Angry Birds Seasons BUG!
  • I turned on my phone and booted up ABS.When I went to try to get total destruction on every level of Year of the Dragon,my progress was gone!How do I get my progress back?This was on an Android if that helps.
  • Your title is very misleading. This isn't a bug.

    Have you moved Angry Birds Seasons between, say, phone and SD Card?
  • Dat happened 2 me once I turned on ABS and I lost a lot of my progress except 4 seasons greetings
  • @AMslimfordy I haven't done that.It's been on my phone since I installed.
  • Wait,now that I remember,I moved the game to sd card after my phone space started to get low.
  • The same happened to me with bad piggies, I beat a bunch of ground hog day, and it lost my progress.
  • when the auto update installed 2013 Seasons all my 2011, 2012 scores were erased - YIKES!
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