AB Space is crashing
  • I didn't know where else to ask this question. But is anyone else having a problem with Space crashing on them. I have two iPhones and its crashing on both. I tried restarting the phone and its still crashing.
  • Maybe ur iPhones aren't compatible with the AB space game anymore wat kind of iPhone do u have? I might b able 2 help.
  • It crashed several times today on my ipod.
  • It seems to be causing a few errors on my Nexus S - more over it does seem they have fixed DZ 1-4, as I cannot seem to break 1440 waiting for the 0-birder :(

    I'll run it over night and post the error reports tomorrow.
  • @penquinlover both phones are 4S. I think may have something to do with the daily space eagle. It reaches the "welcome back, have a space eagle" and the it crashes.
  • It happened to me too. I play on iPad, I tried to restart device but it didn't help. Today (european time) it worked perfectly on my phone.
  • Hmm dats odd it never crashed like dat b4 on my 4 I think u should contact rovio or try 2 delete the game and reinstall it it may help but if it doesn't u should contact rovio hope this helps :)
  • @batdance probably have somthing with daily free SE. it works in airplane mode and crashes everytime when 3G is on. If there is something good I got free eagles for every single try before game crashed.
  • I also saw this problemon my iPad. My switching to Airplane Mode, then launching the app, it launched. It launched correctly on the network after that as well.
  • @cosmo2503 Thanks airplane mode worked. I got about 15 new eagle because of the crashing. At least something good happened from it. It seems to be working on 3G now.
  • @Greenimperial turn airplane mode on and then launching the app and turning airplane mode off definately seems to fix the problem thanks.
  • Glad it all worked out @batdance happy flinging :)
  • @batdance, that happened to me quite awhile ago. I play on an android so it's not apples to apples. It happened to me about 30 times in a row. It was a real pain. I did a full power down of my phone then restarted it. Launched AB Space and it worked fine. (added bonus, I had accumulated about 30 extra Eagles, one for each crash). It hasn't happened since.

    I agree totally with Slim, DO NOT DELETE your app, you could lose everything. Wait until he gets back to you.
  • Same here, but I was rushing one this and wiped...then my Google result showed this, and the airplane mode works.

    Fortunately, iCloud got my backup.
  • Strange. Space is doing fine for me, it's Star Wars that keeps crashing.
  • My android device in abs, absp was crash when get update, but i try first turn on internet and let apps load ads and also pause screen rovio news, then i turn off postman piggies and last internet connection.
  • Yes I can confirm that it's fixed at this time.
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