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  • Maybe we should make a subcategory :best Scottish detective. I'll throw in Rebus. Of course we'll have to run it by @desperatedan's statistical analysis(don't you ever have a day off?) Bet he hasn't factored in that the murderers in Morse were much more intelligent than in Columbo. He did operate out of Oxford remember.
  • But Maryhill the least likely place for a murder in Glasgow…
  • Another Bucket List goes into the bucket: my dream Safari £14,000 per person
    The Victorian Terrace (not a bungalow) would need to be sold
    If only it was in Mayfair, about £2.5M
  • B****y hell, 20mph ain't 'arf slow. Whose idea was this?
  • Now it makes much more sense to go twice as far and three times as fast to get across the city. More crowded fast roads, more accidents. No net benefit. Case rested m'lud.
  • Ah, Brian, all before lunch, liquid, of course, it got worse in the afternoon!
    But so much was true, a totally different time. There was a sort of trust / friendliness between us and them, and the solicitors. All gone now. Legal Aid, Greed, Money. No trust in the system
    Blame Sir Kier
  • Ah! So plan A is still on then?

    You seem to blame Sir Kier for an awful lot of things @hunnybunny. Was he also responsible for the removal of Topics from our sweetie shelves?
  • We've had 20mph zones for quite a while now in Scotland. Everyone just ignores them.
  • Well the bus didn't ignore it and we were stuck behind. It only takes one person.
  • I never liked Russell Brand comes across as very insincere and his eyes always appear to be looking for somewhere to park his penis. He's guilty.

    Anyhoo to more important matters. Granny Grizelda is here and to be fair she loves the grandkids and took them to a trampoline bounce around type place today. Little did she know she was about to provide us with a moment of 'You've Been Framed' standard eye watering, pants wetting, side aching hilarity all captured on video by my awesome daughter.

    It starts with her walking ever so slowly across a series of long foam cylindrical cushions suspended by ropes. The idea is obviously to move from one to the other and jump off at the end. She got to the end just about to step down but lurches forward at speed bounces off her face and ends up on her back in the pit. You can here my daughter in the background trying to ask if she's alright but failing because she's laughing so much.

    I hasten to say no grannies were hurt in the making of this video but it should be used by GP's to help the depressed.
  • Video or it never happened!

    Is You've Been Framed still running?
  • Half Man, Half Biscuit on Only Connect!
  • You beat me to it @hunnybunny. But I didn't recognise them until I knew the answer and worked backwards, much to my shame.

    Elsewhere though, I got 11 points on the sequences alone which seemed easy this week.
  • Yep, Bond and Foodstuffs were easy peasy
  • Video, please….
  • Rebus corpse count is about 1.6 per episode. Not bad, must try harder.
  • 2500k behind @jrsquonk in S&T. But he is also on the move this week. Think he must have heard me coming. If he starts using Classics I'm in trouble.
  • Am watching Gideon’s Way on YT.

    Good series
  • Perhaps he has a spy in the Lurkers @desperatedan. Anyway let's have your statistical analysis of Gideon. Heh heh.
  • You lot are so demanding and very suspicious. Was not my finely tuned word picture enough for you?
  • 1) TAGGART stats @DesperateDan
    2) video please. @BrianN
    I would have thought being a experienced broom rider that she could have avoided the obstacles.
  • @BrianN just done a data transfer on Samsung mobile devices. If you are on Samsung mobile devices and can start the device with the original data. install Samsung smart switch app you can transfer all the data from the old device. Quick and requires no WiFi, just the devices next to each other. It is very easy to use.
  • Hey! My daughter Jessica is doing the Walk to End Alzheimer's again this year and hoping you will support my team
  • Watching the Best Bits of Radio2 in The Park
    What the heck turned Tears of Fears into a Skin Head and Santa?
  • Hi @Kathy, how are you? Given up on the Word Game? I’ve nearly given up, too
    Fake players, too many ads, and ads that give free stuff that don’t work, or shut the whole game down.
    Never mind, I enjoyed it for a time
    Back to flinging Birds, with a vengeance, I suspect
  • Go, Dan, go
    With SuperTwigg by your side you are invincible!
  • Hey @hunnybunny No I haven't completely given up on the word game, just taking a break. Been reading a lot, watching t.v. Kind of bored with the words for might try flingin a bit. Idk ..
  • @kathy I’m reading a lot too, succumbed to a Kindle, as the smaller house doesn’t have the expansive bookshelves in our old place
    I’ve got used to it, but rather love a hard back with dust cover!
  • Back to Radio2 in The Park
    Whoever is playing, there’s some -insert word here- in the front row, videoing themselves singing along…
    I give up
  • Goodnight fellow flingers
  • Just reading the new Richard Osman. Daft and fun as usual. And yes, a nice big chunky hardback with a dust cover.

