Have you taken the Angry Birds survey?
  • I have an interest in this sort of thing as I used to be involved in helping set those sorts of surveys up. I took the AB one and, while fairly standard, does seem to be a genuine survey. I say "genuine" because in the field I was in there were some competitors who put surveys out to say they put surveys out (none are still in business).
    My main comment to them was to have all the tie-ins they want and change things as they need to - but keep Angry Birds Angry Birds!
    I'm talking about the one that comes up in ABSW "between screens".
  • yes - posted about it in "news and rumoured" and mil falcon threads.

    used last question to voice displeasure about MMF's
  • Some of the answers don't make sense. How can you not be sure if you play ABSW?
  • @bboss If you aren't sure what the app is. As a statistician would say, you must account for all possibilities. If requiring the question be answered, one must allow an "out" for someone who does not wish or is unable to definitively answer either Yes or No.
  • Is this the survey that focuses on absw. I took it recently and was a bit miffed that after a couple of questions it focused only on absw. It sort of said to me that their focus is turning to the themed games. And i so love rio and wish it would get more episodes.
  • Where can I take this survey?
  • Today in Rio there was a link to a survey from Rovio. The first part of the survey was about soft drinks and if I would be likely to purchase Angry Birds soft drinks (my answer was no). They also asked about how much I play Rio, how many levels cleared, and what would I like to see in the future for Rio. Mostly, I think they were interested in the answers regarding soft drinks :/
  • Yes, two now.
  • I want to take the survey but haven't yet.
    @grammyk You just like Rio for all the fruit. You'll get over it.;^)
  • @tas, lol, i do like fruit way better than pork
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