ABO 3-star Golden Eggs problem (PC)
  • Hello,
    With King Pig mode being available for all platforms in ABO's latest version, I was driven to unlock it. I 3-starred Poached Eggs to Birdday Party, and unlocked King Pig as well as Poached Eggs to Mine and Dine's 3-star GEs. About a week later I launched ABO and something happened to my settings.lua file - my scores were still there, but it was acting as if it was a new game (unactivated). I reactivated it, but that didn't fix the problem - I now have 3-starred episodes but no 3-star GEs and no way to unlock them. Could someone please help me rectify this issue?
  • @AngryBirdsFanGuy438 You would have to contact Rovio. Due to the presence of activation codes, using another person's settings file would be unethical. They may ask you to send your settings file as well.
  • 29 days and Rovio still hasn't replied. I'm losing hope...
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