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  • Middle of night because wife has incontinent diarrhoea due to her spinal tumour. Shit happens. Sorry to lower the mood. BP is a welcome refuge.
  • You liking that fez/crown combo?

    I'm sure in all other ways she's a very elegant lady. My MIL (yes that one) has similar issues due to a form of IBS. One time she visited Durham with the wife and one minute she's devouring burger and fries the next... *poop*...
    I got all the gory details from the missus. Not only did she fill her knickers but her tights as well. She hid out in the toilets while my wife went shopping for wet wipes and clean underwear. Toilet is still blocked and McDonald's still have an identikit picture of her on the wall in their Durham franchise. She doesn't do things by halves that woman.
    There was also the time I had to pick her up naked from the waist down armed only with a towel. She was concealed in some bushes at a local park. That was an awkward drive home.
  • 40mph winds today. Think I may need a change of underwear if I try using a ladder. Steps should be ok although H gets very tired after I've been standing on his shoulders for a couple of hours.
  • It's official @hunnybunny I do talk a lot of crap. Horizontal rain at the moment. H is getting fed up. Just talking about one of his great passions Six Nations rugby. Any thoughts @desperatedan? Can't see past the France-Ireland game to decide the title and given Italy's improvements during the Autumn Internationals loser of the Wales-England game could pick up the wooden spoon. My money's on England... losing that is.
  • …Los Cristianos
    It’s a bit run down, but we know a couple of Spanish and Italian places away from the main drag that are good
    Anyway, Mr Bunny’s birthday today
    You can take the man out of Newport, but you can’t take Newport out if the man
    He wants fish and chips
    So we end up at the Miami Beach Bar (for goodness sake, the “Miami Beach Bar” in Tenerife)
    The fish and chips were excellent, and my Dover Sole cooked to perfection
    You never can tell…
  • You need to skip the ads above, it’s worth it!
  • You should try the mayonnaise, it's to die for.
  • Asher took your trophy in the Challenge @brianN, commiserations. But check out my weird alternative strategy.
  • You win some you lose some. Was expecting more puppies on that one.
  • Meanwhile back at the batcave.
    Holy madness batman we must stop these lunatics.
    To the batman mobile (cue music someone)
  • On a lighter note my girlfriend told me this morning that she missed me last night.
    She is taking the bow and arrows back for a refund.
  • Nice of you to pop in flinging insults as usual @ixan57. You shouldn't use the L word though you know how sensitive @hunnybunny is. Anyway if you're Batman I'm The Green Comet.
  • @BrianN more like the Green Hornet
  • Very funny film. Seth Rogan I think was the main man. Worthy of a sequel or two I thought.

    So what's the difference between a lawyer and sperm?
    One of them has a 3million to one chance of becoming a human being.
  • Red hot Wordle streak. Last 9 words in just 27 guesses in total. Got it in 2 today.
  • Was your opening gambit shite?
  • @BrianN you don't half come up with some crap posts
  • It's all contextual @ixan57. Here's another lawyer joke:
    What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a lawyer on a motorbike?
    The vacuum cleaner has the dirt bag on the inside.
    Can you tell I've started watching Better Call Saul?
  • Must admit I enjoy Rio levels like the one in today's challenge. You can see an incremental increase in scores as you put in the time and top score seems attainable though not necessarily within the challenge period (unless you're Asher of course).
    Some of the scores in Rio seem phantasmagorical and make you wonder about double counting spare birds and bonus points etc. You've done well in Rio @hunnybunny do you have any thoughts on the subject?
  • On the topic of Asher it must be said that it's almost impossible to guage who is the best flinger out there. So many factors to consider : family /work commitments (i. e. how much time a person spends playing AB), platform/devices used, technology used, coordinates used etc etc. Allowing for all that Asher's scores are so superior surely we have to admit he's the Man? Thoughts @kathy & @ixan57 and anyone else.
  • @BrianN my first puppy was Rio, slow increments indeed, took till 01.30, if I remember correctly.
    Queen of Timber Tumble came about due to a competition with the late lamented Rat9, don’t know if I’m still Queen, there were a lot a double count scores there, especially from some guy with a dead cat! I think Theo and Sweetp take them down now.
    Lost interest in it, like Space Mirror: I’m a Seasons Girl.
    Just found my old iPad Air. If I can manage to download the original Seasons, Santa Hat Glitches, et al, here I come…
  • Asher uses a huge screen, a top of the range gaming mouse and a comfy chair!
    I use my old finger on an iPad wobbling on my knees.
    Other than the gaming mouse, all is available in THE MAN CAVE, which Mr Bunny has offered up to me. But to enter THE MAN CAVE, other than for cleaning or delivering cups of tea…
  • Wow! He allows you into the Man Cave? You are privileged. If you ever find a version of Seasons with SHG please send it my way I cannot get hold of one for love nor money.
  • Don't tell @desperatedan but Seasons has always been my favourite. Bit distracted with the Daily Challenge lately but will head back to Cherry Blossom soon.
  • So you're basically saying that Asher's rubbish?
  • And heretofurthermore didn't you just play Seasons Greedings? Masochist!
  • I'm off to bed before you make a smart Alec comment. Nighty nite. Here's something from a very underrated singer song writer guitarist Bill Nelson.
  • Be Bop Deluxe! The critics loved them. The public, on the whole, didn't. Maybe they didn't fit a pigeon hole.
  • Like a square peg in a round hole. Think they got drowned in the tsunami that was Punk Rock.
  • Not saying Asher’s rubbish, but none of us are on the same playing field, he just upped his equipment to the highest possible level. To be fair he shares, the old players like the ignoble Ernor63 wouldn’t even drop a bread crumb
    Also like Be Bop Deluxe
  • Out of interest @BrianN & @DesperateDan what do you play on?
  • That's a bit personal HB!

