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  • Cold here in North Wales. That fez will keep my ears warm.
  • And does it fit over or under the crown?
  • Wouldn't it be great if somewhere out there in the wonderful world of motor racing there was a driver called Carson Burts?
  • Seeing as ur at a loss of a morn @hunnybunny I've made a schedule for all your housework. Can send it via PM'. I know you ladies find cleaning things very therapeutic. Who is Ken Bruce anyway?... er put those knives down...
  • You've missed me haven't you? Go on admit it. Spent a week in The LL that was me in the corner reading The Beano. I made a couple of holes in the pages so I could keep an eye on you. (Believe it or not I knew someone who did that at a public meeting but that's another story)

    I know what you're thinking, he's a slow reader. In my defense it was a bumper edition.
  • Have you missed me @sweetp? Or should I say The Terminator? Must admit @tburnside was definitely mucking about though I think Mr Stratts probably had a genuine score but if he's not prepared even to engage in conversation on the relevant walk through page I don't see what else you could've done.

    If you ever get tired of cleaning out the nest I think there's a vacancy in Tony Soprano's outfit.
  • Phew I'm worn out. See you in a week.
  • @brianN won’t be seen next week, or the next, next, next..
    I’m sharping…
  • @BrianN, thanks for the offer. But I wanted to be swift about it so I just got it done. *poof*

    If you know, you know!
  • Ok @sweetp. I don't know I don't know. I shall google. Guessing she's some kind of pitbull terrier.

    @hunnybunny I will haunt you.
  • Wow that week flew by. So Ive never seen Yellowstone. Is it set in Wyoming?
  • Speaking of the Beano I see David Sutherland died yesterday. Very nice tribute paid on BBC website.
  • @sweetp Beth Dutton! You do have the model for getting it done!
    @BrianN It is set in Montana.
  • LOL thanks a bunch, @catsnbirds! I love that show. Do you watch it? It's not for everyone. We also watched the prequel 1883 and the journey of the Duttons from Texas into Montana. and now into the next prequel after that, 1923. Although they're fictional, it's very true-to-life history of what it was like back in the late 19th century and early 20th. Did you know Taylor Sheridan lives here in WY? He's a genius! I saw him once, before the show became popular.

    @BrianN : Wikipedia - Yellowstone American TV series
  • @SweetP Yes, I am addicted. It is so good! But so many things happen that I totally disapprove of, how can I be such a fan?!? I’m only on season 3, through episode 4. Lots more to go, including 1883 and looking forward to 1923 (Harrison Ford AND Helen Mirren!!!!!).
  • Think I have seen it. Is it about a gang of bears, one of whom is smarter than average? They spend their days trying to outwit the park ranger by divesting folk of the contents of their picnic baskets. Not sure of the significance of 1883,is that the year Harrison Ford was born?
  • Reached the dizzy heights of 8° today. If it wasn't for that wind I might actually be able to feel my face. Telling my customers it's meant to be warmer this week and one said "Aye but come February it'll be as cold as it ever was!" And they say it with such relish. Sadists.
  • Ok, what you've really been waiting for... Seasons update...
    Becalmed in Wreck the Halls for ages however all worth while as I now top the episode scoreboard even beating Asher's numbers. Sadly only by exploiting a glitch on an older version. All is fair in love and war. Not having so much fun in Year of the Dragon. Too impatient waiting for a fireworks induced miracle one birder. Update over.
  • @BrianN in answer to your YOD quest it is now year of the Bunny wabbit. Simples
  • Bunny Wabbit celebrates her year
    Anyway, Mr Bunny went to the office for a whole day. The first since lockdown
    I missed him like a fish misses its bicycle.
    So having finished @BrianN housework list (no idea on scouring underpants) I listened to Woman’s Hour as suggested by @DesperateDan so I thought a little self harming wouldn’t go amiss: Seasons Greedings
    I made about 25k points, yippee
    Bunny Wabbit year starts well!
  • And well done @BrianN
  • Is it impertinent to ask what Mr Bunny does in his office @hunnybunny? Or do you even know?
  • Let me guess.
    Important Things?
  • If he carries a clipboard we know he means business.

