Big Spook Achievement
  • I am having a very hard time getting this achievement. I have heard that you can get it in Danger Zone D-3 and Cold Cuts 2-17 by "tapping the screen" after launching the green bird (Terrance) towards the pigs but I've tried every possible combination of aiming, timing of the tap, etc, and nothing works. Can someone who has gotten this achievement please explain EXACTLY how you got it? Much appreciated!
  • you have to scare 6 pigs with one Terrence to get the achievement
  • @Angryboy I know what is required to get the achievement, that's not what I'm asking. My question is to anyone has gotten the achievement, how did you scare the 6 pigs? i.e. what level, and what method did you use?
  • I have it - there is a very good level to do it with - let me look.
  • i can't find the level I did it on, but it was in cold cuts
  • Cold Cuts 2-17 is the place to do it.
    Have you tried tapping the screen to make T scream while he's in flight?
    I can't replicate it because I already have the achievement, but I remember it being very easy. I'd try tapping him while he's as close as you can get him to all the pigs...try arcing him over the first tower. Maybe @amslimfordy can give you more insight when he returns. Keep trying - it's definitely possible, and this is a great level to do it.
  • @playdbird I'm jealous that is was easy for you! Yes I have tried tapping the screen while in flight, and in every way-from immediately after take off to half way to the birds and right before the birds-nothing works! There's got to be a trick to it. And also in 2-17 you can't arch over the first tower I don't think because it's too tall. This is frustrating me :(
  • I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I just remember getting that the day the app was updated, so I really can't remember. Now I'm curious. But you know you're on the right level at least. Try asking @amslimfordy when he gets back next week if you don't have it by then. Good luck!
  • I did it too just aim Terence near the pigs and scare them
  • I appreciate all the feedback, however it's not working. I've launched Terrance hundreds of times and tapped the screen every time-no achievement yet.
  • Are you on iOS, I might ask?
  • Achievements are only available on iOS @Dorito.
  • @Dorito yes iOS. I've continously been trying to get this, and I have actually scared 6 pigs with Terrance, sometimes all one by one and sometimes all together scared, yet the achievement does not register. This HAS to be a bug. Can someone else confirm if they are having problems with it?
  • @playdbird I know that, but I thought that he might not be on iOS, which would explain the problem (apparently not).
  • Were you online at the time
  • I'm going to ping Rovio about this. Thanks guys.
  • Has anyone figured out EXACTLY how to get this achievement yet? I've been trying to get it for a couple months. On 2-17, D-12... Impossible!
  • Im sure there is a glitch or something i simply cant get this achievement. I have read through a few of these pages to find what levels are good to get this (2-17,2-18,2-26,d-3,d-12 have been mentioned) but i have spent hours trying to get this and now im starting to think whats the point as its not working properly for me. I have all achievements on every Angry Birds game bar this one... I have rried clicking terrence straight away, just before he hits somethin etc. I had spent days finally getting Utopia and Danger Zone score addicts so thought all the hard work had been done haha
  • @nufcfan1982 This achievement HAS to be bugged [i.e. impossible to get]. I am now convinced after you posted your comment. I am in the same boat. This isn't possible!
  • I am wondering if one of the updates caused this as i just started playing this around a month ago whereas others might have gotten the achievement a while ago? I was playing this morning and Red plant there seems a couple of good levels to do this (5-3)(5-7) and particularly (5-14) you can even see 6 scared faces on 5-14. Hmm
  • it was easy i was able 2 get the achievement in one shot but it took a while u have 2 aim terrance at a level with lots of pigs and wen u launch terrance tap him so it scares the pigs also the 1 where u have 2 freeze 3 pigs was easy.
  • @nufcfan182 I 100% agree with your theory. The people who got this achievement must have earned it before the newest update. I tried 5-14 and I saw 6 scared faces with Terrance, yet no achievement. I can confirm this achievement is bugged. This is very frustrating for completionist players such as myself.
  • Big Spook must be bugged now, I have been unable to get it on any level. Has anyone confirmed this?
  • Did you check your Game Center Achievements?
  • This has to be glitched - ipad v1.3.0 just doesn'tgiveit up. I agree with many members here who have tried a lot of combos many times and this achievo doesn't pop. I have every other achievement for evey angry birds otherwise, so it seems bizarre if this one is so much more difficult.
  • I have the same problem here on ipad. I've scared several times six pigs at once on 2.17 but didn't get the achievement.
  • Hopefully rovio will fix this and make a new game center achievement bug update 4 anyone who can't get this achievement they do dat
  • The how to Rovio knew about this? Really troubled by this achievement ......
  • Hey Guys,
    I had the exact same problem with the achievement, but then I found THE perfect level to do it - Utopia 4-20. You need to get T manouver between the planets and perss on the screen, and it's easy as pie
  • Hey everyone. I just got this achievement on level 5-17. It's literally the PERFECT level! Check it out!!! :D:D:D:D:D
  • Forgot which level I did it on 2 get it but it was easy
  • Yeah! I got the Big Spook on level 4-17 ! Little power transmitter and touch screen !
  • I hadn't even seen this thread, but testing it out, I didn't have the achievement either. I did get it just now, on Red Planet 5-3. And quite easily, too!
  • Red Planet level 3. Perfect!!! Got it in one try, after trying for ages on other levels
  • I'm on Android and don't have achievements, but I did find out that if you tap the screen with Red/Terence in Space right above a pig, it jumps. The little ones jump so high that they die once they land.
  • Use COLD CUTS, 2-18

    Use the first bird to knock the top off the middle structure. You should not kill any pigs. You may bump the ice blocks on the third structure (from the left).

    With the second bird, slightly elevate your trajectory (relative to the planet) and fly him between the middle and third structures (from the left). If you get close to impact or successfully soar between the structures, activate the roar/tap the screen.

    You can then attempt to finish the stage with the third bird, but don't worry about it - you should get the achievement regardless of completion of the level (at least on Steam).

    I signed up to these forums just to post this, hoo lawdy.
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