To Those That Thought Smash Maniac Was Bugged...
  • Apparently there might be some truth behind it...although it's not so much the achievement itself as it is the program, and if history is any indication, it apparently is when you update from one version to a newer one.

    I had an opportunity to view my settings file for Angry Birds and did so out of curiosity. This settings file was dated 5 months after I had myself achieved the Smash Maniac. As it turns out, the item for Smash Maniac had a counter that was significantly below the threshold for Smash Maniac which seems to indicate that the counter had been reset at some point.

    In addition, the file in question was also missing some achievements that I had long since had achieved. That is why I was re-achieving items that I had long since achieved.

    Again, this would suggest that at some point, the information had been deleted by the program, but that begs as to when or under what conditions. Admittedly I can't answer that with any 100% accuracy, but the evidence would suggest it can at least happen during a version update.

    Here is why I would suggest as such: The easiest example would be to look at the long update history of Angry Birds Seasons. With so many of the updates, several people loose access to Golden Eggs and/or Mooncake bonus levels already played. Also, there are those that have lost access to the Facebook levels. These are controlled by the settings file for Angry Birds Seasons, and there are some that have received a new settings file from certain users and all is well. Also, there are reports that in a recent Seasons update, part of a Christmas levels that were already played could not be accessed. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that is also controlled by the settings file because I was affected by the same issue, but I simply just Mighty Eagled my way through the inaccessible levels and my previous scores were in tact, and so that would suggest that it is not in the highscores file (at least with this issue).

    I would suggest that Rovio take a SERIOUS look at this issue as they keep having similar problems with most of their updates.
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