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  • It's very strange because i ever playing the 1.3.0 version at 1024x768 at 85Hz (on desktop i remember it's 1280x1024 at 60Hz).... i suppose this 1.5.0 not set correcly the resolution of full screen game because from config menù i have choose 1280x1024 and i obtain same problems.

    I thinks if i select the native desktop resolution the games doesn't start at 60Hz but in a strange refresh or resolution not compatible whit my CRT monitor (yeah.. i have again a CRT monitor... a 21" LG) ....
  • I have send email at this address... i have received this link:

    I obtain response on my email or i need to register on site for obtain support ?
  • Yeah, please do register on Zendesk for Rovio tech staff to contact you. They usually respond to me within a working day, EU time.

    The weird thing is that there is no way to manually set the refresh rate via config file so you are kind of stuck.

    Would it help if you randomly tried running Bad Piggies in compatibility mode WinXP or something? That seems to help with weird errors I had in the past with the game.

    For the other probable causes like driver issues, I am trying not to think of them because you had run V1.3 perfectly fine earlier.
  • yeah... another AB title working perfect in same pc and i thinks the open gl 1.3 it's correctly supported by my AMD Radeon 4650 HD :)
    Yesterday i have removed my driver and i have installed the LATEST 13.9 Legacy driver but problems remain.

    How it's possible to set refresh rate ?? the strange thing it's if i select 1024x768 from desktop the refresh rate it's 85Hz it's correctly supported but i thinks this games using a strange resolution or in full screen not the correct resolution has been used.

    Otherwise my ticket it's again in "assign to a support member" and i not thinks i obtain support.........
    I thinks it's better to hope someone have my same problems and try to resolve manually.

    *EDIT 2*
    Here i thinks it's better place to explain my problems:

    I can add some information here:
    I obtain the "Out of Range" (Refresh rate) after i can view the ROVIO logo.... very strange.
  • I got some info on this issue @DjDiabolik via extensive google searches. It seems like it's an issue with CRT monitors with today's video cards.

    In the past (Win 98, XP days) there used to be programs used to override refresh rates to fix your exact same issue. However in Windows 7 these 'force refresh' programs no longer work.
  • Yeah.......... i thinks this is true.... but the strange thing is that the old version 1.3.0 started and worked without problems at 1024x768 at 85Hz :)

    Otherwise yesterday this my LG it's DEAD :)
    I turn-on my PC and will not turn on........ for temporary solution i have found and OLD lcd monitor.. very small a Fujitsu Siemens BS15-S (yeah.. very small) but whit this at 1024x768 at 60Hz bad piggies 1.5.0 working whitout problems :)

    The problems it's on desktop :) -> 1024x768 it's better resolution supported and desktop icons of windows 7 have a shitting watch :)

    Today i stay to found another monitor..... and i can add some information in some days... for now the problems it's fixed :)
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