    So I have 3 android devices, phone and 2 tablets one of which is old and has v 4.0.1 of Seasons containing NBA levels of Ham Dunk. Also last month got a pc capable of running Bluestacks with a view to downloading older versions more easily. Have not gone over to the dark side(steviep coordinates etc(@desperatedan can tell you all about that.))
    Know from previous experience of Seasons that many glitchy levels lie ahead so hope to exploit that using Bluestacks.
    PS serious about you passing on any finds re SHG. Downloading older versions even with Bluestacks very patchy.
  • Regarding Asher I just think his scores are so far above everyone else's that factoring in variables is irrelevant.

    I would love a comfy chair.
  • They were pretty cool in the mid seventies I think this is their high point.Best album Sunburst Finish?
  • Correction my old tablet has v 5.0.1
  • Android phone. PC with Bluestacks but not powerful enough to run past ver 4 (ABO). I don't use co-ordinates.
  • Mid 70s definitely an odd time for music. Lots of casualties about to happen due to Punk. Music's equivalent to the dinosaurs being wiped out. Not that BBD were dinosaurs.
  • I thought you'd visited the dark side re Bluestacks @desperatedan?
  • Today’s challenge
    What a nightmare
    Watch it for ages; nothing happens
    Turn you back; it collapses, without giving you the chance to detonate the £&##ing TNT
  • Anyway, back home from Tenerife
    What a day for Mr Bunny
    Walk to pub for Guinness
    Home for Shepherd’s Pie
  • Hey @hunnybunny today's challenge requires a little cooking. Not sure if it takes as long as Shepherds pie. Waiting for Chinese as we speak(food that is).
  • Not the dark side of using co-ordinates, I don't know how.
  • So what is it you've been doing then? You did say you'd found a way to replay shots using Bluestacks wizardry.
  • Think your trophy is safe today @desperatedan. Although "I have no proof of how I did it" won't wash well with @hunnybunny. Back to Cherry Blossom for me where strangely enough I'm working on a 0 birder inspired by estar video also happens to be level 4.Assume it's quite rare have been close on 3 occasions where just one pig was left after initial collapse. It's also quite rare that Rovio didn't fix it as it still happens on the most up to date version.
  • @BrianN you had me rolling about the floor laughing like one of the little Martians from the Cadbury smash adverts. Rovio fix anything WTF
  • You're right @BrianN the Bunny will be hopping mad at @DesperateDan
  • Rovio were always quick to fix high scoring glitches @ixan57 but not much else.
  • @BrianN inspired by you playing Seasons, I’m starting at the bottom and working up
    Trick or Treat 2-12; twelve years of torture
    Now fourth on the leaderboard …
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