Wish list for future updates of all Angry Birds Games
  • What do you want to see in future updates of the Angry Birds Games? (Different gameplay, saving/transfering options, themes, etc) Leave your comments below.
  • The things I would like to see in the future updates are...
    1) A cloud system that can back up your scores and will push your progress to your other devices. (iPhone to iPad, etc)
    2) An in-app recorder that can record what you did on a level, then has the option to save it the recording to your phone.
  • i wish replay was there,so u can see what u did wrong
  • Power-ups!
  • that's in facebook @dorito
  • I'm talking about for the original Angry Birds game, not just the Facebook game.
  • i also want angry birds to go fully underwater...and be fish-looking
  • @Dorito I'm not gonna lie. If they added power-ups to ABo, I would likely stop playing that app.
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  • @amslimfordy why would u stop playing?
  • It would basically undo over 2 years of work improving my scores on the earlier episodes. There's no reason to add power-ups to ABo. It's fine as is.
  • I agree with Slim -- if they add power-ups to any of the AB apps, then I will officially be done with that app.
  • Makes sense...I guess that they should stay in Facebook, then. But it seems as if some hidden PC images contain power-up pictures.
  • In future i want to see a brand new AB App and it would be cool if ROVIO create a Angry Birds App with the Name "Angry Birds Lost Levels" where all Minigames and Webgames Levels are included. That would be sooooo cool. My personal opinion :-)
  • @CC Jolly - that is a great idea, I bet that Rovio could even get the companies that the original app was designed for to pitch in some money for the product placement style advertising! Could be a big winner for them financially if they then sold the app for $.99 as well.
  • Yes i also think that ROVIO will profit with trademarks. And the Userlist of Angry Birds Gamers will also be longer :-) Thanks for comment!!!
  • They need to add the bird ive created. Its original, and still fits in perfectly with all the other birds. I just need to be able to contact Mikael hed directly, but I cant find his email
  • An editor. Just an editor.
  • wow, @dorito, your wish came true!
  • So @Slim, you still gonna play the app?
  • I am only playing (1) new levels as they are released because, well, I have to for this job, and (2) the King Pig levels because those are actually enjoyable. No longer replaying old levels.
  • I feel guilty. :(
  • Slim, you can just turn the power-ups, daily power-ups and power-up shop OFF. just go to the ? button on the main page (the same button that holds the credits, mute button, etc.) Turn the new Power-Up button off, and the Daily Power-Ups Power-Up shop, and Power-Ups off. But if you feel like you want to use power-ups, just turn the button on and you can have them back. Power-Ups are optional, not required
  • I know, but that's absolutely not the point.
  • @dorito it's not your fault, it's rovio's
  • I agree. I'm sure Rovio had this planned since they saw success on AB:Facebook.
  • yes @amslimfordy i also think ROVIO plans that since a while before. Hopefully not that plans for ABS,ABR and ABSp. For me it would be no probleme if ROVIO added this Power Ups for the Free Versions!! But they are also not up to date :-(
  • The Mayan 2012 "end of the world" for AB Seasons released on Dec 21st with a bonus golden egg on Dec 22nd (if we are still here...;-)
  • angry bird golf, it has 'birdies' and even 'eagles'
  • As much as everyone dislikes Power-ups they do add a new replay value to the old levels. I would be pleased to see them in Seasons & Rio soon. Hopefully they can fix the scoring system before so they can make everyone happy.
  • What I wish AB did with the Power-Ups was show a score for with No Powerups and then maybe show your High Score in Red with Powerups. That way there would be more play-value. You would try to improve your normal score but then play it with Powerups for a different score. And there would be Score Addicts for Scoring and stuff like that.
  • @lostgreybird yes you're right. That would be a Solution for this Probleme. But du you find this PUps are so helpful for Scores, they aren't so much powerful!? :-) The Mighty Eagle is powerful :-)
  • I want Achievements for Android. And Third part of Surf & Turf on Android, with king pig.
  • I wish that it come out another angry birds seasons in 2013 with New pork and the saharra pigs and other new games like thanksgiving and that angry birds have different cultures in the game
  • @ccjolly, @lostgreybird yea I agree. I woudn't mind if power ups came to seasons, but it better be more prepared than the original. By that, I mean the ability to see power up scores, and old fashion scores.
  • Maybe an Angry Birds Marvel? This really would be cool!
  • I wish that we can make our own levels straight from the games and play it.
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