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  • I was wondering. Is there anyone out there who relies on the PC for their angry birds games. I personally don't have a smartphone, don't have a tablet, and don't trust having a facebook or twitter account. Are there any other angry bird fans who play their games on PC only? It seems the PC gets the last of everything with angry birds. It always takes a long time for the updates to come out on PC for the original angry birds and angry birds seasons. I don't mean to complain but their has got to be a community of PC users somewhere out there that think the same. What would you say?
  • I have PC, and to be honest, the "delays" with updates are minimal there -- just a couple of days. It lands far sooner than Mac.
  • thank you for the response. I've noticed that the Piglantis episode came out quickly for PC but it's taking longer for the ABseasons PC version to get the new back to school episode. Any ideas why?
  • It's already out. Been out since 23 August: http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/updates/#update-104
  • I never got the update and my game doesn't give me an option to update. What can I do??? My internet connection is working fine but I'm not getting a message stating that there's a update. PLEASE HELP!!
  • See the post about the update: http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/angry-birds-seasons-back-to-school-update-out-now/

    And please don't post questions in multiple places. We will answer your the first time. :)
  • thank you so much. Sorry about all the posting. There are so many discussions that I'm not sure where to put my posts. I started this discussion since there doesn't seem to be one exclusively for PC users. The PC angry birds games are so much different than on the other platforms.
  • So different? I'm not sure I see it. I have both.
  • They're different with the extras available in other platforms. It seems like the iOS versions have more extra things available to them than the PC versions, such as the mighty eagle and power ups. Playing the game with a mouse vs. a touchscreen is also different. I personally like using a mouse since a touchscreen is so sensitive.
  • I play Angry Birds strictly on my PC. I don't have any complaints. I like the bigger screen. The Seasons Back to School update didn't automatically download like the updates usually do on my PC. I contacted Rovio, and they responded with instructions on what to do.
  • I downloaded the ABSeasons demo from the angry birds PC game website and got the back to school update this way. I didn't even have to re-register my game and all my progress is still there!! I'm so happy. I love the new back to school episode. Sorry about my previous complaints. I wasn't aware of how to get this update until I read the article about it. I'm glad to hear that there are other PC users out there. Thank you for the comments.
  • A little more support for you, birdyboo93. I also only use a PC and love it. There's just so much detail you can see, I can't imagine having to play on a tiny screen. I have a 15" laptop and love the full screen. There are a few things I don't think we can do such as use Mighty Eagle, but so far I really don't mind that. Think having the greater visual surface balances out any negatives I might have.

    I just found this forum, and look forward to using it---hope other P.Cers will also. It's great to have a place to voice any comments or questions we don't know where to post elsewhere.

  • Thank you Barbbjb! I love playing AB on the big PC screen too! The details on the PC versions are beautiful! It's much easier to play on a bigger screen. Some of the pigs are really small and you need to look closely at the structures to find them all. A bigger screen makes it much easier to find them.

    Keep the comments coming. If anyone has questions/comments specific for the PC versions they can be posted here. That's why I started this discussion.
  • Great! Well, my question is, probably like other PC-ers. When are we getting a new game or another update? As you first mentioned, it just seems we're the last ones to get the goodies. Also wonder if we'll ever get to use the Mighty Eagle like others?
  • I always thought it was unthoughtful of Rovio to never install the Mighty Dragon into Season's for PC. Even before Amazon (Kindle Fire User here, lol) got any extra purchase options at all (We still don't have any except for Space), we at least still got to try the Mighty Dragon. I don't see why not really.
  • I guess what it boils down to for me is I don't understand why all games, updates etc. aren't released to everyone at the same time. I'm probably one of the most technically challenged people on here, so I'm sure this would be an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish considering the different forms out there, but it sure gets frustrating waiting to be included. Adore the game though, so guess I'll just shut up and sit patiently while drumming my fingers waiting for more fabulous games to appear.
  • @Barbbjb New levels, content, etc. is developed on an initial platform and then adjusted to the others. Furthermore, each "Store" has its own Quality Assurance check, which can take varying amounts of time.
  • Thanks Slim, Yes, I'm sure there are reasons for all this, and it's much more complicated than just "pushing a button" and having games released to all devices at the same time. There's an old saying "sucking the hind tit" and guess sometimes some of us feel that's where we are in line. Thanks for taking your time to explain.
  • PC and iOS user here. I started on iOS until my brother-in-law clued me in that a PC version was available. :)

    I'd love to see the Mighty Eagle added to the PC version. They're already in the graphics files installed, it's just a matter of updating the source code to include them. :)
  • I just downloaded the new halloween update for my angry birds seasons PC Version. Has anyone else noticed that the graphics are blurry? The entire game seems blurry and pixelated. Why is that? anyone else experiencing this? thanks for the help.
  • I downloaded the halloween update on my brother's computer and the graphics are crystal clear. It must be my computer. I went to the angry birds shop and re-downloaded the ABSeasons game and clicked repair. I launced the repaired game and the graphics are still blurry. Can someone help me PLEASE!!!? How can I fix the graphics in my game??
  • I got a response from Rovio today and followed their instructions. I updated my graphics card driver and the game was still blurry. I then uninstalled the ABSeasons game from the computer and deleted the installer too. After that, I downloaded the installer and re-installed the game from the Angry Birds online shop. The game still appears blurry! Good thing is that all my progress is still there, though. Does anyone have any suggestions???? I just sent Rovio a response to see what they have to say. Any help would be highly appreciated. thank you.
  • @birdyboo93 : How old is your monitor? Do you have a separate graphics card or is it integrated in the motherboard?
  • @brave1966: i have an acer extensa 4420 laptop (notebook), i bought it in spring 2008 and keep everything up to date on it. i have the latest version of microsoft.NET framework and my graphics card driver was updated yesterday. this laptop has an ATI radeon xpress graphics card (x1200 series)-more specifically x1250. it also has an AMD Turion 64 x2 mobile technology TL-60 processor. the laptop had windows vista home premium when i bought it but in nov 2011, i upgraded to windows 7 home premium. is the new updated ABSeasons blurry and pixelated because my computer is too old. is my graphics card too old for the new update. just to let you know, i can still play the game fine, it's just that the appearance is blurry. this computer's monitor is a generic PnP monitor with a driver date of 6/21/2006. i hope this is enough info to figure out the problem. thank you so much for your help.
  • Really strange @birdyboo93. I haven't noticed any weird graphics problems (other than the missing rubberband on the sling, but all the PC users seem to have that problem). XP Pro SP3, Dell Latitude C840 with nVidia mobile graphics card and laptop screen.