    Jim Taggart clocking in at about 1.4 corpse count per episode, with the series overall closer to 1.5. All these guys are making Morse look like a real numpty.

    Only 500 points behind @jrsquonk in S&T. World domination will soon be mine (strokes Twiggy cackling evilly).
  • Nighty Night @Hunnybunny Sweet Dreams! Love ya
  • Nighty Night Birdie friends :D
  • @hunnybunny Twiggy being at @desperatedan's side is nice but it's recording macros on a loop and using Classic that makes him invincible. Loathe as i am to assist someone who's a master of the dark arts but seeing as it's you Dan v3. 4.0 has the self destruction on S&T 12.

    As for Morse being a numpty, how many numpties do you know can finish The Times crossword... after 4 pints of heavy?

    @ixan57 got 2 rubbish Huawei devices. Anyway so fed up with repeated loss of progress decided to totally uninstall and reinstall so unless it's my device to blame shouldn't have that problem anymore. Means of course any old data is gone.

    @kathy it seems like your daughter has inherited your kindness gene hope her walk goes well. My wife does what they call Pretty Muddy it's a 5k run/stroll/walk(whatever your capabilities) for Cancer Research. Apparently you can do it if you're ugly as well.
  • Think Mandy Dingle is up for it?
  • Speaking of Mandy Dingle not sure about You've Been Framed @desperatedan.They still broadcast it but hard to tell if they're repeats or not. Harry Hill's running commentary is hard to beat.
  • Well thank @Brian N my daughter has seen much trauma and tragedy in her life, I don't know how she didn't go cold hearted but she didn't
  • @brianN, I played it without sound first and it is disturbing, looks like a tragic ending. The soundtrack turns the whole thing completely on its head - so to speak, thank goodness.

    Is she still in the pit now?

  • Dan, the second Richard Osman was the best, the last chapter made me cry. Only if a loved one died of dementia
  • And good news @kathy @Karen68 my beautiful Frenchman has returned from France, is buying the eight year lease of the pub, so I’m stuck with dreaming of running away with him for many years…
  • That is wonderful news @Hunnybunny, why don't we start a girl's chat, so we can get back juicy details ☺️
  • Who the hell is Mandy Dingle?
  • Good question @kathy. Also I think the 'juicy bits' are all in her head.

    As I said no grannies were hurt in the making of that video. Everything she hit was soft... except her head. She just lay there saying "Give us a minute".
    My wife and I had exactly the same reaction as my daughter. Are we cruel?
  • I dare say the place will be closing down soon as Grannibal put a massive curse on it.
  • Ooooh @hunnybunny 8 whole years!! How exciting. :)
  • I think I may have missed part of the plot. I thought he got married. And is there any truth in the rumour that you have put up some of the money?

  • Mandy Dingle may have been spotted in the Lurkers Lounge @kathy. Keep your eyes and ears open.
  • I think the place will close down if that video goes viral @brianN.
  • @jrsquonk is dust in S&T. Next target is @4lien in Danger Above. He is an out and out Danger Above specialist, both using ABO and Classics. Will be a hard nut to crack. Anyone have any lowdown on him?
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