In All Fairness: Bring Back The Glitch
  • OK, after going through a couple of threads (For or Against Power UPS in Angry Birds Original!? and Ethical question about getting highscores in AB Space), it got me thinking about the explosive Santa Hat levels in Angry Birds Season. In a nutshell, it seems that most agree that everyone wants a level playing field so that we can compare our efforts to one another as long as it's an integral part of the game (RE: not using consumable power ups). Also, being able to "take advantage" of a glitch is also perfectly OK because it's in theory open to everyone (Space Needle, Santa Hat, etc...) and is integral to the game. However, there are those that come to the game late (pun intended) and as a result, these "glitches" are fixed, and as a result, one can not truly compare one effort to another because one possibly had an advantage.

    There are also certain levels that can have a zero bird solution that has also been fixed.

    Since we are all preaching that everyone should have a level playing field, these glitches shouldn't be removed from game play once found (and should be put back in now that they have been removed)

    Anyone agree?
  • I agree totally! Bring back the next to impossible SG 1-16 TD also. Maybe this time around I could actually get it. Won't tell you how many hours I wasted trying before it was "fixed." From a purely personal perspective, I'm tired of trying to keep up with changes in self-destroying levels, also. I guess the only exception is if there are real differenced in these glitches between platforms, which I suspect whenever I can't get them to work for me!
  • I agree, glitches are VERY fun
  • I am wit you in this idea.
  • You can download early versions of the game where the glitch still exists.
  • Not everyone has the acumen to do that. Plus, eventually, there will be a system update that prevents an earlier one from functioning.
  • !!! I totally agree with you !!!

    You're really right. I got the Feather Seasons Greedings 1-16 in Time. I played really over a week getting this Feather!! It wear really interesting how many Users would also get it. I find it very good if some Glitches are hard work and seems to be unreachable. That makes the Game very interesting and some Glitches tells a story!!

    @heathen very Good Thread and idea!!
  • I agree it's really funny to watch I have seen the space needle and the raft level in ABS Piglantis
  • @harrystar6 - OMG, I TOTALLY forgot about the Piglantis one...good reminder.
  • you know the glass level its very funny only happend twice
  • What were the space needle and Santa hat glitches?
  • Well,for the glitches,it just made the game laggy and eventually freezes,as for self destroying levels,I totally agree with that ^_^
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster -- In the original ABS Seasons Greedings, there are pigs wearing santa hats, some of which used to explode. See the forum on self-destroying levels for explanation of space needle, the raft in Piglantis, and others. There is also the memorable spinning flower thingy in Summer Picnic. It seems that as episodes are updated, sometimes these glitches and self-destruction are "fixed" or at least changes.
  • @all -- I sent a tweet to Peter Vesterbacka about the glitches, and he said he would investigate. See my tweets on
    FYI -- For those who don't know, Peter Vesterbacka is the Mighty Eagle of Rovio.
  • Well I don't think it will ever happen that glitches are intentionally put back into the game. I also don't think that ABN will ever create a seperate set of leaderboards where levels with known glitches are tagged and not counted towards total scores or something like that.

    If we want a level playing field, we need to make that happen ourselves. For example, on the Seasons GE leaderboard (where the glitch issues are pretty bad) you could make a top 5 or top 10 or whatever where you simply subtract the Big Present, Big Basket and Golden Mooncake scores (and I guess GE16 and GE21 as well), creating a leaderboard where all high scores can be achieved in the most current version of the game. It would be easy to create an Excel file that converts total scores quickly. Then you could compete with one another in a Forum Thread, or ideally here

    It won't make a difference in GameCenter or on the ABN leaderboards, but if you just want to compete with the top players on the levels that you enjoy playing on an equal battleground then I don't see why this wouldn't work just fine :-)
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