Ham em High Facebook levels won't unlock (Answered)
  • Sorry that this is probably reopening an old issue but I cannot find the answer. I am using an ipad for Ham em High and cannot unlock the Facebook levels however many time I try to close down the ipad and like and unlike Angry birds on Facebook. Not sure what to do.

    Any help or information would be appreciated.

  • What version number of the app are you running. Note that you must "Like" Angry Birds via the in-app system (I.e., clicking the big Thumb's Up logo on the fourth page of HeH)
  • I had this problem yesterday.

    I think you just need to click the thumb's up again. Your progress would seem to be erased but come again and your stars and scores will show up again as nothing happened.
    It might be a little bug I guess.
  • Thanks - the thumbs up is not there on my ipad screen but when I tapped the space where it should be it all works fine!

    all is well in the end
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