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  • Suckling pig is up for shares!
  • The Crown is mine!
  • Interesting Challenge today (Bad Piggies 22-6). Made interesting by a new self collapse that may or may not be useful. The collapse always occurs but is slow, giving a choice of when to let it happen or not let it happen at all. Unusual set of circumstances. Pup possible but very hard. Came close on a couple of occasions.
  • Nailed it in the end. But had to resort to dark arts once Challenge had ended. So trophy but no pup. Meeting you halfway @brianN! Not the Hall of Fame. The Corridor of Notoriety.

    On that note, I'm going to go flat out, no holds barred, to get to 91million on ABO. So you read it here first. Relax. Seasons, Rio, Space will be safe from my insatiable hunger for points.

    Nice pig BTW.
  • Beautiful weather here in North Wales, bright sunshine, cooling breeze rattling the rigging in the marina at Y Felinheli. A perfect dog walk, safe off lead. That's me, not the dog. Resisted a morning coffee by the quay side. Relished the deep shade of towering oak along the old railway track. Menai Strait glistening. Healing.
  • The usual OB, again with the crown @Hunnybunnypagechanger!! Heehee
    Healing is necessary Dan, you'll come out on the other side :)
  • @desperateDan my favourite bit of Anglesey is the west side, where you can gaze at Caernarfon Castle or visit Plas Newydd and it’s red squirrels
    Both worth a visit for relaxing and remembering better times
    If Twigs can’t catch a rabbit, she’ll have no chance on a squirrel
  • @Hunnybunnyb are you saying squirrels are faster than rabbits? That doesn't seem right? You see more squirrels dead in the road than bunnies, in fact I've never seen a bunny that was hit by a car, I would cry :(
  • Okay Everyone , be prepared for me to get a scolding from @Hunnybunny , so we all know I'm no genius when it comes to geography, I'm actually afraid to broach the subject. @Hunnybunny aren't you located somewhere in Wales? If so, that could lead to another Nest Meet up ?
    OB please bring me a PigKiller, make it a double and whatever anyone else wants on my tab :D
  • @DesperateDan I'm just starting in ABO so I'll try to keep up with you, first I gotta catch up! 91 million you say? Hmmm. ... I'll do my bestest! Well my eyes about popped their sockets Dan!! Your #1 in Poached Eggs ?? I've got my work cut out for me!!
  • Hey @desperatedan I'd like to say to say good shooting, but you were asleep in your bed when you got top score. Bah! Also I think you pressed the Submitting new strategy button by mistake, it was exactly the same as my idea! Bah!
    Seriously though I think you're doing exceptionally well and no doubt Twiggy will help taking you out on regular walks but you must keep your lead on. We're all with you.
  • You'd cry a lot if you lived in Scotland @kathy, dead bunnies everywhere. Also lots of dead Bambi. Not so many squirrels.
    Also starting at Poached Eggs 1-1 must make you want to cry it's nearly as bad as starting at Trick or Treat 1-1.Isn't that right @hunnybunny? When facing such trials I always ask myself "What would Kate Bush say?"
  • Oh dear, a lot to get through here.

    I guess getting run over by cars is not just a factor of speed but also factor of stupidity. So it comes down to... who would win a game of chess between a rabbit and a squirrel? Or perhaps not.

    I'm only number 1 in PE because of the advantage that Classics confers @kathy. Otherwise I think I would be third. Likewise in Ham 'Em High and Mine 'N' Dine. Don't try to beat me, just beat your own scores.

    @hunnybunny and I are about as far apart as it's possible to be in Wales @kathy. Not far by US standards I guess but still a 400 mile round journey with lot of mountains in the way. My son lives within about 30 miles of her in a place called Newport which I believe Mr Bunny may have connections with (?).

    Yes @hunnybunny, we managed to get to Newborough of which I think you speak, a couple of years back. The sea was like glass, the sun dazzling off it, and Caernarfon was difficult to make out in the haze. There is a Manics album cover taken from just the same spot. Plas Newydd we see every few days from across the Strait when Twiggy and I walk from the Botanical Gardens. No red squirrels seen yet.

    Of course, if you ever come up to Anglesey, you are very welcome to drop by.
  • You also may need to prepare yourself for the day Twiggy catches one of those rabbits @desperatedan. Friend of mine used to live in an upstairs flat and one clever seagull worked out if he tapped on the window he'd get fed which instilled a hatred for the flying vermin in his pet Jack Russell. He used to take him for walks along the beach (the dog not the seagull) and he'd run at the gulls bobbing up and down in the water never getting near them... until one day.... My friend said there was nothing left but blood and feathers it was so frenzied, years of frustration over in seconds.
    So if Twiggy ever appears at the back door with blood stained muzzle and down all over her face you'll know what's up. Nite all.
  • Talking of roadkill, this is worth a view (but @kathy, look away now).

