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  • OB seems We are watching a movie here, ig guess you'd best set òut some buttered popcorn, and set v the bar up with free drinks for all, whatever, anyone wants :D
  • Oh and the Princess will take the crown ":D
  • Thanks for the hint on Ver 3.4.0. Pretty sure Bluestacks 5 won't load that version any more. Bluestacks 4 used to be able to but I can't load Bluestacks 4 any more. I have reached a dead end on that, I think. Unless you have a way of making 3.4.0 work. A different emulator?
  • I'm using v5 Bluestacks (it keeps asking me to update-not sure if that's a good idea or not) and ABO 3.4.0 works fine there. Pretty sure I got from Uptodown.

    Just a general query on Bluestacks. Do you ever find that sometimes the birds don't activate? Happens in patches, mostly seasons. Also some versions I can't zoom out. I don't use a mouse just the pad on the keyboard.
  • On the Frenchman, there are no Juicy Bits, but his wife did say, last night, “He would rather delete my number from his phone than yours”
    Hoping for the JB!

    Go on Dan, with your Macros and stuff, that I don’t understand

    We set sail tomorrow
    Two days across The Bay of Biscay “touch wood” we’ve never had a rough crossing, although our ship is slightly delayed due to a storm!

    I’m still in Ball Gown, Cocktail Dress frenzy…
  • Hey, leave that buttered popcorn alone Twiggy, you'll be poorly like you were yesterday when you ate that seaweed. I did warn you. But thanks @kathy, I'll try a Peary Bird, but I'm not sure about it.
  • Not had that specific trouble @brianN. I've had it freeze for 5 seconds every few minutes when I have been playing offline. However I have tried an emulator called Memu Play which does digest Ver 3.4.0 and I had managed to make S&T 12 collapse and get a new high score. It does do macros but not like Bluestacks and it looks complicated. And, I can't get zoom to work. So I may just come here for any other oddball levels. Might even get some really early AB versions to work.
  • New type of “Blue Box” death of BP just appeared. a shadowy black one…
  • Whilst the recent death of singer Roger Whittaker is obviously sad, I think any man who whistles in songs and locates Durham Town on completely the wrong river has a lot to answer for.
  • Agghh, too many Peary Birds. Never again. Mug of hot milk please OB to ease the hangover.

    This will be @hunnybunny every morning for the foreseeable future. Dining at the captain's table no doubt. Have fun.
  • Say hello to Mandy Dingle from me @kathy.
  • Nothing like a little cocktail dress frenzy to get the holiday underway I always say. Noticed you have cocktail dress and ball gown in capitals @hunnybunny. Interesting.

    This one is for all you pluviophiles out there...
  • Hey @desperatedan if it's not too much of an imposition could you try downloading AB Seasons v1. 1.0and v2. 4.0 to see if they're playable on Memu? I'll get OB to rack up the peary birds.
  • Ok, but next time you are in Edzell you need to check out Sir William Gammie Ogg. There's a bloke claiming to be him in the Lurkers Lounge and I think it might be a serious case of identity theft.

  • @Desperate I remember sir Willie's ancestor well from the sixties, as over time they tend to drop letters in the name but if you do a dna check I'm sure you will find they are related.
  • I think you will find more people will remember Angus than gammie
  • I think we've previously established there are some excellent songs out there containing whistling.

