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  • Anyone watched The Steel Town Murders on BBC?
    I know the “Hero” Paul Bethell, he’s made a career out of the Forensic Science Service actually solving the case….
    And they replaced two male characters with female, just to make South Wales Police not look too sexist.
    Unfortunately, my career never made good TV
  • Never mind @hunnybunny, not everyone is cut out for the excitement of a career as a glacial technician.

    Paul Bethell is an anagram of "Help! A bullet!
  • I don't know anyone.
    Except Arthur and his ironic blue tit salad.
  • I think Arthur should get his own cookery show on tv. It would be the kind of show that Huge Furry - Knittingstall could only dream of though it would have to go out post watershed.

    Any suggestions for a title? Here's a couple, my son's favourite expression as he grows into his teens:
    Dead Hungry.

    Paul Ritter's character in one my favourite sitcoms Friday Night Dinner had a couple of catch phrases. One of them was "Shit on it!" I don't think even Channel 4 would go for that. However his other was when they all sat down to a roast dinner he'd say " Nice bit of Squirrel"
    I'm sure you can do better.

    Coincidentally his character used to keep roadkill in his freezer.
  • @catsnbirds whilst Dan and Brian chomp away on unspeakable bits of charred roadkill, are you watching the tennis?
    Loving Ruud and Rune tonight
  • Up the Hammers!
  • Oh Deer, what can the batter be.
  • @Hunnybunny Haven’t watched much of the tennis (newer TV hookup, new streaming services, older viewer who hasn’t sorted it all out yet), but am glad Ruud is still in the mix!
  • @BrianN

    That would hardly fit into our loo, Brian!
  • @catsnbirds I’m a huge Ruud fan too
  • What is, or was, Angry Birds 2. No-one ever speaks its name, not even in hushed tones. Did it do something that can't be mentioned in a polite forum such as this? Or is it the mad old uncle that is just too embarrassing to have around?
  • Angry birds 2 along I think with AB Friends are the only flinging games Rovio continue to support. What do you think they have in common? Both require power ups and some mentalists will pay actual ash to get them.
    The King pig levels became ridiculously hard. You either had to buy extra birds to complete it quickly or fail about 15 times until it went into ultra pity mode and became ridiculously easy. No incrementally getting easier with each try.

    But the really embarrassing thing ab out it was that I got up to about level 2,500 before I realised It was very samey.
  • I see Manchester University has just become the victim of a cyber attack. Spokesman for the Uni? Patrick Hackett.
  • Yes Richard Ashcroft has fallen on hard times and is now selling knock off PU's on street corners.
  • Hi @sweetp hope ur well. Left a note for you on Winter Wonderham 2-9 Totally goofed with a link. If you can remove the whole thread I'll just redo it. Muchos gracias.
  • So meantime the BP empty, everyone rushing over to WW 2-9 wth has Brian done now we ask.
  • Well I'm glad it woke you up @ixan57 you old sleepy head.
  • We are blessed to have Grannibal Lecture-Granpus-The Granch(take ur pick) with us this weekend. Don't worry it's just a flying visit.
  • Ah well @BrianN when you're monster in law comes knocking on your door i hope you welcome her by singing this song.( i am assuming you are a great singer being a window cleaner (when I'm cleaning windows). I have provided the aptly suitable lyrics.
  • It's a step up from Disco Duck @ixan57. Here's one he made earlier.
  • Ha! Guessed it before I clicked. Scottish of course. Orange Juice, one of those bands much beloved by the critics but were never as huge as they deserved to be. At least Edwyn ensured his pension with a Girl Like You.
  • Here's a question. One of my wife's really special songs (which we played at the funeral), was by a singer who released 3 albums over 50 years ago to virtually no acclaim. He died young and his music was forgotten for about 15 years. In the 1980s he was rediscovered and is now regarded as one of the great song writers of his generation and beyond. This song, probably his most well-known, was on his second album and has been described as "the greatest English love song of modern times" by an authority no less than the NME.

