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  • Picked Issues as it is with me. You know that drop down box that shows up all the time saying add this to your home page ( meaning this sight) I have it on my home page I put it there a dozen times trying to get rid of that box that gets in my way of logging in and leader boards ... Press the x and it opens something underneath that box can some one help me please. Thank you, metoo3
  • That's just a feature. There's an X in the corner to make it go away.
  • I know slim but when I press the x he only goes away a minute or opens up something under him. I have to zoom in to sign in and even after I hit the x it comes right back and can't see. If I can' get rid of it I will continue to swear at it and work my way through. Ty
  • I'm not very familiar with the item (yes I've seen it, but I don't spend much time on the main site; I'm usually watching things from behind the scenes), so I can ask @BirdLeader about it.
  • Thank you Slim hope he knows a trick. It just stops walkthroughs .... leader boards...and so on...from loading as it comes on and off even after you hit the x. Fingers Crossed
  • @metoo3 I guess I might help.

    I bet it shows up on your iphone (or ipad maybe). That box appears if you have cleared your history/cache/cookies or if you are on private nav.
    It happened to me as I have a shortcut to angrybirdsnest in my angry birds folder on iphone and because I used to always erase my cookies.
    I guess the best is for you to let safari save your id/password on iphone; works very well for me!
  • Thanks for the possible causes and solutions. I have now fixed the problem on my iPad. I hope! Private Browsing needs to be switched off and Cookies accepted. Reboot and voila.
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