    William Gammie Ogg isn't the only local 'celebrity' with a silly name. Grassic Gibbon has his own visitors centre at Arbuthnott(back of beyond).On reflection I wish I'd just driven past. It was on one of my work routes and it used to make me smile as I imagined the birth scene...
    "Well Mrs Gibbon what shall we call the boy?"
    "Well Mr Gibbon I think Grassic has a lovely ring to it."
    Things like that do run through my head, is it normal?
    Anyway turns out it was a novelist pen name. His real name was James Leslie Mitchell. I lost a little piece of myself that day.
  • C'mon @ixan57 that was your cue to say marbles.
  • Post script on Bluestacks @desperatedan, you can download previous versions of Bluestacks the same way as you can AB versions on Uptodown.
  • I got Seasons 2.4.0 working in Memu, but not 1.1.0 @brianN. Bluestacks 4 failed, don't know why.
  • Thanks @desperatedan wasn't expecting much on 1.1.0. Were you able to use Memu at the same time as you had Bluestacks in terms of available space on your pc?
  • You can't download Bluestacks 4?
  • I did wonder whether downloading a much earlier version of Bluestacks might facilitate the playing of ABS 1.1.0 Perhaps it's that old compatibility issue but in this case not being able to run on Windows 10.
  • Now I'm thinking about downloading an older version of Windows. Just so you all know I will never give up on my dream of playing a workable version of Seasons Greedings complete with SHG... Never ever ever.
  • Bluestacks and Memu yes. But I have a lot of RAM (16Gb).
  • That's a lot of RAM Derbyshire Dan. Tried Memu still cannot get v 2.4.0 to work AI curse remains upon me. V 2. 4.1 has the same anomaly but I've never seen that version anywhere.
  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry finally got v 2.4.0 to work after downloading older version of Nox emulator. Worth the effort as I ended up beating top score by 7k(puffs out chest in boastful manner).
    Then I thought why not go for the Holy Grail v 1.1.0 Imagine my excitement as it loaded up on Nox and then proceded to open. Imagine my commensurate disappoinment as I clicked on level one to be greeded with the message 'A connection error has occurred, please try again.' Needless to say I did but with the same effect.Tried with v 1.1.1 same thing.
    The really annoying thing is that the adjacent episode Trick or effing Treat works just fine! Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
  • Feel free to change the subject you Lurky Turkeys.
  • I am quite happy to talk about older versions till the cows come home. I did note on one of the Greedings walk through pages a flinger mentioned having the same problem and that was when it had just been released. Of course you all ignored him. Where were you @kathy and @karen68? Shame on you! Do you guys remember anything like that from back in the day?

    Told you I will never ever ever give up.
  • Well the RWC finally came alive. Yes England 71-0 Chile. Just kidding (if only they could play S American opposition in every round) What an arm wrestle Ireland just deserving it though SA no 10 was always going to be the weak link with his poor goal kicking(excellent in most other respects.) If the draw works out wouldn't be surprised if that's the final.
  • Pretty sure if Ireland go through the tournament unbeaten they'll break the record for most consecutive wins(currently 18 held jointly by New Zealand and England). I don't include Cyprus run of 24 wins in a row, remarkable in it's own way but they obviously didn't play any tier one nations.
    Of course more importantly they'll win the Webb Ellis trophy. C'mon Ireland!
  • You'll like this one @hunnybunny when you're back on line.
    What's grey and comes in pints?
    An elephant.
  • She's on line(r).
  • Have you been raiding @ixan57 's joke book?

    Anyways now that I've gotten over myself maybe that old Nox player might be able to download older ABO versions? Can give it a whirl if any particular versions are of interest.
  • Language @BrianN guess whom watched a episode of sorry followed by benidorm last week. Never again
  • On the subject of my joke book forgive me if I've already told you this one, it's a cracker.
    Captain kirk's venture for business enterprise in ladies underwear went bust. No wonder it was called shatner pants
  • Will have to go to the pharmacy. Girlfriend said she needed tablets for the dishwasher.
  • @BrianN I wasn't flinging back in those days. When I started playing Seasons the SHG had already been fixed.
  • Well if it isn't the crazy sexy one(@karen68 that is not @ixan57 - he's just crazy)
    Yeah I got the sense of that from your comments just frustrated at getting so close to playing the SHG version! Was just wondering if you remember an issue like the 'connection error' I described. As I said someone else mentioned it in a comment dated around the time the glitch was still there but nobody responded to his request.

    While you're here @karen68 can you explain why SHG was allowed when something like the glitch in Pig Days 1-1 was not?
  • Just watched my first bit of the rugby World Cup. Australia were staggeringly bad. I thought the commentators were taking pity on them by the end. I'd rather this happened in the cricket though.
  • Poor old Eddie's numbers's up.
  • @BrianN that is a huge can of worms to open with that question.
    My understanding is this - the SHG was available to everyone playing at that time & was part of “normal” gameplay. There are other similar glitches, like the crazy spinning fruit in one of the Golden Eggs. You get a higher score & count yourself lucky.

    Pig Days 1-1 if I remember it right is one of the freezing glitches? The screen freezes, it can wipe out your score, or give you a crazy high score - there are examples in Space where you ended up with a score of “NaN”, everything explodes etc.
    When you get solid structures like rocks or platforms disappearing that is not considered “normal”. You’re getting points from things that don’t give points in “normal” gameplay. That’s why they don’t allow them.

    I don’t know if I explained that well, but you’ll never get everyone agreeing on allowing them or not.
  • Hey @ixan57 I had a disturbing visit last night from the ghost of Bob Monkhouse. He said you should hand back his joke book as it belongs in a museum.

