no millenium falcon on pc version of angry birds star wars?
  • hello my copy of angry birds star wars on the pc does seem to have millenium falcon power up in it? do i have to get so far or something to unlock it? as i need it as some levels i am finding impossible
  • also when are we likely to see power ups on the pc versions of angry birds and also when is the hoth update going to be releasd?
  • IAPs such as the Mighties and Power-Ups are not available on the PC versions of the AB games, since there is no PC store to purchase them yet.
  • thanks for that am not to bothered about the powerups just the millenium falcon, but i have seen a few videos of the pc version were people have been using the millenium falcon on angry birds star wars but mine hasnt got it?
  • Those are probably illegal versions.
  • @AMslimfordy: Assuming @ryanraz did, indeed, see video from a PC version, is it possible the development team did a test beta version with the MMFs enabled?
  • I think they likely just confused an iOS screen recorder for the PC app.
  • Wasn't there a Windows 8 video that we saw the first glimpse of game play on that had the MMF button? It could be what's he talking about.
  • But Windows 8 doesn't even have angry birds...
  • @Dorito very good point!
    @tas W8 has absw and absp
  • @dorito, it seems to me that Rovio's website could quite easily be the IAP purchase location for PC users with a minimum of technological fuss. Why it hasn't happened, or isn't being done is unknown.
  • @TruckDriver I think now that Rovio's site has the ability to create accounts, it may be coming soon. (All speculation of course, but) I think Rovio wanted to be able to track/log these sorts of purchases, for the risk of say losing data or wiping a computer.
  • @AMslimfordy that's something to look forward to when at last I get around to updating the AB apps on my PC. I figured that it would be a matter of perhaps a server-side script from a secured page on the site. We'll see how it goes, of course, since, having had a taste of IAP ability on my iPad, I definitely like the concept.
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