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  • @DesperateDan don’t worry, I have one of my (few) top scores, about my third fling and I have no idea how I did it either. Poor old Matilda just disappeared off the end of the screen racking up points on her demise
  • Stole the crown again!
    Piggywood Studio 2 2-25
    Off to watch my Queens (RuPaul Queens)
    They look better than most women I know
  • Well the women in Penarth are pretty rough. Well done on TOT, don't try too hard think I'm in 3rd there.
    Btw you do know what comes after TOT? You really are a masochist aren't you?.
  • You lot are mad.
    I'm having another go at closing the gap on you in Bad Piggies, @brianN. That's a class episode.
  • Thought I was going mad this morning, couldn't figure out where the sun was... then it suddenly dawned on me...
  • The Seven Dwarves visit the Vatican City
    Being the Seven Dwarves, they get an immediate audience with The Pope.
    Grumpy leads them in, and addresses The Pope
    “Are there any Dwarf Nuns in the Vatican City?”
    The other dwarves start giggling. Grumpy turns around and silences them
    “No, Mr Grumpy, there are no Dwarf Nuns in the Vatican City”
    “Your Graciousness, are there any Dwarf Nuns in Europe?”
    By now the other dwarves are laughing out loud
    Grumpy turns around and gives them such a look, they become quiet
    “No there are not”
    A few sniggers are heard
    “Are there any Dwarf Nuns, anywhere in the world?
    Other dwarves nearly wetting themselves
    “No, I am afraid there are not “
    Six dwarves are screeching with laughter, rolling around on the floor in hysterics, and stand up as one, chanting:
    “Grumpy shagged a penguin”
    “Grumpy shagged a penguin”
  • Went out with friends for an early evening drink and meal
    The Bunny Man is snoring, as the Irish part of him would say “The drink effects me fiercely”
    I’m plugging away at todays @#£@&& challenge
    Made 7k but 3k virtual, as I hadn’t entered my previous best (but low) score…
    Just wait @BrianN Seasons gets worse
  • It's definitely an @asher/@vuelva level. Did get a good one to fly though following their method.

    Sorry to bring this subject up again but did you know diarrhoea is hereditary? Yeah it runs in the genes.
  • One of his crap posts again
  • Excuse me @ixan57 these jokes are so funny I have to ration them lest you all die laughing.
    What branch of mathematics are mermaids good at?
  • @BrianN could you please publish the intended flight path of your monster in law when she leaves. It will let people on the ground to prepare for the possibility of frozen blocks of sewerage ice falling from high flying objects in the sky.
  • Think today's challenge will favour bluestacks as a very precise shot is required then some luck... then some more. So if you're not using coordinates like steviep what aspects of bluestacks are you using to replicate your shots @desperatedan. And stop being evasive.
    Just had a quick look at yesterday's challenge and didn't fancy it, did anyone get close to @sglouk mark? Probably wont bother today either if UN mailman sets top score it's usually a good 'n'. Hopefully he's one of the honest flingers.
  • I told her what you said @ixan57 and she's off to Clydebank as we speak. Hope ur ok with acid rain... Oh and buy a bumbrella.
    Here's a snapshot of a previous fly by shooting.
  • @BrianN she is starting her Halloween training early this year
  • You can record what you do (macro) and replay. Doesn't always reproduce very well. Today's score was not down to brute force, it was about my fifth one-birder. Recording one's own skill seems fair game. No good for levels where you need to adapt to circumstances, i.e. one birders are the best.
  • Just seen your score and now I wish I'd given it a chance though doubt anyone will match that one.
  • I'm in the mood for something chocolaty.

    Yours Truly

    Mustapha Karim-Egg.
  • It's the big one today-no not Scotland v Wales silly I'm talking about Ireland v France. Even at this early stage of the Six Nations I think the winner takes it all. Should be an immense arm wrestle.
  • D'ya wanna earworm?
    All power to these girls.
  • Ah yes Wet Leg, remember hearing that ages ago and thinking they'll do alreet. Wasn't expecting a Grammy just yet.

