AB Trilogy for Xbox360
  • Any news about adding a walkthrough for Angry Birds Trilogy (Xbox 360). There are noticeable differences in both game play and results of gameplay compared to web play and tablet(cell).??

  • We will gladly report any relevant news for Trilogy, but we have no plans to attempt walkthroughs on that platform.
  • I can't seem to find any walkthroughs for the bonus levels, are there any?
  • I'm response stands the same.
  • What bonus levels? Can you post a screenshot? On 3ds the bonus levels are AB Rio golden eggs and I just found 1 of them
  • So, about this "Anger Manegement" DLC pack...

    The things I know:

    ~It's only available for PS3 and Xbox 360.
    ~It costs money. On the Microsoft store for the Xbox, it's 400 Microsoft points. Which is basically $4.99, I don't know about PS3.
    ~It includes 130 new levels with all 2012 seasons and birdday party episodes.

    The things I don't know:

    ~If it includes additional Extras.
    ~If this DLC will include updates.

    Well, that's about it for me. Any other information you guys have?
  • I saw a YouTube comment and he/she says it's $4.99 on PlayStation Network (PS3)
  • And also BtS not included
  • Thank you Birds! That is helpful.
  • Okay I bought the DLC on the Xbox, and here is what I fully know:

    ~Does not have any new 'extras' content
    ~No more bonus levels added
    ~Has the following episodes for a total of 130 levels: Birdday party, Ham'O'ween, wreck the halls, year of the dragon, cherry blossom, piglantis
    ~Mighty dragon included
    ~Back to school not included

    If I am missing information, let me know.
  • According to the label on the AB Trilogy for XBox 360 case there are 19 exclusive levels.
  • So far I just found 15 exclusive levels (ABR GEs), what are the other 4?
  • @reactive1, and @birds. What they meant by exclusive levels, are the bonus levels you unlock by completing chapters in AB, ABS, and ABR without the DLC. They are very challenging and large, They even compare with the DZ levels in ABSpace. Yes, they are exclusive to ABT.
  • the 15 ABR GEs are on 3ds (on ABR golden fruit page, press R). ABT on 3ds doesn't have the DLC (yet)
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