    Looks like Arsenal mean business this season @desperatedan, two games against Manchester City in Feb could decide the title. Be good to see a team other than Liverpool or City win the title.
  • Hey @hunnybunny I'd've thought scouring underpants was the perfect preparation for Seasons Greedings. Anyway I thought you were busy with Space Mirror Worlds? You must have the attention span of a fish... on a bicycle.
  • The Bunnyman sits in his man cave, working, or watching films
    Where Eagles Dare
    The Guns of Navarone
    Ice Cold in Alex (I love that one)
    The Robbery, if you know that?
  • I approve of use of the apostrophe-rich term I'd've.
  • I'll bet The Great Escape and Bridge over Rijmagen are on that list. We've been watching The Last of Us. Very creepy. It's like Day of the Triffids meets Walking Dead.
  • Thought I'd throw in a few more apostrophes before retiring.
  • Nadhim Zahawi an anagram of had a zani whim. Think he's just absent minded, he' carelessly 'forgot to pay £5m in tax. C' mon we've all done that. Now he's lost his portfolio. Leave him alone he's obviously got a lot on his mind.
  • A good friend of Nadhim also in the Cabinet Penny Mordant or Dr Nonpayment as we like to call her.
    Grant Shapps or Prang(p. s shat)
    Michael Gove - Evil hog came
    Oliver Dowden- wooden drivel
    Suella Braverman becomes Alan bum reversal.
    More MFI than Chippendale I think.
  • If Priti Patel hadn't been such a tipple tit she'd still be in the Cabinet.

    Dominic Raab offers an endless seam of possibilities, even on a theme.
    barmaid coin
    Monica Baird
    Dora Minicab
    Think it's time he came out of the cabinet... er closet.
    Will someone please stop me?
  • I like the idea of Dominic Raab as Monica Baird at weekends.
    Subject closed.
  • Donald Trump
    Mad Old Turn'p.
    I knew that apostrophe would come in handy.
  • Caught a show called Screengrab, not something I'd normally watch but it encourages folk to down electronic gadgets. Tonight's show featured a couple who spent hours playing Angrybirds (can't imagine what that's like). They both decided to delete said apps(can't imagine what that's like). They lived happily ever after.
  • In Tenerife
    Cloudy and cold, but nowhere near as cold as @ixian57 if he still shovels snow off railway lines
    So walking, eating and drinking, and drinking…
    @BrianN behind every great man (doing funny anagrams) there is a woman rolling her eyes
  • Hope you didn't travel with Flybe. You might not get back.
  • Did you know Britney Spears is an anagram of Presbyterians? Isn't it ironic? Wait that's Alanis Morrisette or maltreats ironies. Stop rolling your eyes like that it doesn't suit you.

    Some classics :
    Astronomer:Moon starer
    Dormitory:dirty room
    Customers :store scum
    Eleven plus two=twelve plus one.

  • Ages ago @tompuss posted a video of a train cutting a path through the snow somewhere in her beloved Switzerland and she made a joke about you having one in your backyard @ixan57. It all makes sense now. So what do you do the other 11 months of the year?

    As you know I'm a glacial technician and Sir Norman Foster often consults me about how to factor in glass cleaning procedures into his designs.
    @tompuss was a librarian(I suspect among other things)
    @desperatedan invented the radar(he taught bats everything they know).
    @kathy invented the diode
    @sweetp is a Ninja assassin... *poof*...
    @karen68 has knowledge of all things and can fly at night while turning her head 360°
    @hunnybunny is an absolute mystery.
    @catsnbirds has a broomstick and will travel.
  • Ok @desperatedan invented sonar and echolocation as well. Happy?
  • Casanova was a librarian (among other things).
    Er...that's all.
  • Seeing that @BrianN has bored every other patron to death
    I’ll just give another update from Tenerife:
    Weather: Scorchio! Today, at least
    Tan: some brown, some normal Celtic roots bits still so white they are nearly blue
    Drinking levels: much the same

    BTW The Bunnyman thinks I have a broomstick too
  • ... zzz...
  • Nice, a leading elipsis. Good work.
  • Where are you on Tenerife, @hunnybunny?
    Admit it, not a patch on Barry Island.
  • @desperateDan i’d’ve given you a clue; but Brian stole my leading ellipsis …
  • Hey @kathy I just nicked one of your trophies in Year of the Dragon. Sorry I was desperate. You can spank me later.
  • We went to Tenerife in 1990. A year later I was asked to analyse food poisoning data from the very same hotel we had stayed at. Don't touch the egg mayonnaise.
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