    On a different subject old boy, remember those halcyon days we spent trying to get above average on Pig days 1-13(better known as International Coffee Day)? Bouncing red off that coffee cup then hoping for a miracle as that darned stove never blew up? We exchanged pleasantries on the walk through page (now we just exchange insults!)
    Anyway starting S Hamerica so downloaded v 4.1.1 and shooting 120k is a doosy. Gunning for trishohara's top score though it will take some doing. Now that you're retired you should tinker about with these older versions. It's like stepping back in time and good fun exploiting old glitches or pre-fix levels.

    I know you're not scoreboard oriented unlike some we could mention. Who shouted "Dan Vader"? That's rude. I think we both managed to complete Seasons above average apart from the infamous Ham Dunk 4-2?Which was quite a challenge so we've both been there done that. Time for a new AB challenge?
  • Hi @karen68 beautifully explained as usual but it just serves to demonstrate the arbitrary nature of some of these decisions. Can't remember where it is(I'll try and find it later) but previously in Seasons there's a level where the same things happen, screen freeze, things disappear and if all goes well you end with a big score and these are permitted(I think Ernor the Terrible has top score (no surprise there)).Never fully understand the vicissitudes of Nest admin.

    On a different matter your hubby(can we call him Mr Owl?) must be bricking it. Why are Italy struggling they have such good players? Another one of life's mysteries. Surely they'll qualify.
  • Found it @karen68 WTH 1-23

    Musing on that mammoth above av quest in Seasons I remember the hardest one to beat was Tropigal Paradise 1-2(exploding raft glitch). Spent days if not weeks trying to beat that. Same old shot into the fireworks over and over ad finitum and never getting close. Then one day-Shazam! Beat it by a mile. Persistent or stubborn git? Anyways given that I was working down from Thornarak I was oblivious to what lay ahead at Ham Dunk 4-2.I certainly wouldn't have tried so hard in TP.Seem to remember an exploding carousel causing problems along the way. Some of the GE's were addled as well but I never really counted those as part of the Seasons canon.
    My current Seasons quest is running out of steam a little because of oft mentioned wipe outs but us stubborn gits don't give in easily. I seem to have more fun trying to get glitches to work as it takes some doing at times others are easy. Have managed to get PD 1-1going yet, seen the fireworks disappear or vibrate. Screen froze briefly but not the big bang yet. Don't worry Owly I won't scoreboard it. Anyhoo it's a level Rovio equalised so similar scores are attainable now without the glitch.

    Till the cows come home.
  • Anyone who is familiar with University Challenge will appreciate the nightmare that arises by having a contestant called Akarapongpisakdi. Especially when they are quite bright. Shame An and Pan weren't so quick on the buzzer.
  • Has a certain ring to it.

    Watching some rugby(non world cup) and a player called Cook-Savage doing rather well. Given me an idea for a new style of cookery show. Combination of Battle Royale and Ready Steady Cook. Contestants are parachuted into a giant open air kitchen and make a dash for strategically placed boxes containing cooking implements/weapons. They have to cook a meal while defending their hobs from invaders. Cheese cutter-ideal for slicing emmental or garroting your opponent. Hammer-perfect for tenderising steak or crushing cranium etc
    Winner is the one who makes the best meal. If he dies then a posthumous award is given.
    Would have to be post watershed, maybe right after Great British Bakeoff. Michael Winner Chicken Dinner.
  • TV chefs have it far too easy.

    You ll be missing your OC/UC buddy tonight @desperatedan? I got a few questions right on Tipping Point. They're really tough aren't they?
  • Hmmm. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner was actually an answer on OC tonight. All that and Half Man, Half Biscuit last week it's getting a bit too much for me.
  • Since the 1715 slot is currently showing Pointless repeats, I have got into the habit of putting (via iplayer) Impossible on from earlier in the day while I potter around making tea for Twiggy and me.
    Never mind the rules, Impossible has some of the most hapless and ignorant contestants I have ever seen on a quiz programme. Since there are 21 of them at the same time, the scope for spectacular stupidity is endless. Last week 5 of them, trying to name a fruit, turned down date and sloe as options and went for damsel (as in damsel in distress). Another one, trying to name a sporting event, went for Frances de la Tour as an alternative name for the Tour de France. And then are the ones (and there are many) who make the excuse about getting history questions wrong because they are "before my time".
    Good for a laugh.
    Princess @kathy, over to you...
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