    Are you using an external monitor or your laptop's screen?
  • i'm using my laptop's screen. my laptop is a notebook, not a desktop computer. the rubber band sling is visable in my game.
  • another thing; my brother has all angry birds on his laptop and his updated haunted hogs ABSeasons has perfect clear graphics. his laptop is a toshiba with windows 7 and an AMD vision processor. maybe my computer is simply too old for the update to display high quality appearance.
  • Are there any settings you can customize for your video driver?
  • i can't change any settings with the video card. i don't think it's a good idea to mess with the video card. i heard that rovio will release updates to fix any bugs on any platforms. i'm still waiting for a response from rovio since i already did their suggestions but the graphics are still blurry. hopefully, with the next update for ABSeasons, the graphics will be back to normal.
  • Does your notebook have a VGA out port to connect an external monitor in the meantime?
  • @birdyboo93 : Looks like your other post was deleted. Have you tried an external monitor to see if the issue is with your notebook's built-in display?

    ALL PC USERS: Has anyone else experienced display issues with the latest updates, AB Seasons v3.0.0 or AB Space v1.3.1?

    If so, Please post your system specs:
    Windows version
    Type of PC (desktop, laptop or notebook)
    Type of display (built-in or external monitor) if on a laptop or notebook
    Video card and driver version number
    Total system memory
    Total video memory
    Free hard disk space
    Any media players with version numbers
  • @adyy18 : Could you please post your system's specs?
  • windows xp sp3
    type of pc desktop
    video card ATI Radeon x1550 series
    sistem memory 1gb
    video memory 512mb
    free hard disk space 11gb
    windows media player version
    divx plus player version 8.2.2
    winamp version 5.541
  • Accidentally deleted, unable to recall content.
  • @adyy18: Thanks!

    My hunch, based on what you and @birdyboo93 posted, is that there's a serious compatibility issue with the "grgl1-md.dll" and ATI Radeon video cards.
  • ALL PC USERS: Please note that ABSW includes the same suspect DLL as Seasons 3.0.0 and Space 1.3.1, so you may experience blurry graphics if your PC has a graphics card/chip based on the ATI Radeon series.
  • "Is there anyone out there who relies on the PC for their angry birds games"

    I prefer playing AB on PC , I've got all. The only AB I never bought was the Space. I don't know why, I don't like it.
  • Hi @Peter! Did you know ABSW draws a lot of its functionality from ABSp?
  • Hi @Brave1966 !!
    I don't really like those Space levels, I much more like the "original" structures.
  • Has anybody experienced display or other issues with the latest PC updates, Seasons v3.1.0 or Star Wars v1.1.0?
  • @brave1966 Nov 6, Nov 11and Dec 3

    No problems-All AB games run on Asus M4A78LT / AMD Phenom II x6/ 1GB ATI Radeon HD5450 (Passive cooled)/4GB Ram/Windows 7
  • Thanks @DG47 for the update. Now we know it's not a universal problem with the Radeons, but still affects a good number of them.
  • ALL PC USERS: Has anyone besides me noticed more "spontaneous flings" with the Seasons v3.1.1 update?
  • @brave1966 6:15PM

    Actually my spontaneous flings have gone down since I bought a new cheap gaming mouse a week or so ago!

    Re Radeon problem-am assuming you have recently looked for any updated drivers or re-installed the original ones (ya never know!) (grasping at straws time!)
  • @DG47: I personally have not had any of the graphics problems noted by users like @birdyboo93 and @adyy18. The glaring common denominators (as you can read in their and my earlier posts) are ATI Radeon cards/chips and the new DLL introduced with ABSW and the Seasons and Space updates.
  • DG47----I have same mouse button issue,,, I have gone thru 3 mice since getting serious about AB.... I even get desperate and switch setting to right button in a pinch, but really screws me up next day at work on autocad!!!
    One other PC issue... cannot help noting that first 20 or so slots on leaderboard are usually PC-free,,,,, whats up with that?? Is it cause IPAD people can play even whilst on the john to get more playtime or is there an inherent advantage... I would think my 32" monitor would be an advantage...but cannot get my scores much above average.. and I plAY alot and am pretty good... You would think a PC'er just out of dumb luck on an easy level would hit gold once in awhile... comments??
  • There's just far more iOS players on this site than PC. Also, depending on which app leaderboard you are looking at, iOS may have more levels.
  • @apaulling, While I believe that platforms such as iOS and Google Android are able to produce somewhat higher scores, I also happen to think that if you play the level enough times, you can get the same if not higher scores while playing on a PC platform.
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