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  • Hmmmm yeah I can see how that would be, especially with the number of ABN members who've added their birthdays. Maybe you could just have a click thingy to show everyone's birthdays listed and if they actually pop into BP we could just wish them a happy birthday, with the exception of those that support BP? It just seems such a huge endeavor even if it's cut and paste, when most don't know you've even gone to the trouble of doing it. I guess there's no easy answer, I just hate to see you all go to the trouble for those that aren't involved enough to enjoy it. Ok I'll stop chatting, sorry to start this up, just wanted to check who's birthdays were coming up and got curious when it wasn't a click thingy on pg 1 anymore. :)
  • I am English, but I'll try to do it in the American Format...
    (4th of Sep)
  • Mine is 27 july...
  • @rdnzlrips82 - Are you planning on posting an updated list?
  • @bad-piggies-2
  • 09-25..... (25th sepember)
  • Hunnybunny 05 18
    And @AMslimfordy we share, how's does that compare with your percentages?
  • 01 September
  • 07-08 (July 8th, to be sure of no confusion...)
  • I'm not see have any update on this post, discontiued?
  • All Bloated Pig business is currently on hiatus. But we will be returning soon with an updated list. Sorry guys.
  • You can add me too when you do the update. Mine is 09-03 (third of september) :)
  • Hey @rdnzlrips82, why don't you update this list, this thread has gone into the darkness
  • @firebombbird @TomPuss or anyone else -- @rdnzlrips82 is pretty busy with real life and on hiatus for the time being. So maybe someone who is interested in this list could volunteer to update it and maybe even announce birthdays in the BP. Of course, ripsy would have to update the first page, or maybe Slim or E-Star could do it for him.
  • Wow, @mvnla2, I would gladly take over the reigns, if you see me fit enough to do so:D
  • @AngerManagement -- I'm sure you are, but you really need @rdnzlrips82 to agree, since it's his forum. I don't think he can turn over editing of the 1st page to you. Doesn't work that way, but If you updated the list, all he would have to do is cut and paste.
  • Sounds good to me, @mvnla2:) Update me if @rdnzlrips82 agrees etc.
  • As I stated in the BP, I had the list last night but lost power and internet due to storms. Sorry you did all of the work for nothing. I owe you a soda at the BP. I have posted an updated list as of 5/31/2013.
  • Yay, thank you for updating the list @rdnzlrips82 and @AngerManagement. Notice that I have a same birthday with @Tammy91k
  • No problems, @rdnzlrips82, if you need any help balancing BP business with real life in the future, you know where to go:D
  • I will certainly keep you in mind @AngerManagement
  • Thanks @E-Star for the list, it looks awesome
  • Thanks, @rdnzlrips82, I love the fancy new list @estar:D
  • I don't know if I still play AB by my next birdday, but you can add me :)
    March 25th
  • @Annifrid -- We expect to see you for many years to come! : ) You're well on your way to AB / ABN addiction.
  • @Mumsie (((((( hugs)))) never even realized you have the same birthday as my mom!!!
    Lol and we just celebrated ..wow my mind was in a zone thinking about my mom..but disconnecting from BP celebrating wow!!
  • Wow @e-star that looks awesome!! Love it! :)
  • Hee hee thanks firebombbird, AngerManagement and Kimmie, but wait until you see the final version of the list :D
    The one that is on page one was just a quick sample I made to show Ripsy what I had in mind. When he told me he loved it and placed it here, my mind ran free and well you know me ghe ghe... it can always use some little graphics from AB to brighten up the place :D I think it will be online soon, including the two new additions to the list, @annifrid and @Traneric !
  • Can't wait for the updated list @estar, everything you have ever produced that I have seen has been out of the top draw:D
  • @AngerManagement Thanks for the always so kind and good for my ego words!! It has just been updated :D
  • @E-Star It looks great :)
  • @E-Star -- Looks great! I usually just skip the first page; guess I'll have to start paying more attention now.
  • Love the fab new look @estar It's a real party page now! Great job!
  • Hi I noticed u made a small mistake. My birthday is may 4th.
  • Thanks all for the cheers all :D

    And @Traneric sorry for the mix up, thanks for putting it to our attention! I fixed the error and page 1 is updated :)
  • @e-star thanks a lot for the update and for all your work on this site. By the way your video are also great.
  • @rat9
    June 28
    And because @Mvnla2 likes Heyyou #56. His birthday is June 29.
  • @rat I have updated the list on page one, and ow boy, your bday is coming real soon! might this young (and ever so respectful of the elderly! hee hee) lady ask how many years the scary and feared rodant in our midst has roamed the earth?
  • @e-star I had to get out the calculator. Funny how what is important changes with age. If I dun ma maths good, I be 58 on the day afta Tursday. That's ahhhhh...Fryday.
  • GrammyK 02-09 (feb 9 th)
  • @rat 58? o boy, so close to the big 60... are ya scared yet? and I always have to get a calculator out if someone asks mine and it did not chance with age. Although I love to know how young/old people are... usually forget the exact age after a few ermmmm minutes LOL... asking for the age is more of a tool to see if my mind is in sink with the reality when guessing someones age. Ow and do pop in the BP on your birthday, made a special banner for ya ;)

    @grammyk welcome to the birthday list :D I have added you to the list. It is nice to see you are finding your way around the Nest. Hope to catch you sometimes in the Bloated Pig :)
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