    While I'm at it, the other song we played (and by the way, I will find listening to either of these songs again completely overwhelming) was also by an artist from around the same time who died young. She originally wrote it in the late 1960s when she was in the Strawbs but it was rerecorded by the folk-rock band she subsequently joined. The song's title is a question. It has been rated as one of the greatest folk songs of all time. I have previously put it on the juke box.

    That'll keep one or two of you busy.
  • Hello @desperatedan I hope you're doing as well as can be expected. Funerals are pretty tough going even when it's not that of your partner of 34 years. My thoughts are with you my friend.
  • As for folk music my knowledge is limited though I think the artists you refer to are Nick Drake and Sandy Denny. My mum used to listen to The Strawbs and I remember Part of the Union but not much else.
  • @DesperateDan I know the Strawbs “Part of the Union” was in my very small singles collection (I preferred albums) God only knows why, I’m slightly right of Atilla the Hun
  • @DesperateDan a huge bloody hug from me xx
  • And if it ain’t this, it’s a bloody good song
  • @ixain57 Jimmy Crankie arrested
    Although she maintains “Assisting Police with their enquiries”
  • @DesperateDan stay strong buddy
  • @HunnyBunny fandabidozi (where is @Kathy her favourite word for a while)
    Followed BBC Scotland news while breaking. Police Scotland would only comment a 52 year old woman has been arrested ha ha ha.
    Hamus yousaf (first minister)quote: she is in comfortable place. From my young drunken hedge hopping days a one night lay in, drunk and incapable ( not incapable, concussed due to bad underfoot conditions) I was not offered a comfortable place. A bacon roll in the morning and a lift to work. Ah the good old days.
  • @hunnyBunny have you played words with @Kathy recently. Had her back and don't want to lose her again. Tell her to get back immediately.
  • @kathy get back here, immediately

    Yes, Iain, I still play words with her, and she posts on Facebook, mainly advertising Dave’s painting business
  • @ixian57 sent her a message through “Words”
    Hope someone misses me, that much, one day!
  • Lol, bad underfoot conditions, @ixian57
    Reminds me of my COVID injury
    I was not drunk (I lie) I was wearing the stupidish of stupid high heels, but I would never have fallen over the drain cover, ended up in minor injuries unit, and still have two bent toes, if I hadn’t been reaching in my handbag to get my f***** mask out
  • Classic, @hunnybunny. I wonder if you would have gone down as a COVID statistic had you perished in the attempt.
  • Thanks again for kind words, friends.

    Now, let's clear up this music business. @brianN was spot on with Nick Drake and Sandy Denny. The track you suggested @hunnybunny would indeed have been a good one but it's a bit obscure compared to "Who knows where the time goes" which was released by Fairport Convention, for whom Sandy sang. It's quite long, which allowed for a good length screen show of photos and videos in the background. Sandy succumbed to alcohol related issues (@hunnybunny. @ixan57 take note).
    The Nick Drake (depression, drugs) song was "Northern Sky". This (both words and music) is insanely beautiful. So I'm going to put it on the jukebox.

  • Some w****r is roaming around Poached Eggs entering fake scores. I don't hear anybody laughing. I think @hunnybunny should be in charge of the execution party.
  • Bloody hell Twiggy, stop snoring!
  • @DesperateDan I was, once, chief executioner! Sorted out about 900 flagged scores, upset a lot of flingers, and had one sectioned indefinitely….
  • You know I'm not one to make trouble but hasn't @kathy just started Poached Eggs?

    Hey @kathy tell us more about Dave's painting business. Is it face painting? Could he do me as Bradley Cooper?
  • Just saying Hi, I can't stay, tiny phone, tiny screen
    I'll try my tablet later, is still charging
  • We once had a Tiny computer. Anyone remember them?
  • I must say that @sweetp did a better sectioning on The Doc than I did on Swanz
  • @DesperateDan the song was a complete relief after all that The Fall stuff!
  • So, who's the culprit this time? Housekeeping will be cleaning that chit up.
  • Oooooh. Tell us about Swanz!

    I thought your song was really unusual and catchy. I never heard it before. Part of the indy-folk phase round about the time of Mumfords?
  • We have a theory @sweetp, that @kathy's tablet is out of control...
  • I think he’s called Swanz is Dead now!
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