    Anyway since I'm here :why did the Mexican need anti anxiety pills?
    To combat Hispanic attacks.
  • Very underwhelmed by everything to do with the Brits. Apart from Wet Leg, that is. Today's kids are being short changed, but don't start me on that.
    Anyways, think there might be a few pups going today. Worth a shot.
  • Bloody Hell, @DesperateDan that is one amazing Puppy score!
  • I have the same response when I look at your Timber Tumble scores @hunnybunny. We've probably narked @asher with our show of BP solidarity today.
  • I’m still chasing @BrianN in Trick or Treat, I think it’s time I moved on…
  • All time puppy league end Jan 2023

    1 comex666 524
    2 asher 332
    3 meanguy 317
    4 karen68 156
    5 wicket182 100
    6 peejaydee 97
    7 sglouk 93
    8 anton249 85
    9 skowse 78
    10 annach 77
    11 angrychicken 63
    12 stocktoad 59
    13 hoy49 54
    14 gladvold 49
    14 gumby 49
    16 bswins 48
    17 jtwade 44
    18 bernersenn 42
    19 aleksch 41
    20 micromax 39
    21 brianN 38
    21 steviep147 38
    23 catsnbirds 33
    24 hunnybunny 30
    25 angryadvisor 26
    26 vuelva 25
    26 rat9 25
    26 desperatedan 25

    brianN and steviep147 in close tussle (both got puppies today). catsnbirds and hunnybunny very close (but neither very active on Challenge at present). I seem to be in very exalted company indeed, tied on 25 pups with AB royalty. But in the BP we all bow to the superior Superb Owl that is karen68.
  • Must clarify that puppy score today was not the result of Bluestacks brute force. Only took about 15 attempts. Again, lucky or easy, didn't play long enough to find out. It's funny, I can usually tell within about 5 minutes whether or not I will get a pup. The day before I could have played for 24 hours and never got close. Today I could smell it straight away.
  • To be fair I think @catsnbirds is pretty active in the challenge field.
  • 4 puppies and none of them @asher 's. Ouch!
  • Owlish kudos to the Canadian high flier.
  • Ooh @hunnybunny chase me! Sorry got carried away there.
  • Apologies @catsnbirds, I think it's just your rate of puppy success must have slowed down recently. I wish you some of the luck I have been enjoying this week.
  • Another controversial top score to chase in today's Challenge. I smell a small deposit I normally put into a black plastic bag. I don't smell a pup.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee... king.
  • See the current crop of Welsh rugby Internationals are threatening strike action. That's gotta improve the teams chances @hunnybunny? Seriously though what's going on with Welsh rugby.
  • Well that's wee Jimmy Crankie gone. Fandabbydozy
  • Yeah first there was Salmon(d)
    Then came Sturgeon
    Who's next? I don't know but it'll be someone fishy.
  • No doubt it will be another slippery character
  • I wonder if Michael Fish would consider the job. He was good at mis-truths.
    I flung in a - for the apostrophe police to keep them on their toes
  • @BrianN I’m more of a leather against willow girl, or the grunt of the male when he gets an ace!
    Welsh Rugby just avoiding the inevitable defeat
  • @hunnybunny, you've just made cricket sound faintly erotic. But I'm with you on rugby, which I do need to keep quiet bearing in mind where I live.
  • So where are you, @hunnybunny, with Harry Brook wielding the willow?
  • Recently heard a re-broadcast TMS View From the Boundary with Brian Johnson interviewing the playwright Ben Travers. Travers, amazingly, had been present at the famous 1902 Ashes game when Jessop scored his now much-quoted ( given Harry Brooks ' recent antics) 76 ball century and Hirst and Rhodes allegedly "got 'em in singles". Even now (a Google is worthwhile) this is a candidate for the greatest Test of all time. Travers also saw WG Grace play Test cricket in the 1890s. Hearing this interview was a bit mind-blowing.
  • All of Jessop's (many) sixes only counted as fours because in those days you had to hit it out of the ground to score six. Not easy at the Oval.
  • Who got that fourth pup @brianN?
  • I think we've already established @hunnybunny has masochistic tendencies. Leather on willow? Bet she's a regular at Penarth FC(Fettish Club).

    Skowse came in with a late score pushing me into 3rd(though strangely hasn't made any comments on the walk through page so no puppy request as yet.)
  • A classic test indeed were you in the crowd for that one @desperatedan? A more modern day classic has to be Headingly 1981 at the time England became the first team ever to win a test after following on(are you still awake @catsnbirds? @kathy? @karen68?)Think it may have been done since.
    Still have goosebumps thinking about how it all unfolded. Never seen anything quite like Bob Willis looking like a serial killer in that final spell.
    Botham's antics in that game and indeed the series were phenomenal. Pretty sure he's the only player to score 400 runs and take 40 wickets in a series and I seem to recall he was in double digits for catches also. Truly had the spirit of Jessop, couldn't give a jot about his test average. Wonder how he got on with Geoffrey 'Average before Team' Boycott?
  • @BrianN Yes, still awake. Still playing the daily challenge. Have no idea what the conversation is about most of the time, just happy that the BP is still active and my booth is still a great place to hang out!
  • @BrianN I’m nipping your heels in Trick or Treat
    All my good scores come from a challenge with a worthy player
  • Who's that then? You can nip me any time. Is this something you get up to at the fetish club?
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