version also on iPhone?? Because i don't know on which device i should Play in future Updates :-)
  • ... and i have to do this synch in future again and again?? Is there a possibility to Play on One of both devices and you see scores on iPhone and iPad when you finish a New Level/Episode??
  • Yes CC Jolly, you can transfer back and forth between the two devices, but there is no way to get them to sync with each other... would be nice though, but unfortunately no... So if you want to play both devices, you will have to transfer the latest progress to the other device. I suggest making 2 extra folders in each AB game back up folder. One for the Iphone and one for the iPad. This way if you get them mixed up, you will still have both progresses.

    I recommend making a back up on your computer, so it will keep you safe for when ever you *knock knock on wood* have a crash and loose all progress.
  • @CCjolly I am glad you manage to transfer scores to iPad. Enjoy playing and @estar 's tutorial came just in time when you needed it.
  • @estar ok i understand the again :-)
  • How about add those two links to the top, EStar. That'd be fine by me.
  • @AMslimfordy Sure, I like I suggested right? It's there.
  • Brilliant. Thanks!
  • @estar and @amslimfordy

    The Last question !! is there a possibility to transfer the Archievements. Because on iOS (iPhone) i earned all Archs in all Angry Birds Games. I transfered my settings.lua and highscore.lua to my iPad. The Scores in menu Shows right but in GC the the scores didnt shows right. Has anyone a idea, i know that GC is a separate Part but ..... Help!!!
  • I am not sure CC, Indeed the GC is separate from the game, so there is nothing you can do but try quit all programs and restart you phone. Make sure you are connected to the internet and play one extra level.

    I have tried with a couple of phones (hubby's phones, hahahah great thing he isn't playing for real, so I can use his as test version) and the Game Centre started pulling all the achievements like crazy... but I know wrw01 has had problems with his achievement with transferring ABO, so I have really no clue what triggers the GC to do or not to do... sorry.
  • I think that @estar 's advice should fix problems. Achievements should pop up after device restart and hopefully showed in GC.
  • Apple to Apple. gameCenter achieve,ents should load over time
  • Thanks. But i restarted several Times but nothing changed. Maybe i have to have WLAN. I only used for iPad my 3G Hotspot from iPhone. Ok time will Tell me more :-)

    Thanks for your answers !!!
  • Hi! Is it possible to transfare AB progress from apple device to a PC(windows)....I got ipad whicj I want to sell and buy a laptop instead!
  • There may be some adverse side effects, since there are more levels for iOS than PC in some editions. In general though, see the ABN links in the top post of this thread.
  • ... I try it again and again and again but nothing else. I shut down my iPad. I closed all progresses but nothing is changed right now :-( i cant understand that because Non HD and HD are the same files :-(
  • Strange CC, really I have no clue what so ever... Sorry... Maybe keep playing the iPad and hope when the next achievement hits... it will see the others as well?
  • ... Hey hey @e-star hope you enjoyed your weekend. Maybe it will be changed in GC after new updates. In the Games all Scores Shows correctly only in GC not :-( hoping to See it updated in future!!!!
  • @Estar worked great! although you still have to find all the GE's (ABO) and when you open the GE level your scores are there
  • @angryboy Then you must have only transferred "highscore"
  • @slim i guess i did, but i also transferred 'settings', king pig was still there, also is there another way to get the 3* egg? i played the last level of PE's but still didnt get the egg
  • There is no way (to my knowledge) of retriggering these. If I were you, I would attempt the transfer again.
  • @slim transferred again and got them back, thanks!
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