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  • On any level of bad piggies I've experienced skips in the sound and repeats in the sound also. This usually happened at something like TNT or selecting a level or the punching box or starting a level and things like that an it makes playing the game not as fun. The weird thing is that this only happens about 1/3 times that I open the game.
  • Ever since the initial Rise and Swine update Bad Piggies has been super slow and crashing a lot on my iPod. I'vetried everything, from turning off all the apps in the multitasking bar to restarting my device. I don't have many games (all AB titles, CTR titles, and three others), so my iPod has plenty of space left. Is anybody else experiencing this, and if so, is there a way to fix it?
  • What generation iPod do you run?
  • Fourth generation. Running iOS 6, non-jailbroken.
  • I got Boom Boom II but not Boom Boom I
  • Only glitches about achievements? there are plenty of technical glitches near, like Hyperdriving( and Stage Separation(Fixed in v1.4,
  • I was going to ask you if you had seen the perpetual motion machine, but then I noticed you're part of Pigineering! Can you explain how the perpetual motion machine works?
    @BirdLeader there is a special badge for Rovio employees; maybe there should be one for Pigineering?
  • Perpetual wheel works due to the imperfection of Newton's 3rd law. The toleration between wheels and wings creates the power, which is not perfectly removed by its reaction. This makes the wheel move with its ownforce. Original description in
  • This is a Bug @amslimfordy :
    Go to the Sand-box , flight in the night first sand-box.At the top left there is some parts(before you start the level).
    Look this:
  • @hiri Not a bug. It may be a part of the game.
  • @DH Kim -- Thanks for the explanation. I wonder if that means there are violations of the laws of physics in AB as well.
  • Anybody else had problems with the previous update of bad piggies on an ancient iPad? I see that someone had problems with an iPod in July.

    I left a message on the Rovio website and got an email back telling me to press buttons that don't 'exist on an iPad. so, I decided to wait until an update was issued to see if it fixed the problem which is constant crashing: load, crash, load, crash, etc. After the most recent update, it seemed better for a couple of sessions, but is now crashing again.

    Is it that my first gen iPad is now so obsolete as to be unusable with bad piggies? It still works fine with the other angry birds games.
  • @Katybird -- Can you update your operating system? I have IOS 1.4.3, I think, and the achievements don't work with that operating system, but haven't had problem with crashes. What did Rovio actually say? They may be calling buttons by unfamiliar names.
  • @mvnnla2 - thanks for the response. My iOS is 5.1.1 and says it is up to date. The email from Joe at Rovio was: " Please reboot your device by holding down sleep/wake and home buttons for over ten seconds, that usually fixes problems like this." Hmmmm. Looks like he thought it was an iPhone. Is there an equivalent for an iPad?
  • @mvnla2 - isn't it amazing what a little reset will do! I figured out from rereading the Rovio message that I needed to do a reset so went to settings and found it. Too bad I didn't do that before - could have saved myself some frustration . At any rate, thank you for redirecting my attention back to the email. :-)
  • @Katybird -- Translation of Rovio's e-mail: they are saying to hold down the round button on the top surface and the black button on the side opposite the round button simultaneously. Hope you can understand what I wrote. Glad you were able to fix your problem.
  • @mvnla2 - thank you for the translation! Will keep it in mind if I run into future problems. - regards - Kb
  • @Oinky piggy -- Do you have any references for this?
  • @Oinky piggy Do you get this from this site?
    I don't know if this can be trusted since this section can be edited by its users (there's an edit button just beside the title)
  • And its spelling and grammar is a total mess. We'd rather ignore that, I guess that's just a troll.
  • SCW (Suction Cup Wheels) have interesting properties, like being able to hang on to balloons.

    If you attach an SCW to one single balloon it can reliably hold it, but with 2 or 3 balloons the game engine has trouble holding on to any balloon at all. It might be due to a game engine limitation re: object adhesion &/or collision detection.

    SCW does not attach onto other vehicle parts (testing needed), thus the balloon as a 'universal docking interface' was created to create the SCW crane.

    I made this video shortly after discovering the SCW/balloon interfacing 'feature' as it was a rather refreshing new way to use game items to me.

    Example: SCW mk.5 mobile crane.
  • @DH-Kim and I are going to see if V1.5 contains any bug fixes...
  • Hyperdriving and other glitches seems to be there.
  • In Tusk 'til Dawn the trash bucket is so close to where you build your contraption that I am frequently deleting the whole contraption when all I wanted to do was move something to the left.
  • I think that's just a problem for their graphics.
  • @Oinky piggy -- I don't have the bug you described. As DH Kim said, the position of graphics is different in Tusk 'til Dawn than in other episodes.
  • @Oinky piggy -- We're talking about the graphic / icons for the trash basket, and the fact that it is too close to the build area.
    FYI -- The @mention feature works in the forum for me since my name does not have any spaces or special characters. If you @mention people for whom this works, they will get an e-mail notification.
  • That's incredibly rude, Oinky Piggy.
  • OK @Oinky Piggy -- Why am I annoying you? I was trying to answer your question.
  • That's no reason to get angry!
  • Your attitude is inexcusable, Oinky Piggy. Your comments will be removed.
  • Now let's just return to the issue of Bad Piggies Glitch.

    I realised some parts are not able to be detached with the new stage separation device. Not sure if it is really a glitch or an intended thing though.
  • @DH Kim -- Seems to be a fairly serious bug to me.
  • I suggest to let those "bugs" remain. Just like the recently discovered Lighting Storm and the Porcine Tempest they can be used for creative engineering.

    Ditto for using wings and balloons to tow objects, or SCWs + balloons as load bearing devices, all these 'unintended features' can be manipulated for good use to pleasantly surprise the developers of the game!
  • True that, but useless gitches are supposed to be fixed!
    After v1.3, some buttons are kept on even when they are to be off, which makes us quite confused... Things like THIS are supposed to be fixed, not the things like Stage Separation Glitch!

    And talking about this glitch above, I hope I can release balloons with that; it would be better when it is fixed, right?
  • Hmm that depends - I can actually use the balloon release glitch as an advantage, the way I see it.

    For another hilarious 'never fixed' glitch it's of course hyperdriving that people are rampantly using to break Road Hogs timers making any fair competition impossible.
  • Ahh those annoying ones. At least that should be prevented.
  • The funny thing is I have feedbacked the remote propulsion and its effects on fair competitive gameplay a number of times. Never fixed.

    ALF posted one video of a remote staging rocket. Fixed immediately lol!
  • Wait, @Alfiandi has video post?
  • Or he shared to me his Delta IV rocket design and I made the video on his behalf with a different payload. Either way I consider it his rocket and not mine :)
  • I thought he posted one by himself. Got now.
  • HEY i have update from 1.3.0 to 1.5.0 and now ALL resolution i choose to START i obtain a "Out Of Frequency" on my MONITOR!
    The Desktop resolution it's 1280x1024 at 60HZ whit 1.3.0 i succesflully played at 1024x768 in windowed or FULL SCREEN but now i can only play in windowed!!

    It's a BUG ???
  • Looks like the game config is somehow selecting a full screen refresh rate that is beyond your monitor's capabilities.

    Contact [email protected] by email to inform them of the issue and give them as much system information as you can.
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