    I must add that I know Arthur from many years back. On one occasion he had a small freshly killed deer in his boot. He had an identical twin who probably wished he wasn't related. Oh, and his wife was vegetarian. You couldn't make this stuff up.
  • "I don't deliberately run anything over." At least he'd know it was fresh and I could've thrown a few pheasants his way. There are a surprising number of people who get their tea from the roadside. Much cheapness considering the high cost of living although I'd rather swallow my pride and visit a foodbank.
  • @DesperateDan I hope your son is a highly paid consultant at The Royal Gwent and is living in Allt-yr-yn otherwise I can see no point in living in Newport! It a £€€£ing $hi¥h0£e!
  • I would have concurred a few years ago @hunnybunny but it has improved a bit (e.g. station upgrade, riverside developments). He has a pretty well paid job as a patent examiner for the government (a civil servant). Anyway, it's easy enough to get to Cardiff.
  • Or Bristol.
  • Or anywhere else really.
  • Did I say in an earlier post about being able to buy "tree rabbit" in Hereford (where I lived for 9 years)?
  • That was near the shop that advertised "Dentures fitted while you wait". I miss Hereford.
  • Traumatic incident today. Started our walk in Glan Faenol this morning through a sunny green field of happy sheep. When we came back we were just in time to see the last of them being loaded in a truck, off to "market". We could just see their little bewildered faces poking out through the slats, and hear the worried bleats. That's what you get when you move to Wales.
  • I should have said "look away now @kathy".
  • I hope you didn't shout "Mince Horse!"
  • Sadly I live less than a mile away from an abattoir and it's honkin' this time of year. Not quite as bad as the glue factory I could smell as a youth in the old days when glue was made from animal bones. You could whiff it coming across the river. Always felt sorry for people working there.
  • My daughter is off to see Arctic Monkeys on their farewell tour and I can't help but think tempis fugit. Seems like yesterday when she was chortlng to Peppa Pig. Now she is chortlng to this, a song I sometimes sing to her mum, when I've had a few.
  • Meant to say @tompuss enjoyed the Cleese interview, still kicking against the goads.
  • Hope you go for it in ABO @desperatedan, maybe @asher will be distracted and his eye will be off the ball re Seasons. I might nick an episode or two.
  • Arctic Monkeys farewell tour? News to me. Where's that come from?
  • I always associate glue factories with the Beano for some reason.
  • @BrianN

    Happy you enjoyed John Cleese! Helps us see things in proportion in this mad world
  • All I can say: “Lamb Biriyani”
    Just ask the Bunny Man how good mine is…
  • I may have read it on Trumpton's Twitter page @desperatedan.
  • Hey Bunny man how good is your wife's lamb biriyani ?
  • Give OB the recipe.
  • I think we should give OB a break and put Arthur in charge of the kitchen. "Badger stew and a bloody Mary Arthur please".

    That place in Herefordshire he's from, it's not Royston Vasey is it?
  • @DesperateDan have you done Wordle today? I got it in one!
    Guess the word
  • Er, guess the word is the usual idea, isn't it ;-)

    Just done it. Got the last four letters correct in 2 but was unlucky after that and ended up doing it in 5. Based on your success, I went for two food related answers first, you put me off!

    Current successful streak stands at 248 with only 1 failure in 469 attempts. I found out recently that the word I failed on (PARER) is officially the hardest word so far in the entire sequence (measured by the proportion of people failing which was more than 10% that day). I was stupid because I went for PAVER on the 6th attempt ( out of 50/50 choice) which isn't even a word in the Wordle list as I found out later. It is technically a word but has no usage. There are apparently about 5 or 6 words still to come in the sequence which are potentially as hard as PARER, i.e. look innocuous but leave loads of possibilities late on.

    There is also a reverse Wordle game where the idea is to avoid getting the correct answer for as long as possible and where you must use any green or yellow letters once you guess them. It's almost impossible to get past about 7 attempts.
  • I have lived in two counties (10 years each) which differ by just one letter. And I have met people who have mixed them up.
  • @DesperateDan give me some credit, I told you I always used Beast, as you use Adieu, you are excused, for obvious reasons. Brian would have got some shit!
    Guessing North and South Yorkshire
  • I aint givin you no shit @Hunnybunny but I think he means Herefordshire and Hertfordshire.
  • Correct @brianN. Incorrect @hunnybunny. I don't use ADIEU like a lot of people as it is too vowel heavy and I'm a consonant man. I alternate between HEIST and SHITE. Dunno why, because I'll never get it in one with those.
    It's really funny when tricky words come up and people are outraged (I mean really outraged) that it's unfair. They either say the New York Times is just making words up (SWILL was one example that got people hopping mad!) or that there are just so many possibilities that the whole thing is a farce. Truth is they are just plain ignorant or plain bad players. It's a game. It's supposed to be a challenge. Go figure.

    God knows what that mob would be like if they ever took on an Angry Birds Challenge.
  • I know you had told me @hunnybunny, but I couldn't face scrolling back through 50 pages of @brianN's ramblings to find out what it was.
  • Hey Arthur what's on the menu tonight?Excellent, I'll have the slow worm en croute and Bunny wants the blue tit salad. Have you got an ice cream for Dan?

    Rambling indeed.
  • The irony of a slow worm ending up as roadkill was not lost on me.
  • No ice cream for me please, OB
    Sad that people have a site to comment on Wordle
    Not as sad as us lot: in a fictional pub, when not flinging stupid birds at green pigs
  • Brian, the irony of the blue tit salad not lost on me…
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